Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. And I got thinking - why the absolute fuck do people like me? Even my IRL friends acknowledge that I’m kind of an asshole. And then I realized something: it’s not me. It’s you. You guys bring out the best in me. So… here’s a list of all the people I know and love on this site. Maybe I know some of you better than others. Maybe some of you don’t even realize I consider you friends. Maybe some of you have no idea who the hell I am and are currently wondering why this crazy bitch is tagging you. Either way, I love y’all. <3

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If I forgot you, let me know.

You guys are the absolute greatest.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



So…luau is luauing on and the ones who were interested to play some volleyball of doomy doom have gathered around (so…basically here’s everyone who replied to the volleyball-post. do tell if I didn’t see someone, will add!!)

I thought that I could raffle actual teams (because there’s 18 players) tomorrow and then it’s free for all (if ya want to perhaps hm~? %D) to doodle sillies about the game, (or pre-game, post-game, whatever!) <3

the players are: 
Tres and Ocu, Mia ( @grumpy-detective ), Sheut, Mer and Jampo ( @peppermint-kel ), Indigo and Darki ( @holyballls ) , Alex ( @iamjustabitofchaos ), Sylva and Coal ( @coaliplier ), Damian ( @damianiplier ), Fairy ( @fairyplier ), Alush ( @teas-doodles ), Tenta and Disiac ( @ali-omniscient ), Recluse ( @andadie ), Sammy ( @birdystark ) and Siren ( @time-witch-dreamer )~~~