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Hey lovely people of the CyberpunkASMR community,

I know that it has been a really long time since I have posted anything to the fandom because rl has been crazy. But @ct-hardcase had the brilliant idea of having another epic oc challenge (loads of thanks to them ^^) so I decided to post this challenge.

As I have done in the past, I have created a challenge, should you accepted this challenge, you must complete one of these prompts everyday (for 15 consecutive days) and post it on Tumblr with the tag: #the epic oc challenge.

Prompts can be completed in any medium or format (painting, sketches, digital, etc.). You could even doodle a comic, write a song or poem, or write a short story so long as it follows the prompt. Get creative!

Let’s have some fun in this fandom and I really hope that y’all participate!

<3 Miss Mila

jwhappyvegan  asked:

Noob at biking. Been biking for a year on some old mountain bikes. Looking forward towards buying my first new bike ever. Split between Renegade Exile, Diverge, Any Road 2 and CrossRip 1. I have narrowed it down this far, now I'm stuck on minor specs. What do you think? Anyone of these stand out more in your opinion?

Cross Rip I like. 

Non BB30 and band clamp FD mount mean you can run mountain bike cranks easily for epic touring/commuting with loads.

anonymous asked:

So I know korean shows dont have seasons, but they are definitely leading up to furthering the storyline, like they didn't know it would be such a mega hit and then changed the end, so that can continue it.... right? riGHT?! RIGHT?!?! Because that is for me the only reason I can make sense of why they decided to end the way they did.

Thoughts about the Ending

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the whole final - there are parts which I love, but there are parts which I hate and feel disappointed about. The whole episode has the same weaknesses as the rest of the drama (and the fact that I rarely speak about them doesn’t mean I’m blind to them) - the editing is all over the place, the music editing would need futher editing, there are huge plot holes and many loose ends… Honestly, I think the reason why they decided to end it that way was because the PD and the person in the charge of editing must have been on crack when they made that decision.

When WS says that he will find Soo even if they live in different worlds and then looks directly at the camera, combined with the editing of the exhibition scene, you literally wait for Wang So to appear in front of Soo in the modern time. That one sentence said with so much determination is everything you need to know that the writer always intended for the drama to end with them meeting in the modern days because Wang So has always kept his promises. It would be the fitting closure their love story deserves, but instead the PD chooses that sweet, but really narratively empty piggy-back ride as some attempt at a happy ending and a consolation prize to the viewers. I love to see So and Soo being happy like the next shipper, but in that moment, together with that EXO song playing, it feels terribly narratively wrong. It doesn’t suit the whole mood of the story, IT IS NOT A WORTHY ENDING FOR SUCH EPIC STORY; IT SIMPLY IS NOT MEMORABLE. The ending should be unforgettable, IT SHOULD RESONATE FOR ALL ETERNITY, but that scene feels like just another SoSoo rare happy moment. IT LACKS POIGNANCY. I mean you have that epic moment, loaded with meaning, of So promising to find her and then you suddenly watch them frolicking together and being lighthearted (it feels as if the scene was simply forcibly glued to it)!

My Tiny!Steve Feels - Here, Have More Headcanon

Okay, so once upon a time, I may have headcannoned that the Howling Commandos had their very own Emmy-award winning HBO mini-series produced by Spielberg and Hanks. 

So thanks to the superb acting of a certain adorkable Chris Evans and the unsung heroics of Leander Deeny, America and the rest of the world pretty much fell in love with Steve Rogers all over again before he even became Captain America. The characterization is pretty much as close to the real thing as they can make it, with none of the heavy-handed patriotic jingoism.  It helps that the series was actually written with an eye to accuracy and the memories of the surviving Commandos who all appeared in the interview segments. 

(“Oh my god, he looks so much like you it’s uncanny.” This from Natasha.

Steve frowns.  “I don’t see the resemblance?" 

"Seriously, look at that heroic jawline,” Tony pretends to simper.  “No wonder they cast him as you.”

“Bucky?"  Steve needs reinforcements, stat.

"I still don’t see how I look anything like this Sebastian Stan guy though,” Bucky sulks.)

I don’t like bullies” became a catch phrase and it even pops up on t-shirts and buttons and cellphone and tablet cases. 

The hilarious part is that the fans of the HBO series were shipping Steve and Bucky even before the two found each other again.  Management is aware that “found each other again” is a masterpiece of understatement but they are sure that the Gentle Readers understand that there were epic loads of angst, tears, blood and explosions involved in this “finding each other” business.  The explosions were mainly on the part of HYDRA and often perpetrated upon them by an angry Captain America and an equally furious Winter Soldier but then nobody is going to be sorry for HYDRA anyway, so that’s fine. 

Therefore, when the news broke out that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes really were in a romantic relationship, “MY SHIP IS CANON!!!!” posts simultaneously broke both Tumblr and Twitter. 

The boys used to be confused as to why the Starbucks baristas barely restrain their giggles when they walk into a Starbucks together until somebody not named Natasha Romanoff explained the concept of “shipping” and “ship names.”

But basically, as far as the fans of Tiny!Steve Rogers are concerned, they find that they can admire and fall in love with the tiny, scrappy, smart-ass punk that he had been, even before he bulked and muscled up.  


God of War & Sly Cooper Collections Coming to PS Vita in May

God of War Collection Coming to PS Vita May 6th

Cory Barlog, Sony Santa Monica Studios: Wait, what? God of War 1 and 2 are coming to Vita? Are you frakking kidding me? YEAAAAHH!!!

All of the work in my career is an important part of making me who I am but the first two ‘God of War’ games were truly the catalysts for a creative A-Bomb… and no small amount of F-Bomb’s too. ‘God of War’ 1 and 2 changed the course of my career forever and nothing could please me more than to see them getting released on the Vita. We did some amazing work with the controls, seamless integration of an epic story into a load-free experience, and now that can be taken with you ANYWHERE!!

While I did not have a direct involvement in the actual process of bringing the epic-ness to the Vita I still feel an amazing connection to the release of these games, and a huge amount of respect for the wizards who made it possible. I would not be writing this if it weren’t for those two blood-soaked PS2 discs.

If you haven’t played the games, never been a better time to check out portable version of the originals that started it all. How much would you pay for this on-the-go awesomeness? A million dollars, right? I would, but that is only because I truly have no concept of money, that’s why no one lets me handle it. I would own the original boulder prop from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ right now if they did. It would be great but I would be broke. I am sure you can all handle your own money so grab the sweet Vita double pack when it releases with an MSRP of $29.99 on May 6th.

Sly Cooper Collection on PS Vita

Caley Roberts, Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment: Hungry for more of another PlayStation franchise you know and love? Wish you could experience the thrill of thieving with your best pals on the go? Have you always questioned the concept of pants? You’re in luck — Sly Cooper Collection is coming to PS Vita on May 27th!

The Sly Collection features all three original PlayStation 2 action-packed classic hits; Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racconus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves fully remastered in high definition and optimized for PS Vita.

The Sly Collection for PS Vita sees the mischievous raccoon and his gang of eccentric friends pull off daring heists in this entertaining platformer adventure. Packed full with mini-games and thrilling missions from across the globe, The Sly Collection masterfully blends stealth, thievery, combat, strategy and exploration into one huge world.