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Willowsbend by miss_grey
Rating: light NC-17
Word Count: 51,000
Summary: In the town of Willowsbend, the Supernatural police unit went by the name of Dean Winchester. Unfortunately for Dean, the Supernatural population of Willowsbend was zero. So Dean spent the majority of his time calming paranoid housewives when their pipes rattled and chasing off wildlife that over-zealous citizens were sure must be shifters. It’s a tiring job, full of false-starts and hysterical old ladies. It’s a rare day that Dean has to deal with anything truly Supernatural. That’s about to change, and it all begins with the arrival of one Castiel Novak.

Castiel is a witch, a very powerful witch. He rejects the family business of dealing in magical items and instead chooses to open up a coffee shop in Willowsbend. As the first supernatural resident in the city, Cas is the object of curiosity and suspicion, but a selfless display of Cas’ power truly embeds him within the community. Even before that, Dean is drawn to the quiet man, stopping by daily for his morning coffee and conversation. Everyone in town notices the budding relationship between Dean and Cas in this delightful slow building romance.

This is a wonderful spin on the classic coffee shop AU with lots of UST and fluff. That said, there were just enough edgy moments to keep me holding my breath. The ending is very satisfying for all concerned, yet the door is open to either a sequel or timestamps. I look forward to any further entries in this ‘verse, as the characterization of Cas as a reserved, yet powerful witch had both Dean and I transfixed!


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anonymous asked:

Did you see the latest report of the Yuri on Museum secret track by Aitaikuji?Victor's fashion taste such dumpster fire omg XD I am now convinced that Victor is the type of person who logically knows what is good fashion and dresses flawlessly but his actual personal tastes and really whacky

I just looked up her summary of the secret track and omg, incredible.

Also related, I am convinced that Victor and Chris go on epic shopping excursions together and enable each other to buy the most ridiculous thing in any given store. Like, you know when you see a flying squirrel jumpsuit or an electric pink caftan and part of you goes “that’s hideous” and another part goes “I need it?” Victor and Chris have played both these roles for each other. Sometimes within the same night.

I had a coworker at my first job who wore those eyelash sweaters with neon animal print leggings and 4-inch wedge heels? And I’m pretty sure one or both of them has rocked that look at an afterparty.

“Lazy Days and You”

Summary: Love carries no expiration date. All you know is, with a little luck and fairy dust, you’ll feel Cupid’s arrow!  Redemption and love…two vital ingredients for joy!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Marisol Kincaid

OFC: Steve, Nat, Sam, Wanda, Tony and Anthony Grant Barnes (eventually)

Warning: Redemption and happyness (misspelled on purpose)

Word Count: 1,882

A/N: My entry in Taw’s 3k Writing Challenge. Congratulations my friend. You’re a sweetheart. Enjoy!

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Something Stupid

Characters: Kirk x Reader

Summary: The girl he has been infatuated with finally becomes single but does Kirk actually have the balls everyone believes he does when it comes to matters of the heart?

Word Count: 2224 words

Prompt: ‘It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.’ , ‘Can I have this dance?’

A/N: This one is for the fantastic @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who requested this from my 300 celebration.  This is my first time writing Kirk and he kinda got away from me so I apologise for that.

Originally posted by nabees2

The news had spread round the ship like wild fire.  Every room you walked into you felt people looking at you with pity.  How had you not seen it coming?  True, your shifts had been at opposite times and you hadn’t really spent much quality time together but walking into your shared quarters to find him in bed with her… you had not seen that coming.  It turns out that you were one of the very few who didn’t know.  You had spent a few days sleeping on people’s sofas until you were assigned your own quarters and you were really looking forward to the upcoming shore leave, hoping to pick up a few bargains to make the place your own.  

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Never Not Fantastic

Never Not Fantastic
by thestoryinsideme
Rating: M
Word Count: 76,400
Summary: When television star Dean Winchester makes a stop at the Rogue Wave Cafe, owner Castiel Novak initially takes notice - and exception to - the celebrity’s presence in the all-but-forgotten beachside town where the age of the average resident is sixty-five. 
This is a story about love and love, about family, friends, and more than friends, about learning when to hold on and when to let go, and about maybe, finding some turtles along the way. 

As I started this fic, I was settling in for a nice beachside romance with a side dish of celebrity. Instead, I was immersed in an emotional coming out story told from a lover’s perspective. Well, I’m not complaining! When Cas meets Dean Winchester, the famous and very straight star of a long running TV show, The Unnatural, he is duly unimpressed. However, things change very quickly. I could say that the mutual attraction between the two of them develops a little bit too fast, but then again, this is not a story about falling in love. This is a story about building a new relationship while dealing with past hurt; about finding a balance between your own needs and happiness, and those of others. 

I loved that Dean’s coming out story is told from Cas’ perspective and we get to see just how much the celebrity PR spectacle is hurting him (pining Cas is all I ask for in a fic!). At the same time, Dean’s side of the story is revealed little by little, and there’s more to it than meets the eye. Overall, this is a heartfelt story about self acceptance and trust. Dean and Cas bonding over Salinger quotes and watching that show about monster hunting brothers is just a cherry on top. ;)