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So you and Derek, no matter how much you would have liked to, couldn’t just say you were dating now and live happily ever after.

No, you had to talk about things like what all does “dating” mean for the two of you. Like what counts as cheating, does this mean Derek would be moving back in, and the most important.

What are you doing for your first date?

First you thought a simple dinner and movie, but Derek said it was too cliche for his taste. He suggest a date in the park, maybe a little picnic, but you were more of an indoors-y type.

“How about a cooking date?” you had said.

Derek’s whole face lit up at the idea and he immediately agreed, it only made since to have it here.

Your house had been considered home to him for years, plus here it was just you two. No waitress at a restaurant, or random park visitors, just you two in your natural habitat.

So today was the day of the date and you were currently making a mess of your room trying to decide what to wear.

Should you dress down as in sweats, which Derek basically always sees you in, or casual jeans (another thing you often wore around Derek) or maybe a little more effort and go for a cute little dress?

You had never worn a dress around Derek before, other than like Easter when you were kids and his mom made you for the sake of photos. Even then you changed back into jeans after pictures were taken.

On one hand this date was all about comfort, sweats are the ultimate comfort, but its also very lazy and sloppy looking. Jeans show some effort but not enough for a date, then a dress is a special thing. But what if it’s too much effort?

Finally you decide to put on your big girl pants and just throw on the dress, if it was too much you could just change. 

You pick the most simple dress you own, its light pink with a red rose pattern and you put on some white flats. You looked in the mirror and you are absolutely sure this was the best choice, it showed effort but not too much.

Now it was time to debate rather or not you’re gonna wear make up or not. You never wear the stuff, what with how busy you always are.The only make up you actually owned was a basic tube of red lipstick and some matching eye shadow.

You look back up at the mirror and decide that you looked great without make-up, so you declare yourself ready.

You hear Derek knock on the door and you head downstairs to let him in.

You opened the door and reveal Derek with arms full of plastic grocery bags and even holding one in his mouth.

‘Ish gaah ge schaah.’ (I got the stuff) he said as he walked in and headed to the kitchen.

‘Making two trips won’t kill you Derek.’ you said as you followed.

Derek put all the bags on the table and stood up straight.

‘Two trips is for the weak.’ he said as he turned to face you.

He finally looked at you and took in what you had on, and you also took in his white button up, black jeans and boots.

‘Wow, you uh you look great (Y/N).’ Derek said as he gave you a hug.

‘Thanks, so do you.’ you said as you hugged him back.

You pulled back and smiled, it had been SO long since you had been in a relationship it felt so nice to just say you were dating again.

‘So did you get everything we need?’ you asked.

‘Yeah I think so.’ Derek said as he turned towards all the bags.

For this date you two were going to be cooking and eating dinner, spaghetti, home made cheesy bread, a ceaser salad and your famous banana split pie.

You go through the bags and confirmed he got everything you needed for the meal.

‘OK, now all we need is some aprons.’ you smiled as you pulled out the two aprons Melissa got for you in the secret santa.

You hold up one apron with the image of a woman’s naked torso, and another with a naked man torso.

‘I am not putting that on.’ he laughed as he pointed at the male apron.

‘Fine wear this one.’ you smiled as you put the woman’s apron around his neck.

‘And I will wear this one.’ you giggled as you put on the man’s apron.

You tied each other aprons and spend the text five minutes making silly poses and jokes.

‘Come on you foxy lady, lets get started.’getting to

You both wash your hands before you assign the task of getting the noodles ready for the spaghetti while you started getting the ground beef ready for the sauce.

It all felt so domestic, like it had been all those years ago. You couldn’t image making dinner with anyone but Derek.

While the noodles and sauce cooked you were spreading the cheese over the bread while Derek washed the lettuce for the salad. After that was done and the spaghetti was ready, bread cooked and salad made you started on the pie.

The base for the pie was actually not ice cream, but cream cheese and crushed pineapple. You put it in the graham cracker pan and put it in the fridge to cool, you and Derek would add the topping after dinner.

You and Derek sat the table and sat down to eat the meal you had cooked.

‘So what’s been going on? As your girlfriend I demand you keep me updated, none of that one call a week crap anymore.’ you said pointing at him with your fork.

‘Alright alright, daily phone calls, I can do that. If you can promise you’ll get at least six hours of sleep every night.’ Derek bargained.

‘Five.’ you tried.


‘Fine.’ you said before he could up your required hours of sleep.

‘And as far as what’s going on it’s actually something I wanted to ask your opinion on something.’ he said after finishing his spaghetti.

‘Sure.’ you said as you handed him the large bowl of spaghetti.

‘I was thinking of growing a pack, with troubled teens.’ he said as he sat down his fork.

‘Like a werewolf upgrade that doubles as a mentor group? Maybe, but it can’t be a large group of teens running around all wolfed out and out of control. Draws too much attention, you could have what…two maybe three if you can train them fast.’ you answered thoughtfully.

‘Now I just have to find  the lucky three.’ he said as he continued eating.

‘Well I know of at least two kids who I think really need your help, Erica Reyes and Isaac Lahey. They need actual help Derek and no matter what me or the other nurses say no one seems interested in helping them.’ you said as you finished your plate and pushed it aside.

‘What’s going on?’ Derek asked.

‘Erica has epilepsy, seizures almost three times a week, her family is affording her medicines but they wont be able to get her next refill since her dad got cut off. She won’t make it two days without her meds.’ you said.

‘And Isaac?’

‘His father beats him.’ you sad sourly.

‘That boy is as sweet as candy and his drunk of a father…his mother died, all he has is his dad. No matter how many times I have patched him up he wont go to authorities, and if he won’t say anything they cant do anything. That boy’s gonna get himself killed if someone doesn’t reach out.’ you said.

‘I’ll look into them, now onto dessert.’ Derek said as he stood up.

You followed suit and headed into the kitchen and you two both begin  decorating the pie.

And just like always you both ended up having an epic fight, eating the pie with no fucking toppings sitting on the floor, and your kitchen being a mess.

‘I wish I didn’t wear white.’ Derek said looking at his chocolate syrup covered shirt.

‘I wish I hadn’t just cleaned this kitchen.’ you smiled as you leaned against him.

‘Wanna know what I really wish?’ he asked as he turned toward you.


‘That you’d let me kiss you again.’ he said as he looked at your lips.

‘I can make that happen if you let help me clean up.’ you blush as you lean up and give him a  quick peck on the lips.

Well you meant for it to be peck, but before you knew it you and Derek were laid back on your dirty kitchen floor making out like teenagers.


Maud and Boulder. 

Truly an epic.

anonymous asked:

Favorite interviews of the guys?

just a few in chronological order…

one of the very first interviews I ever saw - gag order tv, april 2013

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the mick jagger wave - sky sports, july 2013

it’s about smoking weed in a small town/george being a babe - ground sound tv, august 2013

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I’m dead I love you rofl - free radio, september 2013

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glasses matty/one of my favorites ever - bands that can talk!, december 2013

he’s just really cute okay - keret, december 2013

buckets/means I like penguins/pass. google it./no legs - saturday night online, december 2013

emo balloon/wizard adam/posh chocolates/G’s laugh/WATCH IT - coup de main, march 2014

and all of the vevo lift videos for sure :)

that’s not even close to all of them there’s so many but it’s all so overwhelming haha I need to breathe xxxxx