epic performance was epic

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Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

Michael Jackson, performing in 1983


Happy Birthday Charles Laughton 1st July 1899 - 15th December 1962

Rembrandt is his great part, his matriculation; full of the intimate moments that test an actor’s integrity to the highest…probably the finest acting performance ever recorded on celluloid. - C A Lejeune

Charles was both inteligent and gifted, with an instinctive genius for acting. - Jean Renoir

Apart from ‘Ambersons’, the most exciting experience I have had in the cinema was with Charles Laughton on 'Night of the Hunter’…every day I considered something new about light, that incredible thing that can’t be described. Of the directors I’ve worked with, only two ever understood it, Orson Welles and Charles Laughton. - Stanley Cortez

I have become a teller of stories. I would like to become the man who knows all the stories…When I go into a good book-store or library, I often feel sad when I see the shelves of books that I will never be able to enjoy. I think of all the wonderful tales I will never know, and I wish I could live to be a thousand years old. - Charles Laughton


This is an update to Tom Brady’s commercial. It aired right after he won his FIFTH Super Bowl championship. Epic Super Bowl performance, epic commercial!!!

So I was actually at the taping of the finale.

Let me tell you how hard it was not to consistently blog about Sasha Velour’s epic, and I mean EPIC, lip sync performance to So Emotional. Seeing it in person was like on a whole other level. When I tell you the audience ROARED, I mean they ROARED. I think they actually toned down the amount of cheering that actually happened. I got chills after Sasha removed her wig. It was such a beautiful and unexpected reveal that had me cheering like a heterosexual at a football game. I sincerely did not expect Peppermint and Sasha to be the top two but these lip syncs definitely solidified their right to be there. 

Say what you will about the finale being “unfair” but I truly think Sasha deserved the crown, and let’s also not forget that it’s just a tv show. The runner up’s careers won’t end and they all have incredible and exciting things lined up!

Some somewhat notable behind the scenes moments:

The season 9 girl’s runway took forever, especially Cynthia who seemed to have a hard time moving in her dress. There was a moment of awkward dead audience silence as she wiggled her way down the runway.

Anytime Valentina was on screen the audience just lost their minds, even going so far as to chant her name repeatedly, which slowed filming.

The poor people in the balcony (me and my friends) were blinded by the spotlights on the stage, they were practically burning our corneas making it hard to see the stage.

There was an asshole near us in the balcony who kept being incredibly obnoxious and would yell things while filming. There was even a point where Ru asked Shea who she would want to lip sync against and the asshole yelled “SASHAAAAAA” And Shea responded “I believe Ru asked ME the question” similar to her “Do I look upset to you?” response. The audience erupted with laughter and security even had to tel the guy to pipe down.

There was a hilarious moment that unfortunately didn’t air where Ru said that the theater was packed, so much so that she would have to ask one of the people in the audience to leave. She called out India Ferrah’s seat number and asked if security could please escort her out of the building. So who comes walking down the aisle but miss Mimi Imfurst, and hilariously recreates her iconic season 3 LSFYL moment and proceeds to pick up India and walks her out of the theater. Porkchop filled the seat.

Trinity actually got a message from Amanda Lepore as well, not sure why it wasn’t aired.

Yes, Katy Perry’s message to Sasha was just as baffling in person as it was on TV, in fact it was even worse. They actually added a lot more applause than actually happened. Confused looks were everywhere.

Raven and Delta working on Ru’s makeup confirmed, they would come in (out of drag) during commercial breaks and fix Ru’s makeup.

That’s all I can remember for now!