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I’m team Lucina but man that second round was wild and I loved observing the friendship build up between team Chrom and team Ephraim

Based on this amazing text post:http://tonkatsu-pls.tumblr.com/post/158322554070/ephraim-can-i-ask-you-a-question-chrom-yes

I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics lately so I just wanted to say:

Paranatural is on another level with its humour and facial expressions, and everyone should read it. Right now. DO IT. (also the outfits omg i want them all especially the insolent children hoodie but also isaac’s clothes shirt)

Cucumber quest has probably my favourite villain in anything ever, Rosemaster. (Chapter three is so good that all other comics are gonna need to step up their game with complex and loveable villains)

Monster pulse is an amazing read, and the simplicity of the style works amazingly to combat the arguably dark themes. Also all the characters are children? Like, realistically? They act how children would act but they’re not obnoxious or annoying? A+ characterization there.

ahaha i said arguably dark then showed the part where four children are watching a woman beat a man to death with a rock

Ava’s demon is so pretty, you’re hard pressed to find a more gorgeous comic. Also the single panel a page format makes it almost seem like you’re watching it rather than reading it.

Sleepless domain is like madoka magica crossed with x men? idk its really good and the characters are adorable. 

Harry blushed as the Veritaserum loosened his tongue, yet he couldn’t seem to stop talking, couldn’t seem to stop embarrassing himself. However, the way Draco was looking at him was driving him insane. Harry was finally saying all the things he’d wanted to say, it had just taken a potion to get them out.

Harry had always hated discussing his private life, and yet here he was laying all his dumb feelings out for the world to see, all to save Draco. Funny how things happen.

Fields kept trying to twist his words, but Harry wouldn’t let her. He wouldn’t let her ruin this.

“And what about those articles you did together? How real were they?”

Harry thought for a moment, and the wand flickered at him. He scowled at it. “Everything I said in those interviews was genuine. Yes, we were trying to show the public another side to Draco so they would sympathise with him, but none of it was a lie.” He stared at the Wizengamot court. “It was the Ministry that taught me not to tell lies after all.”

Follow Your Dreams!: Epic Destinies For 5e

Your epic destiny describes the mythic archetype you aspire to achieve. 

Some characters have a clear epic destiny in mind from the moment they began adventuring, while others discover their epic destiny somewhere along the way.

Most people don’t ever come close to achieving an epic destiny. 

Whether they simply failed in their journey, or whether the universe never intended them to gain such lofty heights, is unknown and unknowable. 

Your epic destiny sets you apart from such individuals—you know you’re destined for greatness and you have every opportunity to achieve it.

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Why Outlander Made that Huge Departure from the Books
Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tells THR why that change was made and breaks down "one of our biggest undertakings as a show" from Sunday's episode. OCTOBER 29, 2017 6:00pm PT by Sydney Bucksbaum

Outlander’s Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) aren’t living happily ever after.

Now that the star-crossed loves have reunited after 20 years of separation, they have to reconcile the fantasy of the person they’ve been missing for two decades with the older, changed person standing in front of each of them. After the romantic and idyllic print shop episode, real-life came crashing back down on the couple with “Creme De Menthe,” and amidst the action of Claire defending and killing her mysterious attacker and Jamie’s illegal smuggling business being brought to light, another secret was revealed that will shake their relationship to its core.

Both Ian (Steven Cree) and Fergus (Cesar Domboy) whispered to Jamie throughout the episode asking how he’ll handle Claire’s surprise return with his “other wife,” alerting the audience before Claire that Jamie has been hiding this secret marriage from his first wife. In Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager novel, Claire finds out much later, so it’s more of a betrayal for readers as well as the protagonist. In this massive departure from the source material, the Starz series has planted seeds of Jamie trying to figure out a way to break the news to Claire at the right time as well as having Fergus contact old lawyer friend Ned Gowan (Bill Paterson) at once, presumably to figure out a way to end his second marriage now that Claire is back.

Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts revealed that the change was born out of many debates in the Outlander writers room about how they could best “protect Jamie’s character.”

“Because we’re watching it in a different medium, when you read about it Claire is taking you through it, it’s easy to not delve into Jamie’s inner thoughts,” Roberts tells THR. “But when you visibly see Jamie on the screen, you have to play that something is bothering him, something he’s holding in. When you do that enough, you have to give the audience a little bread crumb to know what this is.”

Those breadcrumbs include the moment in “A. Malcolm” “when Fergus pulls Jamie aside and he immediately sends him to contact Ned Gowan which is another switch from the book,” according to Roberts.

“That’s us saying in a visual way that Jamie knows that he’s holding something but before he tells Claire about it, he wants to get all the information so he can unload with all the information and legal ramifications of the secret,” he continues. “Jamie wants to tell her but he holds back. It is only 24 hours [in the print shop] so we felt very comfortable with when you find someone again after 20 years, all your prayers have been answered, the first thing you’re not going to tell this massive secret that might send that person right out the door again and back to the stones. We felt it necessary to protect the character that way, and show that he knows and he’s trying to do something about it.”

Instead of having viewers find out when Jamie’s second wife shows up out of the blue to confront Claire, the team wanted to let everyone in on the secret as soon as possible so it’s not as much of a shock. In fact, the writers even considered having Jamie confess to Claire in the print shop episode but ultimately decided against it since it would have been too much of a change.

“That’s exactly what we debated round and round about why wouldn’t he tell her, why would he hold it back, so we gave visual cues of his worry about it and looking guilty,” Roberts says. “We did talk about revealing that right off the bat but the trickle down of doing that would have caused havoc with the storyline so we decided to not do that.”

Now that Outlander is finally on the other side of the big print shop reunion, the story starts to really pick up and give a new kind of momentum for the season.

“The structure of it actually becomes an epic; the pace picks up quite a bit,” Roberts says. “They are going on an epic adventure and over the next couple of episodes they find their footing being back together. Because the print shop really only focused on 24 hours and real-life hadn’t really settled in yet for them, the ramifications of that intruder hit in this episode and going forward, it’s really welcome to the 1700’s again for Claire and very quickly trying to find her footing. It almost immediately competes with her modern-day sensibilities.”

The ended with a massive set piece, as an intruder trying to bust Jamie for his illegal alcohol smuggling ended up setting fire to the print shop when Young Ian (John Bell) tried to stop him. Jamie rescued his nephew from the fire but was forced to watch along with Claire as his beloved shop burn to the ground.

“The print shop fire was one of our biggest undertakings as a show,” Roberts reveals. “The battles have become second nature to us in a way but this big fire [was the most challenging]. We built the print shop on the stage, then we went to Ediburgh and we found a building we could use and then we replicated that building exactly at our studio outside on the back lot. Over the course of two nights we progressively burned it and then we went inside to the interior set and we burned that.”

Roberts laughs as he recalls how the production named the different locations as “the main unit and what we were calling the burn unit.”

“We burned it all because we couldn’t do any burning at the real location,” he says. “It took about seven days to do the whole thing and since this is what the episode is about, we felt like we had to give it enough time to do it right.”

Another change in the story came during that fire scene after Jamie saved Young Ian, since in the book he ends up going back inside to save his printing press and any supplies he could get to before the building collapsed. In the episode, once he and Young Ian were safely outside, he never attempted to run back into the burning building. That subtle difference came about simply because of practicality.

“It was actually the presses themselves that changed that,” Roberts explains. “We had two practical presses built and they are pretty massive. They would have been, from our research, bolted to the ground or ceiling. Jamie, as strong and as superman like that he is, he couldn’t carry it out on his own.”

Roberts acknowledges that in the book, bystanders helped Jamie save his press, but he says the writers ruled out that idea.

“It wouldn’t even fit through the door,” he says. “Our print shop was on the second floor and the presses were on the bottom floor so he would have had to carry it up and then down stairs so practically it just would never have worked. So instead, the spirit of that is still there – when he is saving Young Ian, he pushes that press against the window and uses it as his way of escape.”

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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happy birthday ellie! you are one of the gentlest, most vivacious and all round wonderful people i know and i’m so lucky we stumbled across each other. your writing brings me so much joy – so i hope you enjoy this, which pales in comparison to anything you’ve ever written!

this is the zombie apocalypse au i never thought i would write.

word count; 2,306

It happens in April.

It happens slowly, painfully and, worst of all, anonymously.

No one knows what it is. Where it comes from. Why it is happening.

It just comes.

Mrs Evans falls on the eighth day, Mr Evans on the ninth. They’re too old and frail to have a chance of withstanding it. Petunia is in London, her fate is a mystery.

Lily gets out on the twelfth day. Alone, quickly.

She packs her bags and runs, leaving her parents locked in their bedroom, knowing that someone will find them and put them out of their misery, but refusing to be the one.

On the radio, the ones that work after sixty-six days, crackling and stuttering, news of a safe place is repeated. If it is safe for you to do so, head to London. The government will protect us.

It’s surreal. It’s American. It’s too farfetched to be true. But it is.

Lily learns to survive. Alone, quickly.

When you need to, it comes easily. The running, the cold nights, the silence, the screaming. It is a necessity and so Lily learns.

At one point, she almost gives up. It’s the eighty-first day. They’re everywhere. There’s too many. But she gets out. She runs and runs and runs, and doesn’t stop until her knees are bloody and her hands are scraped and she’s fallen over so many times she can’t get up.


They find her on the hundredth day.

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  • Hero: (getting back up while smiling after getting beaten up)
  • Villain: Why are you smiling? I've been kicking the crap out of you.
  • Hero: because I'm going to win.
  • Villain: oh? And what makes you so certain.
  • Hero: Can't you hear it?
  • Villain: (looks around to see the heroes friends cheering for the hero to win) Just because your friends are cheering, doesn't mean anything.
  • Hero: I'm not talking about that.
  • (Epic Music starts picking up)
  • Villain: Then what are you... (suddenly hears the epic battle music) oh crap.

Doesn’t matter the context of the scene, but Bran saying “he’s never been a bastard, he’s the heir to the Iron Throne” is actually SO EMOTIONAL, it even seems like BRAN has emotions. With the music and all, it’s so beautiful and I’m so happy for Jon (I don’t know why because he won’t be happy about it……) I’m just glad we saw Jon’s face and someone acknowledging “he has never been a bastard” while he has been treated so badly by other people because of that *sobs*

anonymous asked:

I watched thor few days ago and I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH, IT WAS AMAZING!!! I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time 😂



like it was genuinely hilarious without having that sort of whedonesque “there has to be a quippy tony stark-esque one liner at the end of every scene at all cost” and i frickin’ loved it!! plus hemsworth hasn’t really had a chance to do that kind of thing as thor yet and he completely rose to the occasion along with the rest of the supporting cast who were all amazing at balancing the serious/funny tone of the movie (tessa thompson and taika waititi as korg were both amazing, as were mark ruffalo and tom hiddleston again)

and like. i was worried at first because it looked fantastic from the trailers but i was worried they went full comedy with it? idk because i really like norse mythology and i had always wanted them to do thor  like a proper fantasy/sci-fi mythological epic and they had always sort of fallen short of that in the way that i wanted……but god this was such a good choice tonally because you don’t sacrifice the epicness of the mythos (in fact i think we got more of a sense of it in this one than in the previous thor films with hela, fenrir, ragnarok, etc. and more insight into asgard’s history) while injecting humour and energy into the world which it sorely lacked (and honestly….jettisoning jane and co. was a really good decision tbh im really glad they’ve moved away from shoehorning pointless romance into the marvel movies because it worked So Well)

Mood Music...

I’ve always liked to make mood-based playlists for listening to music. Sometimes you just want to listen to something angry and expressive. Or sad, even if you are not. Or wistful. Or floaty.  Or energetic and bouncy, because how else does one get through housework after oncalls?

Many songs remind me of specific times in my life. Like exam revision; some tracks will forever conjure up late night revision sessions, to the point that even listening to them makes me feel like it’s 3am the nigth before an exam. Or songs that will forever remind me of particular summers spent with friends.Or that remind me of the series I was into at the time; each book, each series usually ends up associated with something or other. 

Anyhow, I’ve been slowly making playlists for my D&D characters, partly to get a better feel for the characters, and partly to prep before sessions. There’s nothing like getting into the right frame of mind with a well-chosen song before a session, particularly if you’ve just come in from work. Our GM and his DJ (my awesome friend) always pick epic music for the sessions themselves, so it’s nice to complement that beforehand.

I realised recently that I’d started listening to some of my ‘kickass’ songs before work. And that perhaps it’s not a bad thing to psych yourself up before a long oncall or busy day. I quite like the idea of crafting an empwering ‘Kick ass on call’ playlist or two to get into gear or keep sane between on-call shifts.

So, friends. Anyone else have personal go-to songs to get them in the mood for getting stuff done?

Lego Ninjago Movie

Ok I just didn’t like the ‘Live Action’ parts of Ninjago Movie so here’s an outline of my ideas for the ‘real world’ parts.

-adorable Chinese American kid with his Legos! His mother is the person who voices Koko. His uncle is Jackie Chan. The emergency babysitter is Dave Franco.

-there’s shots of a pretty backyard and a lego city of Ninjago, partially brick, partially cardboard. A plastic volcano, a koi pond too possibly?

-Dave is scared by their pet cat. -“Why don’t you tell me a story about these ninjas?”

-“aww but I’ve done like, 7 seasons of stories. How will you know the continuity?” “You can just think of this as a one off. I’m only here for like, an hour and a half. Just pick something epic.“ -that’s like, it. It’s just a kid telling a story, they don’t have to go back to the live action it just ends at the end.

So I’d like to preface this with I’ve yet to see Beauty and the Beast, so I can only judge by what I’ve heard.

But seeing all these posts about Watson’s performance got me thinking.


You already have a brunette that vaguely looks like Belle, has a British accent since you insisted on that, has some goddamn good acting chops for a newcomer, can sing (Barbra Fucking Streisand even said so), and would get all the butts in the seats, because everyone already loves her.

Like. I realize Watson was lined up for a Beauty and the Beast adaptation since Guillermo del Toro was making it.

But Disney.

You could’ve had Daisy Ridley.

Originally posted by ridleyrps

And yes, I’m aware there’d be serious scheduling conflicts, but goddammit, I find it hard to believe I’d have all this hate thrown in my face if they had found a way to work this out…

Like. If you had to go as white as you did, at least pick someone epically qualified.