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Maggie Smith as Mary Gilbert - Capturing Mary (2007)

What appealed initially was the fact that she is a long way from the things I’m usually required to do, endless school teachers and governesses which all merge into one! But I was also attracted by this woman because I felt she was someone we could all relate to. She really struck a chord with me. All of us know that if we’d taken a different path, our lives could have turned out quite differently. Her sense of disappointment also rang a bell with me. We all know people who start out with amazing innocence and incredibly high hopes that inevitably get whittled away over time. - Maggie Smith



Wow this has been a wild ride! Well best start working on Ch2!

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Thank you to Everyone who was in this!

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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles, EP Preview Dean and Sam's 'Happy' Reunion, Taken Homage
The Winchesters will be reunited — and you better believe it will feel so good. When Supernatural returns for Season 12 on Thursday, Oct. 13 (The CW, 9/8c), Dean and Sam will initially be separated…
By Vlada Gelman

“..The good news: That rescue mission “doesn’t take up too many episodes – we get that over with pretty quickly – but they’re action-packed, and all our characters are involved,” Singer says.

And once the Winchesters are reunited, it’s nothing but love. Declares Singer: “They’re happy to see each other.”

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Ancient epic gilgamesh and precession equinox

Gilgamesh is the ancient Sumerian epic, written some 4,000 years ago on cuneiform clay tablets. Is it possible that the classical interpretations of this epic are in error, as well as its chronology? Indeed, the Gilgamesh epic may up to 600 years younger than previously thought. Ancient Origins guest author Ralph Ellis explores the startling astrological connections in the ancient tale of Gilgamesh.

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1D Hiatus: Day 229

* More pictures of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ yesterday come out

* An interview with Niall for the European Challenge Tour is posted on Twitter

* #1DAnd5SOSTogetherForever trends on Twitter

* Pictures of Liam outside the recording studio in London two days ago are released

* A fan spots Louis in LA

* One Direction’s VEVO YouTube channel uploads the second episode of The London Sessions

* Pictures of Niall with fans in London last night come out

It’s Jul 29th, 2016.

Salt Firing Shotgun

Solve your fly problem once and for all with the salt firing shotgun. The shotgun works with regular table salt and holds up to 50 rounds so you can annihilate every pesky house fly in one murderous evening. It also works great for violently seasoning your food!

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