Aurora over Icelandic Glacier : Several key conditions came together to create this award-winning shot. These included a dark night, few clouds, an epic auroral display, and a body of water that was both calm enough and unfrozen enough to show reflected stars. The featured skyscape of activity and serenity appeared over Icelands Vatnajkull Glacier a year ago January, with the Jkulsrln Iceberg Lagoon captured in the foreground. Aurora filled skies continue to be common near Earths poles as our Sun, near Solar Maximum, continues to expel energetic clouds of plasma into the Solar System. via NASA

why the signs are in jail: pairs

aries + pisces: vandalising the skate park. they did some pretty great designs but pisces decided to write their full name and aries started kicking the trash cans around, alerting people around them. it didn’t help that it was only 8pm.

taurus + aquarius: poisoned the food at a restaurant because the owners were mean to them and the service was bad. taurus decided to eat a few goodies before leaving and proceeded be sick on the street whilst aquarius freaked out and went to to police for help.

gemini + capricorn: fraud. everything went to plan but then gemini decided to tell someone about it who told someone else about it who told the police. capricorn was pissed and decided to choke gemini and that’s when the cops walked in.

cancer + sagittarius: speeding on the highway. sagittarius was going 200 in their new sports car and the cops started following them in an epic chase. cancer freaked out and tried to stop the car and ending up almost killing the two of them.

leo + libra: shoplifting out of a high class store. libra uses their charm to talk to the security guard at the front whilst leo steals the goods and brings them out. what they didn’t expect were the security cameras since these two didn’t think things through.

scorpio + virgo: murdering the president. the plan was calculated and efficient. scorpio and virgo then turned on each other later on as they didn’t want any witnesses and were caught fighting by the police a few blocks away from the crime scene.

Chris Achilleos ~ “The Tease”, 1995

Chris Achilleos is a British illustrator, painter and conceptual artist. Over the past 40 years, he has created some of the best loved fantasy and glamour art and is acknowledged as one of the top fantasy artist in the world. Achilleos is best known for his unique interpretation of stunning amazons, epic dragons and paintings inspired by ancient civilizations and mythology. His works have adorned hundreds of fantasy book covers in the seventies and eighties, including novels by Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Michael Moorcock. Achilleos worked as a conceptual/costume artist for the adult animation cult movie Heavy Metal and is best know for his famous painting of the heroine Taarna commissioned for the movie poster in 1980.


Last week I witnessed one of the most intense and epic aurora borealis displays! I’ve been chasing/photographing them for almost 4 years and this was the strongest and most electric I’ve seen. The sky was literally dancing and pulsating in every direction. For most of the evening I was looking directly overhead and towards the southern horizon because the intensity was so great. Here are a few shots from that night in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Probably the saddest thing I’ve ever written. As she knows, I blame lynyrdwrites even though she maintains that it was not her fault. Safe for everything.

This is canon up through the season finales of S6 and S2 (as far as I’m aware).

Summary: Still struggling with the events of the last few months, Caroline seeks to regain control of her life, as per Elena’s parting words. She takes some time for herself, faithfully writing letters to her friend in her journal every night, cataloguing every moment from when she left Mystic Falls to when Elena wakes up. These excerpts tell the story of Caroline’s journey to an epic love told through Elena’s eyes.

Warning: I’m repeating it again. This does not have a happy ending. Bittersweet, maybe, but not happy.

Elena felt like she was floating in nothingness. She had no sense of time or the space around her. It was sleep with no dreams. She couldn’t hold on to a coherent thought for more than a few seconds.

And then she took a breath and sat up, looking wildly around, and everything came crashing back to her, and the first thing she realized was that Bonnie must be dead.

The second thing she realized was that the last person she ever would have thought would be at her bedside was, in fact, present.

They were alone.


He remained silent, simply pushing a huge stack of leather-bound notebooks–journals–towards her. “These are for you.”

“What?” Elena asked, rather inarticulately, a bit overwhelmed with all of the emotions and memories hitting her at once.

“They’re Caroline’s. Just read them,” he said, and then she blinked and he was gone.

Confused, she opened the first page of the journal with the sticky note taped to it, marked 1. Typical Caroline.

June 2nd, 2012

Dear Elena,

It’s been a week since you were put under the spell, and I’ve been procrastinating on starting the journal. I didn’t want to talk about it…well, write about it, but it probably will get worse before it gets better. And your last wish was to know about my life (and Bonnie’s), and I’m going to follow through with that.

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