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Why does listening to epic music always end up with me doodling Pokémon Master Ash and Ho-Oh……. >u>

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For the couple ask meme, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Martial Arcs


Based on this post:

who’s the cuddler:
Jaune. Ren’s more of an introvert, but Jaune craves physical affection and will dive onto the bed when Ren is lying on it and wrap his arms around his waist and snuggle up to him. If Ren’s up for it, he’ll scratch Jaune’s head lightly or cuddle up to him, but if he’s not, Jaune will (very respectfully) go mope in the corner with a stuffed animal and read his comics or something. When Ren is feeling very relaxed and loose – which happens more around Jaune than it does around other people – they’ll both cuddle each other. Jaune loves when he gets to hold Ren close to him and stroke his hair and kiss the top of his head. Jaune just loves touching Ren’s hair. Jaune just loves Ren. (Look they just love each other a lot, okay?)

(and sometimes they’ll just lie on the bed looking at each other with their foreheads gently resting together and yes, Jaune will stroke Ren’s hair then, too)

who makes the bed:
Oh, Ren, for sure. Jaune doesn’t mind at all (he likes climbing into a freshly made bed), he just… doesn’t think of it himself.

who wakes up first:
Jaune. Ren is not a morning person, and he needs, like, five alarms and two cups of coffee to wake up. Jaune’s not a morning person either, but he’s so used to dragging himself through life that dragging himself out of bed in the morning is hardly that much more of a challenge.

who has the weird taste in music:
They both think each other’s taste in music is weird. Jaune listens to alt rock and whatever Remnant’s equivalents of All American Rejects / Green Day / Vertical Horizon are, while Ren really likes instrumental pieces, usually of a musical style equivalent to Chinese music in our world (something sort of like this). They both theoretically get the appeal, but if it weren’t for their love for each other they would never be able to sit through an entire piece of the other’s choosing. Ren doesn’t connect to songs through lyrics the way Jaune does, and Jaune just gets fucking bored with long, built-to-be-beautiful music. The closer they get though, the more they begin to vividly hear each other when they listen to each other’s music choices, and the more they grow to appreciate them as a result. Jaune may or may not have an orchestral piece or two downloaded on his scroll to listen to to help him fall asleep when he and Ren can’t be togethre for an extended period of time, and Ren may or may not have also downloaded Jaune’s top played songs to try to understand what the heck is going on in his boyfriend’s head when he goes and does That Stupid Thing (no not /that/ stupid thing, That Other stupid thing. No, not that one either).

Bonus: Ren finds something a little like this in Jaune’s music library, downloaded before they started dating. When Ren asks about it (since it’s so out of character for Jaune), Jaune just shrugs and flushes and says, “It reminded me of you.” Because Jaune’s a fucking sap.

Bonus 2: Jaune also really likes Fucking Epic Film Soundtracks (think Dark Knight Rises) and Ren has a soft spot for Epic Celtic-Equivalent Music (maybe something a little like this, except without the sound effects of actual battle in it), and these are both things they can come to an enthusiastic consensus on.

who is more protective:
They’re both super super protective. Have you seen this comic? Yeah, it’s like that.

who sings in the shower:
Both of them. Jaune does it pretty loudly, usually along to some of his aforementioned alt rock songs, and he isn’t very good, and Ren sighs and puts his hand over his ears because he loves this boy dangit and he will put up with this. Ren sings low and quiet but it’s actually really nice, and Jaune tends to shift closer to the bathroom door and just casually lean his head as close to it as he possibly can without being weird because Ren never sings elsewhere and Jaune loves it.

who cries during movies:
Ren tears up during the saddest parts of movies but he’s really good about not letting them turn into full on roll-down-his-cheeks tears, except sometimes he’s not so good at it and Jaune has to dry them off. They’re always silent, though – Ren’s not a sobber, not about stuff that isn’t real life.

Jaune doesn’t cry during movie, he just gets really angry when the movie does things that are Unacceptable, like killing off a main character, or a dog. He always yells at the screen when the dog dies. 

(“Jaune, the dog always dies,” Ren reminds him.
“That’s no excuse!” Jaune says. “They should dare to be different. Why are we even watching this movie, anyway?”
“You’re the one who picked it out.”
“Well, I’m an idiot, why’d you let me do that?”)

who spends the most while out shopping:
Jaune. Ren grew up without parents, fending for both himself and his best friend, so he’s got less money to begin with and knows how to shop on a budget. Jaune’s easing his way into independence with pocket change from his parents, and while it’s not a lot (raising eight kids means they do have to be economical) it’s more than Ren’s got. Jaune also always tosses treats like candy and hot chocolate into the cart, while Ren is more of a healthy eater (a health nut, Jaune would say. Ren would struggle through a protest, because it sounds like the kind of thing he should protest to, but at the same time Jaune’s not exactly wrong.)

who kisses more roughly:
Jaune. Oh god, Jaune. (But Ren does not mind. He does not mind at all.)

who is more dominant:
It depends. When it comes to interpersonal stuff, the Jaune-as-team-leader dynamic runs in the DNA of them getting to know each other better, since it didn’t really start happening until after Jaune was more of an effective leader anyway, so there’s an echo of that. At the same time, they also both know and acknowledge that Jaune would be a complete mess without his friends and boyfriend emotionally supporting him, so it kind of gets balanced out. All it really means is that sometimes Jaune will automatically Tell Ren What To Do instead of Asking Him To Do Something, but the moment he realizes he’s done it, he’ll apologize and rephrase the request, and if it’s not that big a deal, Ren will do the thing anyway. Neither of them really sets the pace for the relationship – they just kind of stumble through it together and figure out what they’re okay with and not okay with when they hit a wall. They’ve had a couple of pretty bad bumps because of this, but they’ve worked hard to get through them and they’ve realized that most of them come from bad communication (because Jaune is stubborn as a mule, and Ren is very reserved and… also pretty stubborn, tbh).

When it comes to the eyebrow-waggly stuff, they’re both kind of awkward and hesitant at first so it really depends on the situation. Usually Jaune is the one who will end up clambering into Ren’s lap just to get that one kiss more, and he tends to be the hungrier one in general (I headcanon Ren as being ace-spectrum, and Jaune… definitely not), but every once in a while, Ren gets it into his head that he’s gonna pin his boyfriend down on the bed and kiss him like he really deserves to be kissed – i.e., exhaustively. Jaune has exactly zero problems with this. He always kind of gets a thrill out of watching Ren take control – it’s a gorgeous image.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:
This is a good one. I’ll give it a 9. I don’t know what a 9 means. Let them live their fictional lives free of a ratings system!

When your about to drop a sick album but a Sith Lord is orchestrating the downfall of The Republic

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What do the servamp siblings dream about when they sleep? Both dreams and nightmare. Btw I love how beautifully written your headcanons are~

I had a lot of fun thinking about this, so thanks for the ask!


Dream: His dreams come in two varieties; the canon video game adventure quest, where he is the laziest hero of all time and quests for the epic nap spot.  The other type of dream he has is much calmer, where he’s longing on a balcony overlooking a town, and all is at peace.

Nightmare: The same nightmare, over and over again, where he relives the day he murdered his creator.  The guilt and regret tied into that situation will never completely leave him, and it manifests in his dreams.


Dream: He dreams of a world where everyone is equal, where vampires aren’t hunted down by C3 and can simply live their lives away from humans.  There is no needless bloodshed in his dreams.

Nightmare: He dreams of his life before becoming a vampire, of a grand castle once filled with life and servants and a child too proud for his own good that lead to his demise.  These dreams are bittersweet and remind Hugh that nothing can change the past.


Dream: He dreams of curling up in a desert, under a rock.  There’s a breeze that keeps him cool and dead silence surrounding him, and he can sit and reflect upon the world and it’s workings.

Nightmare: He dreams of monsters, his siblings losing their sense of identity and becoming the very creatures they sought to destroy when they killed their creator.  One by one, they are hunted down like beasts, and Jeje watches as all of his siblings are taken from him, and he is alone again.

The Mother

Dream: She dreams of a quiet cabin in the snowy woods, and a creaky old rocking chair that she settles into, cradling an infant in her arms.  No one can harm them out here, far from the rest of the world, and outside the wolves howl their own special chorus to the moon.

Nightmare: Anger and rage consume her and she is reckless in her endeavors, leaving a trail of bodies and blood in her wake.  She does not get off unscathed, however; her faithful subclass pay the price for her vengeance, and die in her arms, the real victims of her violence.


Dream: He dreams of walking in a forest, a beautiful, sunny forest, where he can hear a piano playing faintly in the distance.  When he reaches the end of the path, there are two angels waiting for him, but he can never see their faces clearly.

Nightmare: He dreams of Ophelia, of reliving her death again and again and every time, his voice fails him and he can’t say the words that matter the most.  His most recent dreams have included Licht suffering her fate, and he wakes up screaming and sobbing from these dreams, begging any god listening to spare him this fate.

World End

Dream: He dreams of a grand banquet he can share with his family and their Eve’s where there is no bad blood between any of them.  They feast and laugh long into the night, and for once the world is at peace.

Nightmare: He dreams of a terrible accident befalling his Eve, one that is entirely his fault where he is powerless to save them.  He wakes up with his stomach twisting in guilt and his fingers digging into his bed sheets.


Dream:  He dreams about warm fires and wordless affection; his dreams are calm and filled with love and family affection, and a small part of him always hates waking up from them and facing reality.

Nightmare: His nightmares are plagued by the very force that drove him to make a pact with the Alicein family in the first place; he runs and runs, but the beast looms behind him always and he wakes up panting, gasping harshly for air as if he actually had just run a mile.


Dream: They all know him, the world knows his name in his dreams.  He has the power to shape the world around him, and no one will have to suffer as he and his subclass have ever again.

Nightmare:  In his nightmares, he is alone in the darkness, and no matter how loud he screams, he can’t make a sound and no one ever comes for him.  Those nights, he wakes up in a cold sweat, shaking uncontrollably.

I’ve been having a ball reading Loreweaver’s live blogs, but the world building pieces they’ve been dropping on their Star Heart story gets me in my soft squishy spot for epic fantasy.

Loosely based on a previous piece of art that I lost fairly quickly, so I really got to make things up as I went along. Also can I subtly suggest bantu knots as a really epic underused hairstyle for character design? Cause they’re neat and cool looking.

I really wish I’d payed attention to the armor a bit more before going right into painting, but dems the breaks. Usually I draw more leather or light armor, so doing something bulkier was fun.

More ladies in armor yes?

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What I want: an epic for the modern age about journeys through treacherous warfare and morally corrupt societies at odds with each other... But what I'm really getting at is: what happened to epic poetry, are people still writing it? Can there be modern epics, or would a modern epic be something else altogether? I guess i just didn't really know who to ask and you seem to know a bunch so?? Like is there an Iliad or a Ramayana for the 20th century?? Also you're wonderful and your blog is <3

oh my gosh okay this is a very big and absolutely fascinating question, anon! thank you for asking it this is so interesting to think about

okay so on a technical level, epic poetry survived. the tradition which most people look at when it comes to modern epic is the south slavic epic tradition, which was studied extensively by a couple of researchers called milman parry and albert lord in the early 20th century. this stuff was written in the “south slavic” area of europe, which has undergone a lot of political changes over time but is roughly around where modern serbia, bits of albania, bosnia and herzegovina are, and is mostly concerned with the great events of serbian history, the battle of kosovo in 1398 and the area’s incorporation into the ottoman empire. 

now, this poetry is quite often quite surprising to readers used to the iliad and so on, because many of the most famous poems are much, much shorter than anything we’re used to thinking of as “epic” - often maybe a hundred or so lines long (in comparison, the iliad is i think around 16,000 lines long?). some people argue that because these poems can be roughly collected into epic “cycles” - most prominently the kosovo cycle, focusing on the events of the battle of kosovo, and the marko cycle, focusing on the adventures of the semi-mythic hero prince marko kraljevic under the ottoman empire - they can be considered larger works and therefore ‘epic’ in terms of length, but i’m much more convinced by the idea put forward by an academic called john foley, who believed that ‘epics’ did not have to be long poems, but rather (sorry i’m paraphrasing a bit here, idk what happened to my notes) poems which had ‘historical and socio-political significance in the formation of ethnic identity’, which is a definition that not only includes the big stuff like the iliad and the ramayana and the epic of gilgamesh so so on, but also stuff like the slavic poems. (he had other qualifiers too, but that’s the bit i think is most important.) so in that sense, it would be perfectly possible for a poem, under the right conditions, to be considered “epic” in the modern era, if it was important enough.

(i feel like i should note at this point that my perspective is extremely eurocentric - like, the farthest afield that i’m even vaguely confident in talking about is mesopotamia, but i’m very much aware that there was - and for all i know still is - a strong tradition of epic poetry throughout asia, which i know literally nothing about. if any of my followers know anything about this and what it looks like in the modern age, or any other epic traditions, i would be super super interested to hear about it!)

another point of interest about the south slavic poems is that they really were composed and performed well into the modern age. like, parry and lord made recordings of the performances - which you can listen to online! admittedly, the rate of composition went into sharp decline towards the turn of the 20th century - someone, i think foley again or possible johannes haubold? theorised that this was because oral epic poetry was being used as a form of historical record as well as an entertainment and ethnic identity thing, which was then rendered superfluous by the advent of written history and mass literacy - but we have examples of south slavic epic poetry being performed and composed during world war two (known as partisan songs), during the period in which parry & lord worked (a singer they met apparently composed a new epic on the spot called “the song of milman parry”) and right up to very recently with an epic called “smrt u dallasu” about the assassination of john f kennedy. so in that literal sense, yes, epic poetry did and does exist in the modern age!

however, it’s a lot harder to pin down the kind of thing which i think both you and foley might be talking about, something of massive cultural and sociopolitical importance. there’s certainly been self-conscious attempts to recreate something like this - i mean, i suppose you could even class the aeneid as one of those attempts, just a very successful one. then you have other poets who self-consciously tried to work in the homeric tradition, and even people who tried to incorporate the ethnic-identity element; the first example i can think of off the top of my head is “ossian”, which was an attempt by a scottish poet in the 1700s (not long after scotland came under english rule) to pass off a collection of poems he’d written as the work of “ossian”, a sort of gaelic homer, but i’m sure there are others! in terms of poetry there’s certainly poets who still try to write epic-length poetry; one example might be derek walcott’s omeros, which as you can probably gather from the title is a sort of homeric-style epic poem for the caribbean island of st. lucia, which is very much concerned with self-identity.

but honestly i think you have something in the idea that a modern epic might well not be a poem, but something else altogether; i think that certainly any work which would reach the massive cultural/political/social significance - at least in the western world - of the iliad or the ramayana or gilgamesh would almost certainly not be a poem, but maybe a book or a film or even a tv show. it seems quite odd to say that, i suppose, because we don’t think of those things on the same “level” as homer et al., but homer was a rhapsode, a singer, a performer who entertained people for a few hours after they finished work, and i don’t see why our modern equivalents shouldn’t be included alongside that. i mean, south slavic epic is considered “epic” by academic standards and it includes hundred-line poems performed in coffee-shops with titles like “prince marko drinks wine in ramadan” and “king vukasin caught a fairy and married her” and i’m fairly sure i read about one called something along the lines of “mina the innkeeper’s wife hits marko kraljevic with a stick” or something, soooo 

anyway sorry this all extremely inconclusive and off-the-cuff so i’m sorry if there’s any massive inaccuracies, as always if anyone spots any please do let me know so i can correct this post! i’m on mobile so i can’t put links in but i’ll reblog this later with some links to the milman parry stuff etc. oh! also, for a book which asks this exact kind of question but perhaps doesn’t offer many answers, i would suggest ismail kadare’s the file on h., which is both amazing and spectacularly nerdy in that the two main characters are very thinly-veiled versions of parry and lord. anyway, i hope that helps a bit and sorry for being so waffly