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things that fuck me up - evak edition:

- eskimo kisses
- even closing his eyes after isak says he’s not alone
- isak’s sappy face whenever he looks at even
- even telling magnus to take desperate to a new level & glancing at isak, his eyes saying ‘you know what i’m talking about’
- isak’s breathy 'halla’ in the kitchen
- even’s face falling in the cafeteria when he realizes not even his kardamomme comment can cheer isak up
- even’s delight at hearing isak call him the man of his life
- isak’s single tear falling
- isak realizing even went to the kosegruppa  meeting only bc of him
- isak arranging the blanket around even
- even calling isak beautiful
- isak’s smile when jonas said even should break up with his girlfriend after seeing the drawing
- isak on his knees, crying
- the freedom in isak’s laughter when he comes up for air after the underwater kiss
- even touching isak’s waist before he kisses him hello
- isak blushing around even
- isak having his own 'be kind. always’ epiphany in the church
- even believing that the way to have something for infinite time is by losing it
- isak being too shy to look even in the eyes
- isak believing sonja about even not loving him
- the tiny little kisses evak exchange before sana shows up in the kitchen
- the fact that even was into isak since the first day of school
- isak out and confident and happy with even


@jokerxharleyweek Day III : lust

L U S T : Joker x Harley Quinn  
[ listen here ]

For the thrill of your touch
I will shamefully lust
As you tell me we’re nothing but trouble


Just a little reminder of what’s to come this year. ;D

Happy New Year!

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Which is why Ain being infinitely kind and overprotective over Elsword stands out even more:
  • But didn’t you find it in the middle of a difficult battle? Good job, Elsword. 
  • (Attack…? What about the El Shard? Where is Elsword? There is no time. There’s not much until crashing.)
  • (Elf, magician… and Elsword.. I saved them all.)
  • The airship crashed, and I couldn’t find Elsword anywhere… Do you know how shocked I was when I followed the trace and learned that your unconscious body was discovered in front of the town?
  • Don’t be so hard on him. Maybe that’s just his way of learning things. Isn’t that right, Elsword?
  • (There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..)
  • (But Elsword is not strong enough. I have to help him..)
  • Don’t say that, Elsword.. It’s really complicated in here so just follow me. 
  • You can’t go ahead by yourself again, okay Elsword? You can’t be defeated by those things here. 
  • (If I can do it fast enough, then I can return to Elsword right away.) 
  • …? It’s my fault for not keeping up with the group, so you don’t have to be sorry, Elsword. 
  • They’re right, Elsword. You can’t take them on single-handedly! 
  • (I can’t leave Elsword here… I must help…!) 
  • (No, Elsword… I have to stop… but my strength…)
  • (Elsword… Elsword!!!)
  • That was close, Elsword! Please cherish yourself a little more. 
  • You’re doing great, Elsword. Keep it up just like this. 
  • I’m sorry I’m not much of a help, Elsword. 
  • (Elsword, if I was there, you would’ve followed it much easier.) 
  • (No… Elsword, you can’t trust that human… Only I can be your help…) 
  • (I must help… Elsword…) 
  • (Elsword… Are you okay without me? Don’t you… Don’t you need me?) 
  • Calm down, Elsword. You have to be more calm in situations like this. 
  • Haha, isn’t that Elsword’s charm? 
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, Elsword… What if you get hurt. 

But he says shit like this to everyone else:

  • I’m not weird as much as you, Miss Magician. Haha 
  • (That’s true. The human magician girl is scary when she’s mad.)
  • (If the girl had her original power… Elsword might not be alive today.)
  • Your friends have various different forms, Mr. Half-Nasod. 
    Hmm? I didn’t say anything wrong: You’re half human and half Nasod.
  • Hmm? Is it weird? You looked a little old-fashioned so I called you that way (Mr. Ancient). You know, like the way you dress…

Fanfic Appreciation:

A Winter’s Tale by @justadram

They say he is Targaryen, but the world goes silent around her as she stands here on the edge of the field, and she knows him for what he is. Solemn, lean, strong, dark haired, and grey eyed, Jon is unquestionably a Stark, more so than herself with her Tully red hair and blue eyes. The crowd parts for him as if he is a sword slicing through water, as he strides towards her, and she no longer feels the bite of winter, throwing back her hood so that she might see him better.  He is bloody. Bloody but seemingly unharmed, she thinks, as he comes closer, for there is no catch in his step, no slump to his shoulders.


There are literally millions of reasons why I love Bones but unsurprisingly alot of it boils down to B&B’s relationship.

For some reason, 90% of TV shows out there only cater for people who like the “thrill of the chase”/UST/on-off relationships, and it’s absolutely fine if people prefer to watch that kind of relationship all the time. And we have seen it in the Bones fandom where some people stopped caring about Bones as much when B&B got together. Personally, I don’t get it. WTF WHY??? WHY WOULD YOU STOP CARING WHEN YOU’RE GETTING THE AMAZING PAY-OFF???

But anyway, Bones is completely unique since it started off as a typical will they/won’t they but they didn’t let that stick throughout the entire show. They actually let B&B be a healthy/committed couple WITH CHILDREN (*cue gasps in TV land!!). They could so easily have decided to play the stupid break-up/make-up game like every other TV show out there. I adore that once B&B got together that was IT. Yes, it may have taken a taken a long time but it was totally worth it because we haven’t had to watch any stupid relationship drama between them.

Back to the children though…REMEMBER 6x23.

Omg how we all lost our minds and then S7 was the land of fluff and unicorns and we just COULD NOT BELIEVE OUR LUCK. And then things just got better and better from thereon.

I remember when we were all excited at the idea of getting to see Christine walk/talk…AND NOW LOOK.

B&B’s son is TWO YEARS OLD. THIS IS REAL. WE GET TO SEE IT ON SCREEN. I will never be over it.

I know every fan proclaims that their ship is the best, which is completely fair and expected…but come on, B&B TRULY ARE THE BEST(:P). Please direct me to another show where we get to see MORE THAN A DECADE of a couple’s deep love with a truly happy ending. I’m not saying that children complete a couple’s love. B&B aren’t the best because they have children we get to see grow up. Happiness for different couples comes in different ways and we get to see B&B’s ultimate endgame which just happens to include children.

I’ve spoken about this many times. but B&B have such a deep and pure love which can only truly be a case you can put forward, when you have years and years of proof to fall back on. Since getting together, their love has only become stronger, the UST days are not the defining part of their relationship. There are so many shows that try to harp back to the “old” days of UST when a couple gets together but Bones has never done that. It’s always been about showing how B&B are better together. In Bones time, B&B have been together for 8 years now (considering that Christine should be 7 in S12)…that is just unprecedented for a show that was all about will they/won’t they at the begininng.

I mean I do understand why people yell about babies/children on TV shows, because often writers don’t know how to deal with it. but that has never been the case on Bones :)

As always, this has been a ridiculously long post which can be summarised in 4 words…BONES IS THE BEST :)