epic tweet is epic

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Another interesting thing: vrhuber on twitter (she works for Epic) quoted Epic's welcoming tweet for Louis and she retweeted paige_benjamin's (who posted & tweeted that pic of Louis at Epic) tweet that is a quote "the first picture i just got a tear in my eye" of Harry at Dunkirk premiere! OTP: being loved by the same record label staff

They are truly THE power couple.


Skye scoffs, but her newly formed inhuman team shuffles anxiously behind her. “Are you seriously comparing finding me in my van to all of this?” Ward shrugs graciously, “You’re right. I should have driven up in a corvette. For continuity.” 

insp. by the 310 synopsis + 102 + this tweet 

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Do you think this whole mess with the intern was planned out as a way to piss off Larries? Louis following her really makes me wonder.

Honestly, I don’t care. I don’t like looking at everything and thinking, how can this be about me/us? I just don’t. 

My best guess is that the intern took the photos a couple weeks ago and was excited. Someone decided it would be a reasonable way to get sentiment out there in a more “organic” way than a second Epic tweet. Epic employee is also Louis fan and tweets actual excitement, not a hard case to make. I highly highly doubt anyone looked three years deep in to her social media. I think the Louis follow came as a way to head tilt to Epic and essentially say thank you. But I feel like it’s more about the LT/Epic relationship than anything.

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You guys keep saying that EPIC is giving them no money, but their epic A&R tweeted about it going on hot tracks which means the label paid for it, the girls did the promo spot for the apple placement when they were in canada last week so they knew they were being put on apple playlists(paid by epic). Their might have been to put money in late after all the big summer releases happen and promo after all those releases died down. They are getting promo spots now just not tv, can't say no promo

It’s finally getting promo. EPIC probably had to wait to give money to them since there’s a lot of messy stuff going on with them.