epic's epic road trip 2014


A proposal. A safari. Alien life. Thousands of Motorers, dozens of cities, one epic trip. See what else happened on MINI TAKES THE STATES 2014

So today on the vacation update, we drove five hours to Seattle (I wrote 4000ish words for resbang, yay me!)

As we were driving we saw a “scenic view point”. While it was both scenic and a view point, it as also 600000'c. Ok, more like 38 but still. It was way to hot. I got a some nice photos though, I posted one on the photoblog if y'all are interested!

After we checked into a cute hotel we went to this mall and found a hot topic. I have never been in a hot topic before but I think it is now my new fav store, next to chapters! I got some buttons, a new dress (with marvel print!!) and some shirts! Oh and socks! We must not forget the Harry potter socks!

I made the fam promise to go to barns and Nobel tomorrow!

So yeah! Fun times! The internet here is crap though…