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Why don't you want Aaron to cheat on Robert? I think he deserves it really. Aaron should have the chance to be happy too.

okay anon, i’m going to leave your incredibly wrong opinions about my delicate little flower robert sugden deserving anything other than sunshine, rainbows and aaron right where they are and answer your cheating question

i just think it would be silly at this point, to throw that into the mix. aaron hates cheating, he would hate himself if he did it, it would ruin my romantic ideas about them only having eyes for each other, it would make robert feel sad, it wouldn’t add anything to the current sl

i could go on

i get why people are into it, i just personally, am not

it’s like the break up thing. i get why people want them to but i like my ships epic and together. so if they do i’ll just stop watching til they get back together. i’m not into angst or pining. it’s just personal preference i guess.


And bromance of the year goes to… 


She runs into him again before the mission is over, tall and broad and wearing a star upon his chest, the same as the one on his shield, the same as the ones on her uniform. (x)


#no means no

Dear Kruppants shippers: The Combine-O-Tron 2000 from the books can work in reverse and separate things down to minute details, and with fiddling could possibly create separate bodies for the two of them.

Also, the PATSY 2000 from the books can take photographs or drawings and make them real, including with personalities and full-sized bodies.

Now go and fic or art as you please with canon explanations of how it can work if you want them to be able to interact physically.

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Did you hear that Kubo-sensei telling that the guy who appears with Chris looks like "Masumi-san" (no name till now btw), and the name caught on and the ship name that the fandom has created for him and Chris is "Christmas"? Its so good !

Yes I saw about that on twitter and laughing so much. What an epic ship name. This fandom I swear <3

  • Blake: Hey Yang. Come over.
  • Yang: I can't Blake.
  • Blake: Why not?
  • Yang: I'm in Patch and your in menagerie.
  • Blake: But I want to be with my girlfriend. Beside, My parents won't be home for three days.
  • Yang: ...
  • ~two minutes later~
  • Captain: Ah. Nothing like calm waters to make a sail go by smoothly.
  • Captain: What is it!? A Grimm!?
  • First Mate: NO SIR! IT LOOKS... It looks like someong on a motorcycle?
  • Captain: What? Let me seWHOA! *The captain and first mate drive out of the way as Yang riding bumblebee jumps the ship while epic music can be heard.* WHAT OR WHO WAS THAT!?
  • First Mate: I... I think it was the blonde huntress from a year or two back.
  • Captain: Ah. I see now. She is answering the bellabooty call.
  • ~Other side of the ship on the desk sunbathing~
  • Ghira: Was that?
  • Kali: Yep.
  • Ghira: Do you think-
  • Kali: Yep.
  • Ghira: But we only left an hour ago.
  • Kali: Honey. Just... Just don't question it. We are on vacation.