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Young Justice Revival, Live-Action Titans to Launch DC Digital Service
Warner Bros. will launch the new digital platform next year with "Young: Justice: Outsiders" and a live-action series based on DC's Titans franchise.

“Young Justice” aired for two seasons, from 2011 to 2013, on Cartoon Network before ending with the epic “Invasion” storyline. After years of lobbying by fans and creators alike, Warner Bros. Animation finally announced in November that the series would return for a third season. Although it was widely assumed Season Three would air on Cartoon Network, alongside “Teen Titans Go!” and the new “Justice League Action,” we now know it’s found a new home.

Executive produced by Sam Register, and produced by series creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman, “Young Justice: Outsiders” will find the teen heroes facing their greatest challenge as they fight meta-human trafficking “and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.”

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries is ending tonight and it’s bittersweet. I can remember watching the pilot episode back in 2009 and becoming fascinated with these incredibly complex characters originating from LJ Smith’s arguably best work. From those first few scenes I knew I would be hooked.

It was the first show that I fell in love with. It was the first show that had me searching for all possible spoilers and theories about what would happen in future episodes. It was the first show that after every episode had me anxiously waiting days on end for the next episode or god forbid season. It was the first show where it felt so effortless to enjoy.

It had an amazing run throughout its first three seasons and that’s how I wish I could remember the show. The show with plot twists, darkness, twisted morality, epic storylines, an amazing soundtrack, and enthralling villains. I adored that show.  

I don’t really want to get into how the show turned into something I eventually had to give up on. But to ignore that part would be a lie. It’s no secret that due to range of different reasons the show started shifting into something that wasn’t as captivating to me as it once was. It is what it is.

Regardless, there are some shows that impact your life even past its end and I know The Vampire Diaries is going to be one of those shows. Even if tonight’s episode doesn’t turn out the way I envisioned or hoped it would doesn’t change the fact that The Vampire Diaries will always be a salvation of some kind to me.

To the fandom (Stelena, Klaroline and Bamon fans in particular) thank you so much. I know it’s been crazy for these past eight seasons and so much awful crap has happened but your perseverance, creativity and undying hope for the show has always kept me interested. I pray we get an ending worthy of our passion.  

Thank you to Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Candice King, Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, Matt Davis, Joseph Morgan, Michael Malarkey, Sara Canning, Kayla Ewell and all other actors and actresses involved for bringing some of my favourite characters to life. Thank you to Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec (even through the many disagreements) and the crew for creating and developing this beautifully compelling show.

“When it’s real, you can’t walk away.”

The X-Files: Stolen Lives - coming out October 3, 2017

The division has been reopened, but nothing is as it seems in this electrifying follow-up to The X-Files: Cold Cases, starring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and a full cast. 
“In a world filled with shades of gray, we have to carefully choose which cloak we wear….“ 
Out of the ashes of the Syndicate, a new, more powerful threat has emerged. Resurrected members of this fallen group - now shadows of their former selves - seemingly bend to the will of someone, or something, with unmatched abilities and an unknown purpose. As those believed to be enemies become unlikely allies and trusted friends turn into terrifying foes, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully become unknowing participants in a deadly game of deception and retribution, the stakes of which amount to the preservation of humankind. Based upon the graphic novels by Joe Harris - with creative direction from series creator Chris Carter -adapted specifically for the audio format by aural auteur Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Alien: Out of the Shadows), and directed by William Dufris of AudioComics, Stolen Lives further explores the sonic landscape of Mulder and Scully’s paranormal investigations while continuing the epic storyline begun in Cold Cases. 
Demonic possession. Flesh-eating swarms. Mind-altering hallucinogenic trips. Listeners experience it all alongside Mulder and Scully in this original dramatization that reunites Duchovny and Anderson once more with fan-favorite characters: Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis), and the Lone Gunmen (Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood).The pieces have been set in motion. Those who were once savagely sought after will exact their revenge. Until their victims’ lives are no longer their own.

Girls Need Heroes, Too: In Defense of Magical Girls

Of all the different types of anime, the magical girl anime is probably the sub-genre that is most looked down upon. Magical girl animes are bright and colorful, they always involve middle- or junior-school-aged girls gaining superpowers and having dramatic transformation scenes, and there’s plenty of fan service in terms of skimpy outfits and simpering looks.

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People, even the more open-minded anime watchers, have a tendency to dismiss magical girl animes due to what they perceive as a standard storyline and stock characterization; they’re blinded by the plethora of pink, the frills and short skirts, and the girlish laughter, and they miss the more serious and frequently dark side of these shows.

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Like any television show, anime or otherwise, magical girl animes have stories and messages that are both entertaining and relevant. Few shows have as much optimism and determination as magical girl animes, yet these shows also provide a realistic (at least as realistic as you can get on shows where girls are granted magical powers to fight the forces of evil) look at the sacrifices and pain that heroes must face. Magical girl animes are able to blend important lessons with joy and levity, and there are a number of reasons that they’re worth watching.

One of my favorite things about magical girl animes is the way they portray friendship. Even if a magical girl starts out on her own, it’s inevitable that she’ll end up surrounded by a team of other magical girls and occasionally a token magical boy. Like any story involving teamwork, there’s going to be some conflicts and some drama, but ultimately, it’s the strength of the team and their friendship that helps them save the day.

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Magical girls don’t always start off as friends-in fact, they sometimes start off as annoyances at best and flat-out adversaries at worst-but there are few things that bring people together quite as well as having to save people (or the city or the earth or the universe or all of space and time; you get the idea).  

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But despite the task of working together to save the day, the friendships in magical girl animes are always realistic. As I said, magical girls don’t always get along with one another. Becoming a magical girl is rarely a choice; it’s typically the result of some outside circumstance such as a perceived aptitude for being a hero, an accident, or a grand destiny, and as a result, the chosen girls are very different types of people with different personalities, motives, and attitudes towards their new role.

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The resulting clashes are typically the direct result of these differences, yet as the girls work more and more as a team, these conflicts become less and less common. It’s hard to rely on someone to have your back without forming some sort of more personal bond, and eventually, even those magical girls who would rather work alone find themselves forming friendships with their fellow magical girls. There are still plenty of ups and downs, but that’s true of any friendship, magical or otherwise, and these shows aren’t afraid of portraying the good times along with the bad, giving viewers a well-rounded look at the personal relationship of magical girls. Yes, there may be more makeovers or shopping trips or sleepovers than other animes, but these types of scenes go to show that magical girls and other heroes have lives outside of saving the day, and they enjoy the time they have with their friends doing things they enjoy.

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But that doesn’t mean these magical girls don’t enjoy kicking some bad guy butt. They’ve got superpowers and awesome weapons and they know how to use them. Magical girl animes are really at the top of the list in terms of girl power. These ladies can fight, they can strategize and plan, they can work as a team and take down any villain or monster that stands in their way, and they look cute while doing it.

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In the world of superheroes, there are infinitely more men than women, leaving young girls at a bit of a loss in terms of role models. Magical girls provide female heroes for people to look up to and admire. Magical girls fight for a cause, they don’t compromise their values, and they’re willing to sacrifice themselves to save others. They’re just as capable and worthy of admiration as any guy hero, yet they’re often brushed aside because of their girlishness.

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Which is really a shame, because these magical girls are proof that you can be girly and still totally kick butt. Whether it’s straight-up physical combat, mastery of weapons-everything from guns to swords to archery to a yoyo- or actual magical powers such as control over an element, these ladies are fearsome and powerful. 

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But sometimes they’re powerful enough to hurt more than they help, particularly when it comes to getting hurt themselves. Magical girls sometimes find themselves in situations that their weapons and skills can’t overcome, and they must sacrifice some part of themselves, be it their magical girl status, a physical ability, or their humanity itself. These are frightening and painful decisions to make, yet magical girls never seem to back down from making them. They know what has to be done, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to save the day. 

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Knowing that being a magical girl of any kind would have its downsides might deter some from accepting such a role, but those who do become magical girls always do so because they believe in what being a magical girl embodies. Even more, they have hope that their sacrifices and pain will make the world a better place. No matter how dark things may get, it seems like magical girls have an ability for endless hopefulness: hope that evil can be overcome, hope that people can change, hope that their choice to do the right thing will be enough.

Their hope is not always realistic and it’s not always rewarded, yet their unfailing willingness to hope for something better even when all seems lost is admirable. Just seeing magical girls pushing back against their enemies no matter what makes viewers believe that their own problems can be overcome. Even when everything seems to be falling apart, there’s hope that tomorrow will be better, and people have a tendency to forget that. Luckily we have characters like magical girls to remind us to be hopeful and to do whatever we can to bring hope to others.

Magical girl animes truly have a lot to offer everyone. There are complex characters, twisted and dramatic storylines, and epic fight scenes. Many of the shows have fantastic animation as well, along with great scores and visually-stunning transformation sequences.

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Critics aren’t wrong when they say magical girl animes are usually fluffier and more lighthearted than other animes or other animated shows, but that’s not what makes these animes so good. These fluffy moments provide a brief respite between the truly hard choices, the sacrifices and the losses.

Magical girl animes show that girls can be just as good as the boys. They can be just as tough, just as powerful, just as heroic. And they can do it all while wearing a combat skirt and heels, something I’d love to see their male counterparts attempt. Magical girls and magical girl animes deserve the same acknowledgment and appreciation as their contemporaries for being unabashedly what they are: celebrations of the great things girls can do with hope, determination, and a bit of magic.

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Thoughts after the Mon-El spoiler

So in the SDCC TV Magazine Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed that Mon-El will be in season 3 (link here).

So It got me thinking about what else this means:

1. “Where he went and how he returns is one of the central mysteries at the start of the season”. So there will be a big storyline related to this. Leading to the big crossover?

2. “The more astute comic book fans may have a semi-good guess as to where he went.” Melissa confirmed that the Legion Ring “is on its way” to the show (link here). So I expect that the vortex took him to the Legion of Superheroes. And this means that he will get his superhero suit (Valor is rising, yay!)

3. Why do they spoil this now? Why in the SDCC magazine? I think that we are going to get a lot of spoilers there and maybe sooner. We may get a glimpse of the Legion or the supersuit in the SDCC sizzle reel. Maybe Chris himself in his hero outfit in the panel (they did it with the Green Arrow suit). Maybe they are going to announce Legion members casting during or before SDCC. Was it spoiled now because they will not be able to hide the filming of some scenes? Or because they want to spoil the big crossover storyline? Will we get Mon-El in the Superhero Fight Club 3.0?

We don’t know a lot about Karamel. I’m 1000% sure that Kara & Mon-El will be together by the end of the season (epic storyline + necklace + in-show direct comparisons to WestAllen and clois = ENDGAME) but we don’t know how. The CW upfronts season 3 synopsis includes Mon-El as one of the people “in Kara’s life” (link here) but there may be more here. Maybe amnesia.

So many Interesting speculations ahead… can’t wait to the rise of Valor!

Sex and the Single Raksura

It took two years to sell the completed manuscript of The Cloud Roads to a publisher. (My agent was the one doing all the work. I was just sitting at home writing The Serpent Sea and Emilie and the Hollow World (which didn’t have a publisher either at that time), and quietly freaking out.) But one of the comments my agent got back on The Cloud Roads was that it was hard to follow.

If you’ve read it, you know it’s not a multi-character, multi-storyline epic. Moon is the only POV and the story is pretty linear. After talking to other readers about it for a while, I think the reason for that comment was the Raksura’s gender neutral names.

For me, this was a feature, not a bug. I found it hard to talk about the bisexuality or pansexuality of the characters when they had no concept of heterosexuality, so I tried in various ways to show it. And our concepts of gender don’t map exactly onto the Raksura’s concepts of gender. Using gender neutral names helped me keep that in mind while I was writing. But for some people it was too confusing; they had to assign a gender to identify who the character was.

There were other things people didn’t like. Raksura form intensely close bonds with each other, but are not romantic in the way most earth humans would interpret it. The closest they come to kissing is biting, and they don’t say to each other “I love you.” The queens and consorts are the only ones who form single permanent sexual relationships that we would recognize as marriages, and even they aren’t exclusive with each other. (Though a consort wouldn’t sleep with another queen unless he wanted to start a war.) Moon is the only Raksura in the book who has seen any other type of relationship, and even he only has an outsider’s understanding of them.

For infertile warriors and fertile Arbora, sexual relationships are friendly and casual. Having children is a serious business, and partners are selected with a lot of attention toward the court’s bloodlines and what the court needs. But the relationships between Arbora child-bearing partners aren’t exclusive and aren’t marriages, the way we’d think of marriages, and children are raised communally. (When it’s normal to give birth to five babies at one time, it takes an organized segment of the community to take care of all of them.)

The entire court is basically a very large, often cranky, extended family.

I had beta readers for The Cloud Roads who tried to see the Raksuran relationships as marriages and nuclear families, and it just didn’t work for them because the relationships didn’t make sense that way. To me, trying to see the relationships of your flying lizard ant lion people as being exactly like earth human relationships was what didn’t make sense.

Another comic book that was bought for my brother Ken, but which eventually ended up with me. This issue of SUPERMAN was the concluding chapter to a then-unprecedented four-part epic storyline, one that would be collected a couple of times in the intervening years. In addition, it wrapped up a subplot that had ben brewing in the Superman titles since the early 1970s. Of course, I didn’t know any of this when the book first showed up.

Such a novelty was a long serial of this sort in the DC books that, as he had done previously with the “Bat-Murderer” plotline in DETECTIVE COMICS, editor Julie Schwartz added a note to the first page indicating that this running serial took place after the Superman stories appearing concurrently in other titles. This was also still an era in which DC was a bit corporately embarrassed to be a comic book publisher, and so had adopted the unwieldy name National Periodical Publications. This splash page is one of the relatively few instances where that name was given prominence

The issue opens with the mysterious Mister Xavier, Clark Kent’s neighbor, recapping recent events for his alien masters, and in reality the readers. Xavier is the long-running plotline I mentioned earlier. He had been introduced several years beforehand as a reclusive figure with a mysterious and somewhat shady background, but while hints had been dropped over the years, his secrets hadn’t been revealed before now.

Turns out that–and I believe this story was written before the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–Xavier works for an interplanetary organization that wants to build a teleportation route through our solar system–and to do so, the Earth must be destroyed. This project is so urgent and important that Xavier was placed down on Earth 30 years ago to figure out a way to do it, and he has–by harnessing the destructive powers of Superman.

But because this is a Superman story, that plot must be byzantine. So what Xavier has first done is to use his technology to affect Superman such that, when he is in his Clark Kent persona, he no longer possesses any of his super-powers. Thinking that this is being caused by the psychological strain of living a double life, Superman has spent the previous three issues experimenting–living solely as Clark Kent for a week, then solely as Superman, and discovering the benefits and drawbacks to each identity. 

What this has to do with Xavier’s ultimate plan is vague, but in any case, he’s ready to make his move. Using contrivance crystals, he teleports 9 of the Man of Steel’s greatest enemies first into Clark’s apartment, then across the globe, and when Superman arrives, Xavier charges him with energy, turning him into a living bomb. As Superman expends his energy battling his enemies, he’s burning through the fuse and coming closer to exploding and taking the Earth with him.

As Superman races from fight to fight, he’s got another worry–Clark Kent is desperately needed to testify in a court case to convict an Inter-Gang bigwig. So Clark takes time out from his marathon of villain-bashing to appear as Kent and make his testimony. But this time, he finds that he still possesses his super-powers in his civilian identity! This is a vital clue for him–but he can’t wait, there are still a half-dozen villains at large!

Three villains later, and Superman has enough of a breather to check back in at his apartment. And sure enough, he discovers that his regular Clark Kent wardrobe has all be treated to repel the yellow sun energies that give him his powers. (For his court appearance, Superman borrowed a suit from the WGBS wardrobe, rather than his own clothes–hence, his powers were unaffected this time.) Still, there are three more foes to contend with, and as Superman races off to combat them, Xavier makes his final preparations.

Two more enemies later, and Superman has a moment to use his super-senses to divine the brain-beam that’s beaming him the location of his enemies and follow it back to Xavier’s apartment, where the alien appears to be in a state of hibernation. Superman goes off to face his final foe, the Kryptonite Man and dispatches him with one blow. yet the Earth still lives, because Superman was wearing one of his doctored Clark Kent suits underneath his uniform, and struck the Kryptonite Man with only his regular human strength.

In the wrap-up, Superman captures Xavier, who has pulled a swap with the Kryptonian’s enemy Amalak to affect his escape. But given Xavier’s failure to eliminate the Earth, his people aren’t likely to rescue him. And in a nice epilog, we get the wrap-up to the larger story question of whether Clark Kent or Superman is the more important identity, in which Superman reveals that he’d already decided that, regardless of whatever psychological difficulties it might have caused, he intended to continue to live as both Kent and Superman.

And, like with other titles this month, the Metropolis Mailbag letters page includes the Statement of Ownership, which indicates that SUPERMAN at this point was selling 221,348 copies a month on a print run of 578,311. That’s a 38% efficiency, which is pretty miserable, even with that many copies being sold. I’d imagine that the print run was scaled back for future issues in an attempt to get that percentage number up and not be generating so much waste. This need to print three copies in order to sell one was what had the comic book industry on the ropes for most of the 1970s, and it was only the advent of the Direct Sales network of comic book specialty shops that bought books on a non-returnable basis that saved the industry.

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Do you eel that even if a near perfect Sonic game came out , some fans would still hate it because its not want they wanted? (basically a really bitchy "its not MY Sonic"!!!!!!)

On some level that’s already happened. There are Sonic games that the public at large considers “one of the better ones” that other parts of the fandom do not.

I mean, a lot of people who don’t even necessarily like Sonic games will defend Sonic Colors, right? But then you have groups like TrueSonicSpirit who complain that they want Sonic to go back to “epic” storylines and quit being a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Sega has let Sonic become something where it’s impossible to please everyone because Sonic has been too many things over the years, including stuff that’s almost totally contradictory of each other.

Destiel fic/podfic recs for warm fuzzies, feels, and/or giggles.

So often, great fics that aren’t the level of infamously famous like “Twist and Shout” (which I will never read.) Get over looked. There are short ones, long ones, but they don’t get recced as much, don’t have a huge following, and unlike T&S, don’t leave you a devastated crying mess, either.

A lot of people over look podfics as well. Don’t. Podfics are a persons highest form of reccing a fic, and even if you gave it a try and got a podfic that was rather poorly done, still don’t give up. Not all are created equal and are all still products of love and time.

So. Being that the S9 finale is coming up, let me rec you some of my personal favorite fics- and their subsequent podfics, with a little about why you really just need to trust me and listen to the thing already. If you are familiar with my work, you will recognize a common element to all of them: I podficced them. Like I said, HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION a fan can give. I loved it SO MUCH I wanted to read it to you.

All of these have a happy ending or I wouldn’t recommend them.

  • “The Makings For Home (It’s Wherever You Are)”- Post S9 fic. Adjusting to civilian life isn’t easy for Dean or Cas and they have to find a way to redirect their focus. Cue learning to cook in the bunker’s kitchen. And feels. OMG the feels. The war is over, but Dean and Cas both have their scars to contend with. Schmoop. Domestic. Angst. Feels.
  • “Prompt: I need you”- Super short prediction of how Cas will have to be the one to bring Dean back to himself when the First Blade takes over. But is “I need you” going to be enough?
  • “Defy Any And All Expectation”- This one is novel length with an epic storyline. So epic there is this post that does it better justice than the summary ever will. There is also lots of fanart. Also, it’s not mentioned, but inconveniencing a deity may lead to temporary girl-status, which has no impact on the romance, and has everyone including the Winchesters wiping their brows going “Whoo. Messed with a god. That could have ended so much worse”. The romance happens much later in the story, after back to male-status. **It’s sad and depressing I have to make this explanation and warning. It’s called a ‘plot twist’. These are good, especially when not used as a plot device.
  • “La Cucina”- English language, don’t let title deceive you. Another cooking fic. Cooking, care taking, fluff. Cas is human, and Dean wants to introduce him to all the wonders of food and flavor one recipe at a time.
  • “Good Girl”- In which Team Free Will gets a four-legged mascot, Dean is not happy about it, and the entire fic is beautiful and happy.
  • “Frowning your way through love”- *note there are apparently 2 podfics of this? IDK. This links back to mine. This fic is ridiculously cute and funny. I giggled all the way through it. Dean has a MASSIVE CRUSH THAT CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE on his brother’s roommate and best friend. Problem is: all the guy does is frown at Dean. This is SUCH A CUTE FIC. You will def smile a lot.
  • “300 Things”- College AU. There is so much CUTE AND FLUFF AND DOMESTIC DESTIEL IN THIS FIC. It is so ridiculous all the feels, I cannot even. This is just… yes, good, this. Also, 14-yr old Sam that is adorable and sweet and just argh!
  • Tumblr Prompt Collection”- Collections are broken down by chapter, so there are actually two downloads for this, so don’t miss them. The first part is happier than the second, and is filled with more fluff and friendship pieces. The second part has more feels and angst, but still all happy endings, all are written based of fic prompts.
  • What Has Eight Tentacles And Isn’t Allowed To Eat Pie?”- Curse fic filled with friendship and found family feels like WHOA. Super, super cute and comforting. I love when Dean pranks Kevin and makes hims scream like a scared 6-yr old girl. The fanart for it is all really cute as well and by pappcave here on tumblr.
  • “The 4th Wall Series”- set during S5. Team Free Will ends up reading lots and lots of fanfiction about themselves and it’s all Sam’s fault. No, it’s Chuck’s fault. But then it’s Sam’s, and then Dean and Cas get dragged in, eventually Lucifer, and all of them are baffled what led them to that point in their lives. An actual plot emerges slowly.
  • How Many Slams In An Old Screen Door”- Asexual theater major Cas is really BAD at first time introductions. Lucky for him, Dean’s already smitten anyway, and the most chaotic production of Les Miserables in history somehow manages to go off without a hitch.
  • Convenient Husbands”- Creature!Cas and lots of banter and telepathy. It’s not as “happy” as the other fics, so I almost didn’t include it in this list, but all the banter and sarcasm in the marriage of convenience are so much fun.
  • Carpooling”- You know what happens when you put Cas and Crowley in the backseat of the Impala on a mission with the Winchesters? The worst car ride in the history of ever. Sam hates his life so much sometimes.
  • Take the Lead”- Dean, Cas, and tango. Mmreow. Music included. There’s something both just fundamentally FUN about ballroom dance, with an added bonus of sexy when it involves your OTP. Cas is a dance instructor who gets one of his student’s help to demonstrate a point. Dance floor flirting and dancing ensues.
  • Home Isn’t A Place”- more of a hurt/comfort, found family fic with warm fuzzies. It was written after the S8 finale. With a newly fallen Cas, Dean does what he always does when something goes wrong: he tries to make it better. He has some help.
  • Important Angel Business”- There are at least 5 podfics of this one story. This is my version. This is actually labeled Sabriel, but it’s mostly friendship, with lots of banter and texting, as Gabriel never makes an actual appearance in the fic. This story cracked me up. I do so love Sam.
  • “Thinking of You”- Takes place during S8. Cas may not answer Dean’s prayers, but that doesn’t stop him. Dean tries to think something reassuring in Cas’ direction at least once a day, sometimes telling him funny stories about things that happen on their cases- generally at Sam’s expense, in the hopes to amuse the angel clearly going through a really rough time.

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I've been looking into Glee wank and I can't find anything good other than the kurt/bully dude. You always build the fandom up as this wank gold but I can't find anything recorded :(

I don’t know that much HAS been recorded dear anon, glee has always been such a strange fandom.  Back in tumblr'day when tumblr used to make posts about ~the fandoms of tumblr~ glee being left out (even though it had a HUGE presence on tumblr) became something of a running joke but trust glee’s always been a huge wanky playground

Lets see if I can’t conjure up some memories of epic hilarious glee wank

Some history: glee wasn’t a super wanky fandom for the first season while people complained about the quality difference between the F13 (front 13 eps) and B9 (back 9 eps) things were pretty quiet things really started heating up during the summer hiatus before s2 aired but they were brimming to explode before then.  I just wished I had links (I looked but none of the old posts are up still) cause this shit was epic

  • Okay so here’s where it gets good anon see after s1 Kurt Hummel kinda just BLEW THE FUCK UP as a character seriously he became SUPER CRAZY POPULAR as did Chris Colfer it formed like, his own little cult of super fans who were called Kurtsies and just fucking worshiped the ground he walked on
  • So when spoilers hit that Kurt was getting a boyfriend the summer of S2 SHIT JUST HIT THE FAN and of course this was back in the day when everyone took spoilers as fact so when the spoiler came out that Kurt’s boyfriend was Sam people already started shipping them
  • Then Duets happened everyone was already kinda pissed at the show because of Rachel’s character reset in the first ep of s2 and the stupid/pointless Britney/Brittney ep but Duets just sent the fandom overboard
  • Suddenly Brittana was likely! And the Hevans/Kum ship was sailing Brittana had always been moderately popular back in s1 and there was already some ill will towards Ryan Murphy because of his comment about the couple and how they wouldn’t happen because glee was “a family show” (legit quote LOL)
  • So after Duets everyone assumed three things would occur after the hiatus that happened after Rocky Horror Glee Show (which was stupid filler lets not pretend otherwise and also the ep that started to sour fandom on Will and Wemma) 1. that Sam and Kurt were TOTALLY gonna get together 2. Brittana were so totally on and 3. Tartie (tina/artie) was also gonna happen cause Mike was a NPC (non-player character)
  • This led to a fuckton of ~theories~ surrounding Sam’s sexuality with people saying that glee was just full of METAPHORS and creating elaborate fic inspired storylines about Sam coming out and how important it would be for him to come out cause he wasn’t a stereotype~ and one of the theories was that Sam was denying his gayness because it would make him a target as emphasized by the shirt he wore with a target sign on it
  • No I’m not even playing legit target shirt 
  • Then Never Been Kissed aired and it was like fandom collectively lost it’s shit all the theories had been blow out of the damn water 
  • Artie hooking legit up with Brit!? Sam being actually into Quinn!? Karofsky’s gay and could be a love interest!? Blair is actually Blaine and could be a love interest!? Tartie isn’t on!? SEXISM!???
  • Oh boy that was fun - see everyone speculated when spoilers for “Blair” who later became “Blaine” came out that he would be a guest starring mentor character nothing more and that “Kum” was still totally on and lol sucks for you Quinn be Kurt’s matchmaker!! but then NBK happened and suddenly all the Kurtsies were divided between the three ships

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if I think too much about how far CS has come and how epic their storyline is I’d just get so overwhelmed because, like I remember watching Emma in season 1 and hoping she’d maybe have a partner to help solve crimes and share the burden of breaking the curse, and now she actually has that and so much more because at the end of the day Emma and Hook are partners above all else and not even the greatest darkness and literal death can change that


Day 6: Go on, give us another screenshot!

Here’s one of my favs - fighting the shadow-maia Gwathnor as part of the epic storyline. That instance was terrifying the first time I did it, when the ground collapsed into portals to the Void. I really enjoyed where Volume 2 was going, with all these strange rituals and trying to bring terrible creatures through to Arda from the Void, but they never really went anywhere with it, so it was disappointing. It could have been huge! But also super lore-breaking and beyond their copyright bounds, so….maybe not lol. 


Archie Comics crossover event set to include characters from STREET FIGHTER, MONSTER HUNTER, SKIES OF ARCADIA, and other popular video game franchises by SEGA and CAPCOM.

Archie Comics is proud to announce that “Worlds Unite,” the sequel to 2013’s smash-hit “Worlds Collide” crossover storyline featuring Sonic the Hedgehog & Mega Man, will expand to include popular video game franchises from SEGA and CAPCOM, including “Street Fighter,” “Monster Hunter,” and more.

Expanding beyond the focus on the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, “Worlds Unite” will also feature characters from the fan favorite SONIC BOOM and MEGA MAN X universes.

Classic SEGA franchises such as “Alex Kidd,” “Billy Hatcher,” “Golden Axe,” “NiGHTS,” “Skies of Arcadia,” and “Panzer Dragoon” will be involved in the world-spanning epic, along with characters from CAPCOM’s popular “Breath of Fire,” ‘Ghosts N’ Goblins,” “Monster Hunter,” “Street Fighter,” “Okami,” and “Viewtiful Joe” series.

“Worlds Unite” Writer Ian Flynn and Archie Comics Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski spoke with IGN.com about the different characters and franchises appearing in the epic storyline.

“This crossover event is unlike any other you’ve ever seen before,” Kaminski said. “So sit back, grab a chili dog and an E-Tank, and prepare yourself for the ultimate multi-franchise crossover comic book experience!”

“Worlds Unite” begins in May with a special prelude comic available for free in comic book stores nationwide on Free Comic Book Day. The 12-part crossover event begins in SONIC UNIVERSE #76 and continues through the other Archie Action titles including SONIC BOOM, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, and MEGA MAN.

anonymous asked:

Uh oh... I'm a big believer that Rey is a Kenobi... But I'm starting to realize she does have a lot in common with, not Luke, but Anakin when he was younger. Living in a desert land... Can fix things and build things... Can fly a ship... Doesn't realize at first that they have the force... Fear of abandonment... Might be the "chosen one".... Can have some anger issues... I didn't even realize... Maybe she really is Luke's daughter... Oh man... 😟 What do you think? You have great theories!

There’s a treasure trove of evidence that Rey is NOT Luke’s daughter and those can be found in this link: http://starwarsnonsense.tumblr.com/post/143314490904/its-funny-how-reylo-shippers-keep-saying-rey

The cast and crew have done a bit of slip ups in these and Pablo H. as you see in the link has alluded that Rey is not a Skywalker. He has even said that Kylo Ren is the Skywalker of this saga.

Also, Daisy has said the biggest clue to Rey’s origins is her being alone. Who else lived on a desert planet for years by himself? Not Luke who had Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, not Anakin who had his mother Shmi plus his other friends, but Obi Wan Kenobi, who lived like a hermit for almost 20 years in the desert planet of Tatooine.

Personally, I love the Rey Kenobi Theory paired with the Rey Palpatine Theory but I also don’t mind Rey Nobody. To me, Rey Skywalker is just too predictable and won’t exactly serve for an epic narrative in the storyline. In fact, I believe it would actually lessen Rey into just another Skywalker descendant.