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Epic Fantasy Stereotypes: The Antagonists

The Dark Lord: A cold, evil, sneaky, megalomaniac who wants power. May or may not be missing a body part or a body in general. Manipulative. Jerk. Smart. Always tries to kill the Chosen One because of prophetic ties. Dark.

The Esteemed Servants: A group of evil people who are stupid. They think they will get power but really they are just being used by the Dark One. Likable. Those villains that are everyone’s favorite. Naive. Cowardly. Mad.

The Black Cloaked Dead Guys: Creepy. Wear black all the time. Their presence has side effects. Usually have cloaks pulled over their faces. Spindly hands. Are high ranked in the Dark Lord’s army. Ride black horses sometimes. Have no face.

The Mutant Things: Some creepy biological horrors that the Dark Lord creates. Or just people in weird suits. Lowest rank of the army. Really dumb. Die really easy. Can’t aim. Mindless minions.

The Pathetic Coward: The one that everyone hates. Is more evil than the Dark Lord. Makes everyone sick. Horrible. Disgusting. Cowardice in human form. The actual worst. Ughhhh!!!!!!