Pacific Rim - For Love, For Family, For the One (by shadowfree99)

150 Million Power Warrior

Just finished up a new piece this one of Goku as Super Saiyan ( as imagined form first time he went super fighting Freiza ) in the most epic way. By ©2015 Barrett Biggers.

Looks sick on my metallic paper as premium quality prints on my Etsy shop.

You’ll Be Amazed How Different The Original Game Of Thrones Characters Look Like In The Books - http://goo.gl/0PGYzW We love the cast of Game Of Thrones because, come on, each one of them fits the bill effortlessly. But some creatives at dorkly decided to show us the real picture. A few graphic artists went on to sketch these characters exactly how they’ve been described in the books. And the results are a refreshing surprise. Here are 20 posters of Game Of Thrones cast pitted against their book description: 1. Tywin Lannister2. Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish3. Oberyn Martell4. Daenerys Targaryen5. Joffrey Baratheon6. Tyrion Lannister7. Theon Greyjoy8. Brienne of Tarth9. Ygritte10. Renly Baratheon11. Stannis Baratheon12. Cersei Lannister13. Sandor Clegane a.k.a. “The Hound”14. Melisandre15. Jorah Mormont16. Ser Davos Seaworth17. Tormund Giantsbane18. Syrio Forel19. Daario Naharis20. The Iron Throne

Good job artists!

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whoo~! Moar Dragon Universe. Btw, I finished Origins for the first time today, yay! sad but beautiful story^^ Soooo here’s Connie as Leliana. I somehow thought of her as the archer type since the open book episode. Obvious statement, really^^’ I didn’t draw the glasses becuase she wouldn’t need them anyway and ever seen a warrior with glasses? (not counting Arthur in fairly odd parents there)

My first drawing with my new tablet! I love Steven Universe! Malachite’s design is so cool. I just wish we could have seen her fight, so I decided to draw it. Haha. I plan to continue posting new art every Friday, so follow me if you want updates.

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Everyone’s favorite ghost king.

I have been really enjoying the #epic #awesome that is #Bloodborne ! I thought I would pay tribute to this #game with today’s #sketch . This was a #fun exercise using different pens. A different style then what I usually share. I hope you guys enjoy! More #art soon#cool cats! #illustration #sketchbook #hunter #fanart #videogames #gamer #sketchoftheday #painting