epic store exclusive


@jadestoybox and I, for varied reasons, keep missing opportunities to trek together but with her informing me our stores were resetting and my payday hitting this week I simply HAD to go out and look around.

Target, first 6 pics, had most of the Epic Winter line, the store exclusive minis packs, a lone Meeshell, shriek wrecked, Descendants’ ‘Neon Lights Ball’ and. most surprisingly, both the new MH pet line & the Miraculous Ladybug toys. (ugh, when will Lolirock?!?!).

While tempted by pet Frankie & Shriekwrecked Lagoona I ultimately left both in hopes of what TRU might have and was rewarded with both the EAH & MH new two packs well stocked as well as single box assortments for the MH pet & DtFA lines. I immediately grabbed Nefera & Amanita and was close to getting DtFA Cleo before seeing she was slighly wonky so instead I grabbed a very cute pet Lagoona.

Pictures to come soon!