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Can you please tell me your head canon for Jon's walk of shame the morning after boat sex? 😏

Ok so in my headcanon for this Jon doesn’t even have a walk of shame tbh. I don’t think there’s shame at all haha. 

We all have our own thoughts on this I’m sure but I think that post-resurrection Jon is a little more assertive and a little bit more prepared to do what he wants. We could see it with him deciding to go South in the first place without the approval of anyone at Winterfell except Davos. We can see it in his refusal to kneel to Dany. So if he wanted her, and he had her, I don’t think he’s ashamed. He probably thinks he could die at any time and he wants to live his life to the fullest while he can.

I think he wakes up and sees her face sleeping next to him and he feels really warm and content and happy for the first time in years. He doesn’t get up immediately and leave because he’s trying to bask in the moment. 

He realizes he’s falling in love with her and that it is the most inconvenient time possible for him to catch feelings. But at the same time he’s so grateful to have her because he doesn’t feel like he is facing all of this alone anymore. He has someone who not only gives them a fighting chance, but understands his pressures as a ruler and is ready to share the burden of responsibility for saving all of the people they love and care for. He has a real partner now in every sense of the word.

So my headcanon is that the next day Jon is just sitting there watching her sleep and thinking all this. And then when she wakes up and smiles at him he is suddenly embarrassed so he plays it cool, announces that he doesn’t think the others are really ready to know about it yet, kisses her goodbye and then sneaks back to his cabin. 

But he’s not ashamed at all! He’s terrified that now he’s got something to lose besides his siblings. He’s afraid of how his feelings for her are going to affect his ability to do his duty. 

But more than anything he’s REALLY FREAKING HAPPY and he’s on top of the world for the whole day because he just had it with the most beautiful woman in the world and can expect to do so again for the next month on their exotic Alaskan cruise  😂 😂 😂

I just really love that during boatsex their bodies were pressed together like the entire time because they just couldn’t get close enough.

I love how if at any moment they weren’t kissing then at least their foreheads were together … except for that one moment, of course, where Jon was staring a Dany like she was actually the best and most beautiful thing to ever exist in this or any universe.

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I just really loved it and I’m still messed up about it two days later.

Why Jonerys IS NOT fanservice

Those who claim that Jonerys is a predictable, fanservice couple need to be reminded of this: THE TV SERIES IS BASED ON A FUCKING BOOK. The book has the prophecies. The book has the Targaryen inheritance. The book has Azor Ahai. The book has all and every hint about Jon and Daenerys being what they are. Also, and with this I do not mean to support incest, but seriously: the Targaryen have been known for incest, all trough their history. A Targaryen alliance would be the easiest way of proceeding. 

One thing is that the TV series and the book being different. We can argue about The Young Griff, about Dorne, about Lady Stoneheart, about Sansa being not Sansa with Ramsey Bolton. But do you really think, that George R.R. Martin would let them change THE WHOLE KEY OF THE STORY just because the fanbase? If you really really think that the TV series end is going to be completely different to the book one, then you are in for a big surprise.

Jonerys is real. It has always been real. There has never been any other possibility. The Prince/Princess that was promised has been talked on and on and on again. Is in the freaking title “A song of Ice and Fire”. What did you think it was going to be? Daenerys/Ghost? Jon/Rhaegal? Seriously, what?

Okay this is gonna be my last Jonerys post for awhile I;m working on a new project(s) that require much attention 😞😞😞 I was asked (many…..and I do mean MANY times!!) about Jon “power thrusting” and position(s) Well I’m pretty sure as Jon is moving up the bed above Dany 😍😍😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 That he simply is just going on his knees to Continue the boat rocking as opposed to the the simple missionary move ; so basically making our new heir lmao But I;m taking a break from my OTP obsession for awhile 😢 I hope this answers the lovely karma sutra based questions lol I love you!!

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He had given up on living. Then he met her and she made all of his pain go away. Dany gave him a purpose. Dany gave his life meaning again. That deep breath he drew … he drew for her. His heart is now truly beating again.