epic mutton chops

Reasons why Borderlands is the best

-Well done random comedy
-The characters
-Like seriously the characters are all amazing.
Here’s some specifics with favorite moments
-CL4p-tr4p: He’s weird as hell and he is my tiny metal son. ( He once ask you to rip the fur off of a giant beast with your Melee weapon so he can have a Mohawk and gives you a shotgun for it)
-Sir Hammerlock: He is a hunter with a cyborg arm and epic mutton-chops mustache combo (He once on trying to rename a species and starts calling them “bonerfarts” cause he’s fucking done with his ideas getting denied)
-Ellie: She is fat as hell and proud of it (There is an entire sidequest about her having you steal hood ornaments making fun of her so she can uses them as decorations)
-Handsome Jack: You all know about this guy (Butt Stallion, A living horse Litteraly made of fucking diamonds.)
-I’m 90% sure a key writing tool used is to take a trope you find stupid and make it not stupid
-When you look past the jokes and cell shading these games can be incredibly fucked up.
- Did I mention some of the references? Like a side quest where you kill the ninja turtles, or a waluigi skin you unlock via a different side quest, The ninja character sometimes says the fresh prince theme via haiku, and also says “ You’ve activated my trap card” when going invisible
-Just play the second one at least.Or watch a play through of it.