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“Death isn’t empty like you say it is. Emptiness is life without freedom, Darrow. Emptiness is living chained by fear, fear of loss, of death.
I say we break those chains.” 

- Eo/Persephone

A tribute to the amazing space saga written by Pierce Brown.

LISTEN (28 tracks)

The Bathtub - Beasts of the Southern Wild OST // My Oh My - Punch Brothers // The Foggy Dew - Sinead O’Connor // The Blood Is Love - Uncovered QUOTSA ft. Ambrosia Parsley // Blood on My Name - The Brothers Bright // So Long My Mind - AKA GEORGE // Weight in Gold - Gallant // Eye for an Eye - Unkle // Conquest of Spaces - Woodkid // House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance // Hammers - Niels Frahm // Battle of One - 30 Seconds to Mars // Lux Aeterna - Taylor Davies // Big Belly Horse - Ethiopians // The Deer - Woodkid // Movement and Location - Punch Brothers // Farewell Song - Vaya Con Dios // Oh Death - Noah Gundersen //Made of Stone - Envy on the Coast // Lazarus - Trip Lee ft. Thi’sl //Renegades - X Ambassadors // Die For You - Red // Freaks - The Hawk in Paris // Gloria II: Et in Terra Pax Hominibus - Vivaldi // Don’t Get in My Way- Zack Hemsey // It All Adds Up - Shinedown // Isle of Flightless Birds - Twenty One Pilots // Jupiter - Sleeping at Last

(Whoo, my first book mix! :D I adore this book and I’m already working on Golden Son, Mustang, Jackal, Sevro, Darrow x Eo (Deo?) and Darrow x Mustang (Marrow?) mixes. I always put the relevant book scene in the annotations, so you can read along and re-live the book as you’re listening.
Have a bloodydamn amazing day, my goodmen and women!)


In school, we learned about the world before ours, about the a n g e l s   a n d   g o d s that lived in the sky, ruling the earth with kind and loving hands. Some say those are just stories, but I don’t believe that. The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. 

A n d   t h e y   a r e   n o   l o n g e r   k i n d .

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