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Oswald’s Theme (Epic Mickey) - James Dooley [piano cover]
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Hannibal Drawing a day 5/13/2014 (( Picture 52 ))

“Do you know what monsters like me, do to men like you?” Hannibal’s voice is soft and dangerous, fragrant poison, a terrible loveliness. His teeth are bare, violence incarnate.

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Taurus sun/Aries moon Female's experience with the signs

I’m so sorry this is so long >.<

Aries: I’ve actually known very few Aries people now that I think about it. The only one I remember is a girl from 7th grade. And she was so outgoing and confident. I used to envy her confidence since I’m quite a shy person. But for some reason, she felt a certain level of competition towards me. We were always in this subtle competition in almost everything. From listing the countries we’ve visited to outdoing each other in our favourite subjects. I never directly competed, but she always felt the need to “overthrow” me. I didn’t mind, even though I like a bit of competition, I never take it too seriously. She was a good friend to hang out with though, really fun and, well kinda loud, which suited me just fine since I can be loud as well sometimes.

Taurus: My uncle, me and two of my former best friends are Taureans. I absolutely adore my uncle, he’s so laid-back and calm in everything he does. I’ve never seen him flustered or aggravated and I appreciate that so much, because he’s a grown man and a matured person who knows how to handle certain situations and when *not* to be too laid-back. My other friend. Well, I had a love/hate relationship with her. She was just so lazy and stubborn. She would take so long to make decisions and wouldn’t budge from an opinion. She had a lot of drama in her life, and most of it came from her not being able to say no. I’d listen to her problems as much as I could and give my advice, but she never listened to any of them so in the end I gave up and distanced myself from her. Because how can you help someone who doesn’t want your help? Idk how else to describe her other than “lazy”. Not physically, but mentally. We can be very opinionated at times but have a very open mind as well. Quite contradictory tbh.

Gemini: I love hanging out with these guys. They’re so much fun. My female Gemini friend is so chill and loves dancing like me. So we’re always talking about music and dance. And just gossiping in general. My other male Gemini friend, well I don’t really talk much to him, but when we do, we don’t shut up. Every Gemini I’ve met loves to talk. But with me having Mercury in Taurus, I can barely keep up but I love talking as well and won’t shut up when passionate about something. So sometimes I just wonder if I’m boring them, but they just keep talking and it honestly doesn’t matter as long as you can keep up and comment here and there. But you need to be fast. If they stop talking, you need to quickly come up with another topic to get them going or they will move on to talk to the next person.

Cancer: Well, these guys. My dad and my current best friend and an aunt are Cancerians. I’m really close with my dad. And one thing I know for sure about Cancerians is that they are GREAT listeners. They will never judge you and will quietly listen to your problems. But they also love gossip. They’re really emotional and quite easily hurt. They have this heightened emotional sense. If someone who they’re not close to, even jokingly says somethings offensive. It just gets to them. Gets to them so bad. My dad, when he’s drunk. Almost every little thing gets to him, and he takes it to heart. My aunt when drunk, just starts crying. My best friend hasn’t let me see her cry yet. But she has admitted to crying when some drama with a friend gets too much. They’re really sensitive and you have to tread really carefully when dealing with their emotions. But they’re all fun and games when they’re sober and happy. Very funny (witty humour) and friendly people. Love socialising and going to parties. MOOD SWINGS tho. Epic mood swings. UNREAL mood swings almost on the verge of being bipolar tbh. But happens usually when something is on their mind. Other times, they can really motherly (even my dad). And they love taking care of you (even if they complain). 

Leo: Amazing socialites. They are such social people it’s unreal. I envy their confidence so much. Everyone loves them. My close male friend, has SO many friends it’s unreal. He’ll be walking down the campus and will say hi and have a conversation with at least 5 people. We’ll be sitting in a cafe and if he sees an ACQUAINTANCE, he’ll just go up to them and casually start chatting. He is so confident and so real as well. So genuine, humble and kind. He has done a lot for me without any complaints and I’ll always love him for that. Another female friend is amazingly confident as well. She’s not actively social like my male friend but damn she has no inhibitions whatsoever. Her switch goes ON at the club and by the end of the night she’d have made out with atleast 5 different guys. But she’s so sweet and kind as well. They all are tbh. Very generous and love their close friends to death. Loyal to a fault. But very determined as well. 

Virgo: They are amazing people to hang out with and you have such a fun time with them. Their dry, sarcastic humour is hilarious and always so random. My first virgo male friend, he’s very adorkable and a total geek. But he’s such a drama queen tbh. But at the same time very practical? It’s like he loves over-dramatizing his problems but that’s only for a moment (days) and in the end makes a very practical decision which is completely unlike his initial highly emotional drama. Very contradictory personality. But also very comfortable people to be around. My other male friend (who I actually have a crush on whoops) is kind of quiet but can be so random at times. Very energetic people and are always learning new things or just, doing something. He also has a sarcastic sense of humour which come at very unexpected times and I love it. And I forgot to mention but they can be really cocky and arrogant as well. But that cockiness is just a mask. They’re really sensitive, humble and hard working people underneath. Very self-critical as well and do not take failure really well. Always striving to be better. Very ambitious and very intelligent people, with amazing memory. They’ll whip out random things from the past and leave you wondering, how did they remember that? They love analysing stuff, learning and are very observant people. Great people to have intellectual conversations with. Highly creative as well. One loves music (singing + playing guitar), other loves poetry and another loves art. 

Libra: Another very social sign. I’ve had many Libra friends. First thing, they take SO LONG to make a decision. SO LONG. They will think about it for eternity before FINALLY making their decision. They hate confrontations and will avoid it at all costs. Very warm people and amazing to hug and easy to love. Very touchy. I’ve known two different types: One who is very friendly and inviting and the other who can be a bit standoffish and is quite sarcastic and intimidating sometimes. But both are amazingly popular. They attract so many friends and admirers, it’s honestly out of their control. First female friend loves attention and loves socialising. Used to be a part of almost every lunch table group back in school. Huge drama queen and will sometimes blow her problems out of proportion. Second female friend, not directly social but always ended up attracting many people and becoming quite popular. All of them are beautiful and very charming. Actually, charming is the only word needed to describe them. Very good with words and conversations. My male friend is the most sweetest person, but has a short temper. Also doesn’t like confrontations and tends to overthink things (usually alone). They all would rather try to solve problems on their own before seeking out help. Easily jealous and easy to get a reaction out of. 

Scorpio: Another best friend, my mother and an ex. Amazingly funny and extremely loyal people. Will go to the ends of the Earth for the people close to them. If you offend their loved ones, they will destroy you. Will promise the moon to you if they love you. Very curious individuals and love learning about different things in life. Will have several questions about the world (most of which they already have an answer to, but will ask anyway). Love figuring out other people. Lots of drama in their life. If there isn’t any drama, then they will find ways to create one (sometimes unconsciously). Tend to overthink a lot and will take the smallest of problems very seriously. Bad listeners and tend to push in their own stuff while someone is talking about themselves. Very opinionated and will not budge at all costs unless they decide to themselves. Nothing can convince them to do anything they don’t want to do. Very hostile if decieved/hurt. Will almost destroy you with their words if you go against them. Can hurt you emotionally to the point of crying.

Sagittarius: Amazing listeners. Honestly. So curious about the world. They love listening to other opinions and finding new things to enjoy. Very open and respectful people. Have such amazing deep conversations with them. Can sometimes be a very life-changing moment tbh. One of my closest friends is a Sagittarius and will always be one of my most treasured friends. Very honest people and don’t sugarcoat anything. They care a lot about their friends almost to the point where they can be taken advantage of. But they’ll never take any of your bullshit though. Will tell it to you how it is. Quite self-sacrificing and will always lend a hand to help. Very aloof and quite confident. My favourite aunt is also one and she is a delight to be with. Is more like a close friend than an aunt. Can talk to her about anything and she will listen very intently. Amazing people to be friends with.

Capricorn: Can be quite hypocritical. Tend to be lazy at times. Not physically, but in attitude. Absolutely hate failure and will dwell on it for a long time if it happens. Very loyal to their family and quite proud. Treat respect with utmost importance. If yo don’t have respect for them, they won’t give a shit about you. Like to be social, but are in reality a bit standoffish. A bit cold in attitude sometimes, which results in them having few close friends. Admired by a lot of people. Are natural leaders. Can be quite fake at times, and very manipulative. Don’t know their emotions too well, and will fake it in order to please the other person. Not a big fan of capricorns sadly I’m sorry. Have had a bad history with the ones I’ve known.

Aquarius + Pisces: Actually have never met a Pisces or Aquarius, and if I coincidentally have, then I wouldn’t know sorry :(

Played The One Ring RPG last night. Here are some of my thoughts…

1) I really liked the system. I feel like it’s very easy to learn once you do it. I’m a better hands-on learner than I am at reading and understanding it all, so once the dice were in my hands, it was all very easy. Interestingly, it only uses a d12 and a d6. Your d12 is your “feat die” which you always roll for everything, and depending on how skilled you are in a thing, you may get one or even five d6’s to add to that. Streamlined and effective. Also, I’ve never had a system so effectively “force” me to roleplay, but if you don’t use your characters traits (mine are elusive and patient), you don’t “level up” as quickly. So it really does pay to play your character!

2) Obviously love the “campaign setting.” Surprise, its Middle-Earth. The adventure started with me basically sailing to Esgaroth (Lake town) from Mirkwood and being wowed at how much Esgaroth has recovered since the death of Smaug the dragon only five years ago. Then I found out that I actually had a piece of Smaug’s gold - which is worth a fortune and also it’s cursed. It’s a HUGE wow-factor for me that all these things that I’ve read about and seen on the big screen for so many years are now in this game in my living room and I get to play in one of my favorite sandboxes. Just the thought of seeing a Ring Wraith or meeting Bilbo in this game fills me with a joy I can’t explain.

3) Combat was awesome. I was very intrigued by combat in this game. It’s unlike any other combat simulator that I’ve played and once we got going, it was tense and fierce and I didn’t feel like an epic hero swinging a sword through ten enemies; I felt like an elf with a spear hiding behind a shield, clumsily fighting for my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was probably the most dire and fun combat I’ve ever played. And it was me and a friend just fighting two water hags. That was it. I’ll also say that we didn’t use miniatures or a battle map or anything like that, which is honestly one of my preferred methods of playing an RPG, depending on the system. The way your character is “built” does not function around maneuvering around a battle field. Combat is close and fierce and personal, not tactile at all, which may be a negative for some people, but I like playing RPG’s in my living room lounging on the couch with our feet up and the dice box on the sofa with us - and that’s how we played. Very casual and relaxed.

Overall I’m really excited to play this game again. If you’re looking for something to switch it up from 5E or Pathfinder or whatever it is you’re playing and you love Middle Earth, give The One Ring a try. It’s a great system that’s easy to learn once you get going. I will say that it’s very Low-Fi; like there’s not really any magic, a war horse costs 2 or 4 gold, and you don’t really “level up” and if you did, you’d probably max out around level 8. Also it’s a rather brutal system. There aren’t “healing potions” or things we commonly think of in RPGs, so like last night, when I botched my heal check, I just have to wait until the next day to try to recover some of my health. Until then I’m pretty fragile and combat is going to be something I’m going to avoid. Some of you may not like stuff like that, but I love it and I can’t wait to step into Middle-Earth again!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – A Swing And A Hit

This is probably the biggest thing that I loved about the demo: the flow of the action from one combat scenario to the next.

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 Hi guys!

SO, after finally releasing Peel out into the wild (after working on it for months! - it WAS written back in November 2015 after all!) I thought it prudent to share some of the BEHIND THE SCENESESESESESES STUFFS - my favourite thing to look for on my dvds/blurays!
Note: I had to retype some of this as I lost my post <_<;
I dub this special:


IMAGE 1: Punch/Counterpunch development
PUNCH - 2/3 of the first image is about Punch and me working out the transformation for her and also trying to figure out which kind of face we would be using given we were giving the whole Punch/Counter-punch (heretoforth refered to as ‘PCP’) a new twist! (It’ll be real cool to hear Krin’s side of this also! I forget how Krin even pitched the female PCP idea but I thought it was super cool!)

Punch has a few face-parameters:
Shades, no-shades, mouth plate, no mouthplate; ultimately I went with no-shades, no mouthplate as we’ve seen! (just to keep things more different from Counter-Punch)

COUNTER-PUNCH was an interesting challenge in trying to use the original’s weird pseudo mouthplate thing which I made into a literal mouthplate that could be removed– ALL THINGS THAT DIDN’T ACTUALLY GET USED IN THE COMIC!
I also had more detail on how I thought the transformation would work!

In the bottom middle & left, we have Krin and my attempts at visualising what was written in the script (Will we be seeing that released too? DUN DUN DUN) for Page 1. We both came surprisingly close to one another’s interpretations!!! I did however, completely stuff up who was leading who in the panels. nervous-hahahaha…. Also, above we see a couple of sketches that I then used to lay out the page digitally and finalised the lines

The script originally said:
PANEL 4: PUNCH (center) transforms into COUNTER-PUNCH, whose body is in just as terrible shape. She is now standing. Her Decepticon badge is obviously placed; she is unconsciously gesturing towards it. RATCHET (left) is knocked back by her transformation, drops the syringe in surprise. DRIFT (right) is similarly surprised.
Let’s see how I went.

Top Left: I originally envisioned this sequence as a multi-panel affair showing some before and afters.
Middle Left: I then, after talking to Krin, started sketching out the whole single panel, multi-image style we saw in the final comic.
Right: close to final layout, but I had four images instead of the three we had in the final comic (space issues and the like oh well) If I could, I would animate this sequence and it would end with an epic swinging out of her shoulders as the final step. If only I had the powers to make an amazing animated transformation sequence XD
Bottom Left: the final page – what’s not shown is that I got as far as drawing and flatting a different pose for her final stance which was closer to the sketch on the right. I wanted it to look more dynamic though and given I wasn’t getting a magical transformation sequence, I went with this. Haha.

SO. That’s it for this instalment of PEELING BACK THE LAYERS.

Do join us next time for more looks at constructing a simple fancomic. :D
I’ll write more up when I’m not unwell! WOO!