epic performance was epic


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 9/10):  2 - God I Hate Shakespeare

“They say ‘Will you’re such a genius and your writing is divine!’
‘A rose by any other name is such a clever line!’
And they’re all ‘OOOH’ and he’s all ‘STOP’
and they’re all ‘YAY!’ and I’m all ‘UGGH’

3 y.o. niece: How does he do it?? Did he train a lot??
Me: Yeah, definitely.
Niece: He even flies upside down! Why doesn’t he fall down??
Me: See those ropes? They hold him up in the air.
Niece: Nah, he holds himself up using his legs and arms. NO BUT HOW DOES HE DO IT??
Me: Maybe he’s a wizard!
Niece: *thoughtful silence* Okay, I see.
Me: Look at those sparkly boots.
Niece: He’s sparkly all over! Who lights him up? Or does he shine by himself?.. I want to try flying like that. I will train a lot.


Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

Michael Jackson, performing in 1983

Signs as Most Epic VMA Moments
  • Aries: Michael Jackson Epic 15 minute Performance (1995)
  • Taurus: Michael Jackson/Lisa Presley Kiss (1994)
  • Gemini: Madonna Makes out with Britney/Chrisitna (2003)
  • Cancer: Beyonce Reveals Pregnancy (2011)
  • Leo: Britney falls on Stage (2007)
  • Virgo: Lil Mamas crashes Jay Z performance (2009)
  • Libra: Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus (2015)
  • Scorpio: Kanye announces Presidency (2015)
  • Sagittarius: Britney performs with live Snake (2001)
  • Capricorn: Lady Gaga Wears Meat Dress (2010)
  • Aquarius: Miley Cyrus/ Robin Thick Performance (2013)
  • Pisces: Kanye Interrupts Taylor (2009)