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There are certain combinations when it comes to #wheels that when you read or hear about them you know they are going to have impact without even seeing them. One such combination is #deepdish #deepconcave & extended spoke legs, this #wheel is always going to be something special & this @adv1 ADV10 wheel does not disappoint. Added to all these design elements is stepped gloss black lips & matte black centres to create the ultimate murdered out look. What do you think of these epic wheels?

Pic stolen from @adv1

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While always solid and respectable, the full-sized Ford LTD never aspired to the conditions of luxury or elegance. The Mercury Marquis of the early 1970s, however, shared many luxury features including sunrooves, concealed headlights and full vinyl tops with the lordly Lincoln Continental. To preserve the class distinctions of each division, chassis, engine size trim-levels were subtly graded: the Marquis had an epic 124″wheel base, three inches longer than the LTD, and a higher displacement engine. The later 1960s two-door models, and particularly the 1969 Marquis convertible, were genuinely refined, with clean straight lines, restrained chrome, and shimmering light-palette liveries. In the early ‘70s, the design became more baroque, with weightier bodies articulated in curving swells, fender skirts, cabriolet tops, chrome side-body trim and a darker, metallic palette. Almost vulgar in its opulence, this body style was short-lived, replaced in 1973 by a more boxy, straight-edged design that was virtually undistinguishable from the Continental.

With fluctuations in chassis size& the Marquis remained Mercury’s flagship car into the 1990s. Between 1969 and 1978, Ford sold nearly 8 million cars built on the LTD-Marquis platform, making it the second most successful platform in the company’s history after the legendary Model T.

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Ferris Wheel Edition | Dude Perfect

Ferris Wheel Edition | Dude Perfect

Can we borrow your Ferris Wheel? An epic set of trickshots from the top of the Capital One Ferris Wheel at JamFest! Thanks to Capital One, we’re on the ground at the Final Four® in Atlanta bringing you behind-the-scenes action. Stay tuned: If you’re in Atlanta, we wanna know; tweet to us @DudePerfect. Watch the Capital One channel…

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