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Grillmaster 76 HC request~ Soldier x reader Soldier knows his team has been stressed lately and wants to help them relax a little. He invites the team and the reader to a cook out. How would the reader react to seeing Dad 76 in all his glory? Not to mention all the other heroes dressed up. Feel free to go nuts, I know it's a little vague 😅

“Raise the steaks” I’m getting serious Joseph Christiansen vibes right now.

Skins used: all available Summer Games skins

Translations: “Nicht wirklich, meine liebste.” —> “Not really, my dear.”

  • It wasn’t often that Soldier would propose a team event, much less a cookout
  • Hell, you weren’t sure you even wanted to go
    • An entire day to yourself sounded wonderful after the stressful mission you came back from a few days ago
  • However, on the day of the cookout, a sharp knock echoed through your room and you sluggishly walked there after taking a nap to see Mercy and Tracer decked out in summer clothes
  • You had to step back and admire Angela’s goddess themed outfit and Lena’s sprinting gear before being shoved aside by the two women where they began raiding your closet
  • “Do you think this would look good on Y/N?” “Nicht wirklich, meine liebste.”
  • When they were finished tearing your closet apart and finally shoved you to change in the bathroom, they took you by the arms and dragged you to where the cookout was being held
  • You actually regretted your decision to stay behind while everyone else partied the day away when you saw the festivities that were taking place
    • Overwatch had a pool? And a flaming tiki bar? And an epic water slide that was ten feet tall? And five tables filled with barbecued food?
  • Mercy and Tracer left you to your own devices as Angela began chatting with Pharah and McCree and Lena dashed towards the water slide with the help of her chronal accelerator
    • You had to do a double take with McCree’s straw hat and overall lifeguard themed clothing since no one generally saw him in anything but cowboy apparel
  • The outfit that stunned you the most however, was Soldier decked out in a red t-shirt with the classic 76 print on the back, tan shorts, socks and sandals, blue tinted sunglasses, and an apron that read “Raise the Steaks.” as he flipped burger patties on an open grill
    • Who knew that renowned hardass Soldier 76 was capable of making dad jokes?
  • You and Soldier made eye contact and he motioned for you to meet him at the grill
  • The amount of self-restraint you had to not swoon should’ve been given an award as you took a sniff of the chicken pieces that Soldier just put on a plate
  • “Enjoying yourself, agent?”
  • You nearly jumped at his remark and quickly regained your composure before nodding
    • The knot that had formed in your throat wasn’t helping you at all
  • “Wanna taste test the burgers? Agents Song and Correia dos Santos have already threatened to take over the grill if I don’t add more flavor to them.”
  • You nod once again and Soldier cuts one of the patties swiftly and hands it to you on a toothpick
  • The swoon that had threatened to burst from you earlier managed to worm its way past the throat knot you had as you threw the toothpick away in a nearby trash can
  • “That was good. Really good.”
  • Soldier chuckles and hands you the rest of the patty on a paper plate before placing the rest on a serving platter which was then whisked away to one of the many serving tables, courtesy of Ana
  • “Relax, agent. The only battle you have to face today is the one with your stomach. Go out there and have fun.”
  • You smile as you head off with the paper plate but you stop when you hear Soldier say, “You know, you look good in that outfit.”
  • A blush spread across your cheeks as you turned to face him and you caught a rare smile from him as he tended to the grill before you caught Lena blinking besides you to drag you off towards the tiki bar where Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and Genji were chatting

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