remember when you used to go over to your friend’s house and you’d go down to the “computer room” to the dad’s old shitty desktop computer and sit on the giant black leather computer chair and your friend would show you charlie the unicorn and epic rap battles of history type of stuff on youtube while their younger siblings bugged you for a turn to use the computer



first off, I’d like to apologise for what a hot fucking mess this post is style-wise - this is what happens when I try to scribble down ideas as fast as possible in tiny spurts over the course of two weeks…I’d also like to put in a disclaimer - I’m a white person from the UK, and I realise a lot of my designs for these characters come from the cultures of POC in different parts of the world, so if I’ve messed up somehow and produced something somehow uncool out of ignorance, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know so I can rectify it!

I’ve got more drawings planned but shoot me a message if there’s a particular character or pairing you’d like to see “translated” into this au!


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Waiting for our final player

Our final player is known for always being a little late, though to be fair everyone else did arrive rather early that night. In boredom, our Dreamer decided to seduce our NPC Warlock (previously and once again being played by me once again just for a couple sessions)

Dreamer (OOC): I roll to seduce the warlock. *Rolls a 16 on the die*
DM: Make a will save.
Me: *Rolls and stares at the die*
Dreamer (OOC): You got a 1 didn’t you?
Me: Yep.
DM: You two had such an epic night that history called it “The Duel of Whirlpools”.

Epic Rap Battles Of History: Korra Vs. Ed Elric (03)

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(Beat used to base this on: Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky)


I can out class this little boy and his tin can

No need for bending when I can break your real arm with one hand.

You got a whole military to protect and resource you.

So which Mustang is gonna ride this battle for you?

I’m the girl who put Nickelodeon back on the map! 

You look like you missed your afternoon nap.

I mean you’re always scowling.

That face is so petty.

I wouldn’t throw a tantrum if my mechanic was that pretty.

All my fire in this fight will turn your metal into glass.

You should be used to women whooping your ass. 

Fma’s old and basic. 

The Fandom has faded.

And spoiler alert!

You’re on your 4th remake Ed!

I drop enemies like they were bad habits with one kick

I’ll embarrass this kid worse than that shamballa flick.

Keep those gloves on Eddy, and give Roy this report.

“I need some new shoes, cause I’m so short!”   


I knew you’d suck,

But damn Korra.

All those reincarnations still couldn’t help ya. 

I’m the greatest ever cause my anime doesn’t play. 

But when it comes to subplots, I don’t ripoff anime!

If it’s fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!

A fist to the face is how I show respect! 

I’ll take your whole Krew down with a single clap.

Get ready, cause you’re the one who’s gonna put down for a nap!

Let me tell you how much a live action movie’s worth.

Quadruple what Nick spent on your game.

Reviews killed it upon birth. 

Now we both like gear-heads. Winry’s the only girl I’d never exchange. 

But you dated your whole team?

Talk about the ‘x-games’. 

There’s no major accomplishments you did on your own.

Even the 12 year old kid fought the main villain alone.

Oh you like to fire bend? 

Try it against Roy’s alchemy!

If you’re cold against the Colonel, you won’t survive against me!


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published 1875

Submitted by @japanesemetal

This is actually an excellent find as this book is hard to get these days.  George Smith was an Assyriologist who first translated the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Assyrian Discoveries is an archaeological account and sets of translations of artifacts found at Nineveh when Smith visited the area for a time in 1873.  Smith is also responsible for the translation of the Chaldean creation account.


Hamilton Song Titles by me (all)
  • Alexander Hamilton: DO NOT FORGET MY NAME
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Shut The F Up by Aaron Burr
  • My Shot: Squad Goals
  • Story of Tonight: Drunk Frat Boys
  • The Schuyler Sisters: FEMINISM!...and Peggy
  • Farmer Refuted: Stick To The Status Quo
  • You'll Be Back: Yandere England
  • Right Hand Man: Meet Your New Dad
  • A Winter's Ball: Chicks Dig Founding Fathers
  • Helpless: Awwwwwwwwwww
  • Satisfied: Eponine Learned How To Rap
  • Story of Tonight(reprise): Drunk(er)Frat Boys
  • Wait For It: We Have To Make You Like The Bad Guy
  • Stay Alive: WHEEEEEEEEEE
  • Ten Duel Commandments: The Only Time A Good Guy Wins A Duel
  • Meet Me Inside: You're Not My Real Dad!
  • That Would Be Enough: Awwwwwww Part 2
  • Guns And Ships: French Fuckboy Raps Fast
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: Don't Fuck Up Now
  • What Comes Next: Awesome. Wow.
  • Dear Theodosia: I'm a Dad Yay / LOOK AT MY SON
  • Laurens' Interlude: OH OK HE DIED ANYWAY THAT'S FINE
  • Non-Stop: You Are Filled With Determination
  • What'd I Miss?: 'Tis I, Your Local Asshole
  • Cabinet Battle #1: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  • Take A Break: Awwwww Jr. / Just Chill
  • Say No To This: YOU HAD ONE JOB ALEX
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr Is Salty
  • Schuyler Defeated: I Thought You Were My Friend Wtf
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Daddy's Callin
  • Washington On Your Side: The Bad Guys Squad
  • One Last Time: I'm Tired, I Wanna Go Home
  • I Know Him: Why Is This Guy Still Here?
  • The Adams Administration: Ooooh Hamilton's Pissed Now
  • We Know: Even The Bad Guys Are Judging You Alex
  • Hurricane: ALEX NO
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: GOD DAMNIT ALEX
  • Burn: Look What You Did Alex, She's Burning Things
  • Blow Us All Away: Don't Do Duels Kids
  • Stay Alive (reprise): I'm Not Crying, You Are
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *Ugly Crying*
  • The Election Of 1800: Hillary Or Trump?
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive Agressiveness/Sexual Tension
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: Awwwww Part 3
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Congratulations, You Shot Your Only Friend
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Burr, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda
APUSH music videos

If you’re a musically-inclined person, these might help you retain information better. Or, you know, if you just need a break from studying…

General US History

Colonial Era (1607-1775)

American Revolution, the Constitution (1776-1789)

Federalists, Republicans, the Era of Good Feelings, Jackson (1789-1848)

Antebellum, the Civil War, Reconstruction (1848-1877)

Gilded Age, Second Great Awakening (1865-1900)

Progressive Era, Great Depression (1900-1939)

World War II, Affluent Society, Civil Rights, Cold War (1939-1970)

Vietnam War, End of the Cold War, Conservative Revolution (1964-present)

Check out the AP Euro edition here.

My Gift is a Pebble

Everyone wants a pebble.

My Gift is a Pebble

“Roman it’s been three weeks” Anxiety said bluntly, his facial expression turning to a annoyed pout as he stared at the Royal. “I’m sorry, I can’t do anything to speed up the cure. I’m not a dragon-witch” Roman sighed, looking down at the dark trait.

“Though I do think you deserve it at this point” he mumbled, but Anxiety heard every word. His ears bended back and his tail started to slash around behind him. “What do you mean I deserved it! You were the one that started the argument before hitting me with the goddamn potion!” He hissed out.

“Well who is the one that been leaving dead animals near the door?” Roman huffed, trying not to get into another argument. Anxiety was about to speak until he realized how stupid his rebuttal is. He crossed his arms, looking away from the royal. “They’re gifts…” he grumbled.

“Well the offer is kind, and your intentions are good but how about getting something that wasn’t breathing earlier” Roman sighed, slightly regretting his response as he saw the darker trait’s head down in shame as he walked to his room.

“Wow…just wow..” Morality said softly, walking next to Princey.

“Maybe I was a bit harsh”

“A bit?” the Moral trait sighed. “You should give him something, I know a dead bird isn’t the best gift in the world but he’s trying to be nice”

Princey nodded.


Logan and Anxiety were currently sitting on the couch, well Logan was, Anxiety was laying over the top of it. The two was currently watching Epic Rap Battles of History, Walter White vs Rick Grimes, seeing as Anxiety found them interesting and Logic enjoyed anything relating with poetry.

Roman looked at the two from the hallway, holding a wrapped present in his hands. He looked behind himself to see Morality giving him thumbs up for encouragement. He gulped, walking towards the two. He usually wasn’t this nervous, especially when giving someone a gift, probably because he was worried that Anxiety was still upset at him, seeing as he got a small scratch on his cheek after he first talked to Morality.

He cleared his throat, earning the attention of the younger traits. Sure enough, Anxiety seemed slightly annoyed. “Before you tell me to go away, I wanted to apologize for earlier’ comment, I shouldn’t have been so harsh. So I wanted to give you this”

Anxiety looked down at the royal’s hands, seeing a black and grey wrapped box. He hesitantly took the gift, and then teared away the wrapping paper. He opened the box, revealing a giant black and red mouse plush with a feather tail. He picked up the plush and set it down on the couch before stepping tow ards the prince. He looked up at him with a blank expression before giving another scratch on the royal’s cheek.

Roman hissed, but expected that reaction. What he didn’t expect though was that Anxiety grabbed his hand and placed a small, red, ring box in it. “Open it” Anxiety said in a monotone and slightly demanding tone. Roman followed the demand and opened it, seeing small broken piece of a smokey quartz and a small onyx. “It’s pebbles” Roman hummed.

“My gift to you is pebbles and rocks, accept it” he growled.

Roman looked down at the cat trait, and began to pet behind his ear, which Anxiety reluctantly leaned into the touch and started to purr.

“I’ll cherish them”