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These were some EPIC tacos I whipped up the other day with @kylemfraser 😛🌮 If you haven’t already seen the recipe video for this, it’s live on my YT channel! The direct link is in my bio ☺️ They’re super easy to make, and they’re completely oil free & gluten free too 👌🏼 The healthiest, yet the TASTIEST tacos I’ve ever had 🤗

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when the whole squad graduates

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What is a typical day meal wise for you?

Today i had 1L of carrot and oj juice, 25 bananas and 4 small sweet potatoes with vege soup and mushrooms. I’ve done this like 3 days in a row now until the soup ran out. Every day is pretty similar in winter, substitute vege soup for rice or pasta or potatoes or some epic meal that Bonza whips up. -Tim