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(Dis) Affection

(Dis) Affection by justkeeponwriting
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 73,600
Summary: When Dean and Castiel are tricked to go on a date, neither is happy about this. To get back at their deceitful friends, they hatch the perfect plan: pretend to be dating, and gross out their friends with their over-the-top, disgustingly cute romantic relationship – and then break up in the most despicable manner imaginable. As it turns out, you can learn a lot from someone just by pretending affection.

There are pretend boyfriend stories where Dean and Cas need only to add a little bit of “fake romance” to look like a real couple. Well, here, having just met, Dean and Cas enthusiastically engage in all cheesy, couple-y things - hand holding and kissing in public, sugary pet names, sexy innuendos, etc, etc. You name, they did it and overdid it with a glee. All this for the sake of teaching their friends a necessary lesson - don’t meddle in other people’s lives. But a funny thing happened and they learned a valuable lesson themselves. 

As Dean and Cas go from strangers to pretend boyfriends to supportive friends to “can we be real boyfriends now, please?” phases of their relationship, the story shows how important it is to discuss and respect personal boundaries. And while talks about acceptable levels of over the top PDA are hilariously entertaining, they are also absolutely refreshing for a pretend boyfriend fic, or any dating fic, really. Consent is sexy, don’t let anybody to tell you otherwise. It definitely helped Dean and Cas, both recovering from abusive and manipulative exes, to enjoy each other’s company fully and feel safe while fake dating. What a wonderful way to fall in love! 

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