epic lady bromance

ouyangdan  asked:

gillen/mckelvie, community au

The Comics Study group met in the library every day after school. Matt & Chip were always already there, making their home movies and giving each other erotic massages that were just, they claimed, part of their “epic bromance.”  The ladies were usually first: overachieving motormoth Kelly Sue, Kate Leth in her outdated flannel shirts and Greenpeace stickers, and no-nonsense team mom Gail Simone. Alan Moore, if he remembered, would stagger in after them, slapping Gail on the backside and forgetting all their names. And last, always last, even if he had to hide out in the bathroom across the hall and peep in to make sure, was Jamie McKelvie, the Leader of the Group, the King of Cool. They were dysfunctional, and they didn’t always like each other (especially Alan), but they were a group. It’s what they did.

Dean Gillen would often flit outside the room, giving crazed smiles if they looked his way. He was a believer that if you wanted something bad enough, you could get it. And Gillen wanted desperately to be a part of the group. He wanted McKelvie, a man so handsome that Gillen had fainted at the first sight of him, but every interaction between them only drove McKelvie further from him. Flowers didn’t work. Serenading him only horrified him. Gillen’s elaborate and whimsical costumes only earned him mockery. He was despondent. He was more than despondent. He was just like Beyonce in the Why Don’t You Love Me video. 

 And knowing that reminded him that he too, could be Sasha Fierce.

“There’s always hope, Dean-a-reeno”, he whispered softly. “There’s always hope."