epic tweet is epic

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Another interesting thing: vrhuber on twitter (she works for Epic) quoted Epic's welcoming tweet for Louis and she retweeted paige_benjamin's (who posted & tweeted that pic of Louis at Epic) tweet that is a quote "the first picture i just got a tear in my eye" of Harry at Dunkirk premiere! OTP: being loved by the same record label staff

They are truly THE power couple.


Skye scoffs, but her newly formed inhuman team shuffles anxiously behind her. “Are you seriously comparing finding me in my van to all of this?” Ward shrugs graciously, “You’re right. I should have driven up in a corvette. For continuity.” 

insp. by the 310 synopsis + 102 + this tweet 

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I mean, Camila deserves the tweet from Epic after she hit Itunes #1, but where was Epic's and Syco's and Sony's tweets when Just Like You hit #1 in 29 countries and went #1 on Itunes worldwide hours after its release and it wasn't even an official single? Is that not worth celebrating? No kudos or acknowledgement for Louis? Not a lot of artists can impact the charts like that but it's crickets for Louis' achievement?

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Well it’s not worth celebrating if that’s not what you actually wanted to achieve - so why would they want to put a spotlight on him doing well? Doesn’t seem like they care all that much across the board to help him/his music sell.