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For some reason, I ship Epic and Cross...

Because reason

U don’t even know what ur reason

I have reasons

I don’t even know my reasons

Theres reasons


For some reasons

What is these reasons?

Why are there some reasons???

I ship my dog and that cockroach under my table





And bromance of the year goes to… 


She runs into him again before the mission is over, tall and broad and wearing a star upon his chest, the same as the one on his shield, the same as the ones on her uniform. (x)

  • You’re innocent… and kind… and a good friend.
  • I trust you.
  • Rosaline Capulet is my friend. I will never lie to her. That is why she trusts me.
  • You’re all I have. You know the truth and you’re all I have.
  • I need you.
  • We trust each other.
  • I feel responsible for you.

All the ways to say I love you, without saying the actual words.

You know, this started out as a series of stupid funny shenanigans of both OL Sans trying to excorise Epic out of OL Frisk.

Instead it became Epic doing a pin up pose with subtle undert ones of sancest and I’m not sure why I keep letting these kinds of things happen.

Well, at least they’re not making out or- NO I DONT WANNA JINX IT!

Epic sans - @yugogeer12

Overlore sans- mine


He had given up on living. Then he met her and she made all of his pain go away. Dany gave him a purpose. Dany gave his life meaning again. That deep breath he drew … he drew for her. His heart is now truly beating again.


#no means no

Voltron/Dragon Rider AU - History and World Building

In a far off galaxy (no, this is not Star Wars), there are three planets that share an orbital area around a single star.

The first planet, and smallest of the three, is Altea, home of the Alteans, or as they’re known to others races, the immortal and magic-wielding elves. But these designations are generally formed in ignorance. While “magic” does exist, the Alteans have evolved to understand how it works and formed an alchemy of science around its existence. Their magic is fueled by quintessence, or the life force of all living things. Magic aside, they’re also developed astronomically as well, and discover that there are two other planets that orbit their star that could feasibly support life. And so they develop an alchemaic technique that will allow them to travel from one to the other.

The first planet they travel to is Daibazaal, the largest in their two neighbors. It’s there that they find other intelligent life—the nomadic, carnivorous people that call themselves the Galra. Though the Galra pride themselves on their warrior ways, they eventually come to understand where the elves came from, and so the two races slowly begin to work together, the Alteans traveling from one tribe to another, teaching the Galra what they know until, hundreds of years later, the Galra are as advanced and united as the Alteans, albeit without the ability to use magic, as only the elves seem to be capable of that feat.

Which allows the Alteans to set their sights on the third of their neighbors—Terra—without Galra interference. From the high council back on Altea, the elves decide to send a new team to finally investigate the remaining planet. Which is where they discover a third race of intelligent life, the Humans. Like the Galra, their lack of magical connection provides them short lifespans, but they’re hard working and further ahead technologically than the Galra were at first contact. Which actually proves to make things more difficult for the Alteans. While the elves could help shape and form the civilizations of the Galra, despite inherent differences in their customs, the humans have already formed civilizations. Unlike the Alteans, however, who naturally valued peace, the humans use their societies to fight amongst themselves in great wars—a development the Alteans prided themselves on being able to prevent within the Galra civilization.

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story time with Pandy

a long time ago there’s was a flying potato.

this flying potato was flying so fast that he became a cool flying potato!

the cool potato think “I’m too cool 4 be a potato! I must evolve and be cooler!! and maybe a little bit cute”

so the potato starts to turn very fast, releasing a strong light!

the potato showed its true shape, a Nightmare octopus called Goopy.

He was very cute, and strong!

but right then it was passing Cross, who was a true fan of Nightmare! And soon he saw him, he was immensely happy.

he hugs and cuddles Goopy. Goopy was happy…and cute for the rest of his life

the end.

this story will help you with bad kids who don’t want to sleep

Nightmare!Sans: @jokublog

Cross!Sans: @jakei95

the flying potato: idk;^;

the COOL flying potato: I think Fresh ( @loverofpiggies ) or Epic ( @yugogeer12 ) because they are cool, and the cool people make cool potato

transformation: Sailor Moo- I mean…. someone

Goopy!Nightmare: me lmao