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Seeing some SK talk about richiekate is like listening to people watching other show. 

Kate is not Richie’s priority, not like Seth’s. More like he cares for her like little sister that he’s not close to…

Like , I get some shippers want to see SK as this great epic romance of the series so they feel they need to devalue Seth and Kate other relationships. But show me where Kate was Seth’s priority in season 3 , because what I saw is while caring for Kate, Seth was mainly trying to kill Amaru and how he was going back and forth with giving up on Kate. Like, yes, Seth cares for her in general way, but his emotions are so complex and all over the place, that it doesn’t look “a man doing everything to save the love of his life”.

For God sake, Richie was constantly talking about Kate, once he got confirmation she was still in there inside Amaru, he never lost hope. And then he had to relive again the fact that she died when Amaru told him that in 3x10.


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♦ in the end (finale of my TGG AU)

after what felt like an eternity for sherlock he was finally able to leave the hospital. unconsciously he grabbed john’s sleeve,who didn’t seem to mind it, when they strode towards the exit..

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“It is possible that staring down the monstrous regiment Fräulein Lawrence has freed from the catacombs, your nerves may fail.”


Doctor Who Fest: Day 10

↳ Most epic scene(s): The Doctor and his Children of Time saving Earth and the whole of reality