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I just read why you disagree with Edward Cullen-ish boys. I understand your reasons but you said Mr. Darcy was your definition of a perfect man and I don't get that. He's sweet but if, as I understood, you strongly dislike book boys who are rude to our heroin, how come you don't dislike Darcy? The guy mistreats Lizzy about 80% of the book and out of the blue he becomes sweet and lovely. His explanation is that he was shy and misunderstood... But so was Warner's. Why is it acceptable from Darcy?

This is the ABSOLUTE LAST post I will respond to about bloody Warner from Shatter Me. I’m done with this. If you disagree fine. But, Warner is the villain of book 1. He’s not simply an antagonist or an opposing force. He is the guy who the heroine has to jump out of a window and shoot in order to get away from. This is fact. This is in the pages of Shatter Me.

Let’s get something straight right now… Warner and Edward are not rude to Bella and Juliette. They are abusive. Warner tortures Juliette in book 1 and Edward is controlling and creepy, OH and wants to kill Bella for all of Twilight

Mr. Darcy is socially awkward. Also, he is prejudiced and proud… he may be my perfect man, but he is not a perfect man and at no point does Jane Austen put him on a pedestal. 

Anon, I would recommend you read that book again. Because,  Darcy is totes into Elizabeth for a good chunk of the book. Also, it’s called Pride & Prejudice and it’s original title was First Impressions. The reason being is that both Darcy and Elizabeth’s first impressions are wrong and it takes time and understanding for them to see that. When exactly in this novel did he “mistreat” her. Where? When? Why?

The biggest most terrible thing that Darcy does in the book is say that Elizabeth is not beautiful. He does not say this to her face. He says this to his bff in a crowded ball room where he believes no one will hear him. If you have never said something mean about someone else to your bff, then good for you, because the rest of us have done it.

I am not going to go on and on explaining the complexity of Darcy or his dynamic with Elizabeth, because the internet is filled with articles explaining why this is one of the most epic love stories in literature. 

I will just say that I am astounded that anyone could not know the difference between mean and abusive. Torture and hurting someone’s feelings. Or how about the difference between character evolution and rewriting history to pander to your fans?

Guys, honestly, no more Warner messages.  Seriously, I read those books months ago. I have no idea why it keeps coming up, but I honestly don’t have it in me to continue to argue this. My opinion will not change. I will never agree with you and you will never agree with me. Let’s simply agree to disagree. If I see the name Warner, the titles of those books, etc in one more message, I will ignore it and delete it.