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things that fuck me up - evak edition:

- eskimo kisses
- even closing his eyes after isak says he’s not alone
- isak’s sappy face whenever he looks at even
- even telling magnus to take desperate to a new level & glancing at isak, his eyes saying ‘you know what i’m talking about’
- isak’s breathy 'halla’ in the kitchen
- even’s face falling in the cafeteria when he realizes not even his kardamomme comment can cheer isak up
- even’s delight at hearing isak call him the man of his life
- isak’s single tear falling
- isak realizing even went to the kosegruppa  meeting only bc of him
- isak arranging the blanket around even
- even calling isak beautiful
- isak’s smile when jonas said even should break up with his girlfriend after seeing the drawing
- isak on his knees, crying
- the freedom in isak’s laughter when he comes up for air after the underwater kiss
- even touching isak’s waist before he kisses him hello
- isak blushing around even
- isak having his own 'be kind. always’ epiphany in the church
- even believing that the way to have something for infinite time is by losing it
- isak being too shy to look even in the eyes
- isak believing sonja about even not loving him
- the tiny little kisses evak exchange before sana shows up in the kitchen
- the fact that even was into isak since the first day of school
- isak out and confident and happy with even


@jokerxharleyweek Day III : lust

L U S T : Joker x Harley Quinn  
[ listen here ]

For the thrill of your touch
I will shamefully lust
As you tell me we’re nothing but trouble


Just a little reminder of what’s to come this year. ;D

Happy New Year!

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Which is why Ain being infinitely kind and overprotective over Elsword stands out even more:
  • But didn’t you find it in the middle of a difficult battle? Good job, Elsword. 
  • (Attack…? What about the El Shard? Where is Elsword? There is no time. There’s not much until crashing.)
  • (Elf, magician… and Elsword.. I saved them all.)
  • The airship crashed, and I couldn’t find Elsword anywhere… Do you know how shocked I was when I followed the trace and learned that your unconscious body was discovered in front of the town?
  • Don’t be so hard on him. Maybe that’s just his way of learning things. Isn’t that right, Elsword?
  • (There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..)
  • (But Elsword is not strong enough. I have to help him..)
  • Don’t say that, Elsword.. It’s really complicated in here so just follow me. 
  • You can’t go ahead by yourself again, okay Elsword? You can’t be defeated by those things here. 
  • (If I can do it fast enough, then I can return to Elsword right away.) 
  • …? It’s my fault for not keeping up with the group, so you don’t have to be sorry, Elsword. 
  • They’re right, Elsword. You can’t take them on single-handedly! 
  • (I can’t leave Elsword here… I must help…!) 
  • (No, Elsword… I have to stop… but my strength…)
  • (Elsword… Elsword!!!)
  • That was close, Elsword! Please cherish yourself a little more. 
  • You’re doing great, Elsword. Keep it up just like this. 
  • I’m sorry I’m not much of a help, Elsword. 
  • (Elsword, if I was there, you would’ve followed it much easier.) 
  • (No… Elsword, you can’t trust that human… Only I can be your help…) 
  • (I must help… Elsword…) 
  • (Elsword… Are you okay without me? Don’t you… Don’t you need me?) 
  • Calm down, Elsword. You have to be more calm in situations like this. 
  • Haha, isn’t that Elsword’s charm? 
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, Elsword… What if you get hurt. 

But he says shit like this to everyone else:

  • I’m not weird as much as you, Miss Magician. Haha 
  • (That’s true. The human magician girl is scary when she’s mad.)
  • (If the girl had her original power… Elsword might not be alive today.)
  • Your friends have various different forms, Mr. Half-Nasod. 
    Hmm? I didn’t say anything wrong: You’re half human and half Nasod.
  • Hmm? Is it weird? You looked a little old-fashioned so I called you that way (Mr. Ancient). You know, like the way you dress…