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And voilà, my very first Shadowhunters Positivity Recap !! 

After every episode I will list everything that I liked about the episode, and ONLY the thing that I liked. You can of course reblog and add stuff.

So here we go (will make the list in chronological order), Shadowhunters 2x08 “ Love is the Devil ”:

- Raphael being the actual sweetest ever.

- Luke getting angry !! “You’re saving the Downworlders from themselves ?! We never asked !” Just yes yes yes !! You tell them Luke !

- The Lightwoods siblings are reunited. Max running to his brother and sister like that, so excited to tell them that he was gonna have his first rune etc…

- “How would you feel about throwing a party” “Have you met me !?” 

- Madzie is back !!! I love her, please protect her !!

- “Traditions change. Especially those based on ignorance” I want to print that quote, seriously.

- Magnus speaking French ! Speaking French TO A CAT ! Magnus, je t’aime mais sérieusement prévient avant de parler français. Mon coeur ne va pas tenir.

- The way the discussion between Magnus and Jace ended XD + the awkward moment. Their faces ! It was gold.

- The set design for the party. It was really cool, i loved the ambiance

- Maia … in that outfit … damn. Plus I liked her discussion with Jace and Maia telling him she knows he didn’t kill Gretel.

- “I heard you like to drink” That line is priceless. Wtf Maryse ! 

- Magnus calling Clary “Biscuit”. And being the best Mom friend ever.

- Magnus’ cat eyes are back and we all love it.

- I loved how Max was portrayed like an actual kid. Kids are sponges, they repeat what they hear from their parents !

- A little bit of backstory for Raphael and Raphael/Magnus. Raphael is so precious okay !? Must protect him at all cost. I want to see him more.

- “This is an elegant affair. Not an episode of the Real Housewives of Idris”

- Magnus being the best and figuring out immediatly that they are hallucinating. Nice job Sherlock Bane !

- The fight between Magnus and Iris. We finally got to see Magnus really fighting with his magic and it was amazing.

- Max’s Rune Ceremony !

- Clary making sure to tell Alec once more that she doesnt blame him at all for what happened to Jocelyn.

- That scene between Maryse and Jace, where she apologies. That scene is really sweet :) Warmed my heart.

- They managed to make me like Maryse ! She broke my heart and I wanted to hug her. The boys supporting her, Maryse trying to protect Izzy from all of this, Alec giving her a big hug and telling her she should stay here with them. ♥

Voilà !! I’ll see you next week ! 

Feel free to had some stuff if you want to of course.

There’s something about the combination of four profiles and an impossibly huge ship that really says “epic.”

(Heavy Metal issue #157, July 1995 - Page 49 The Saga of the Meta-Barons: Othon the Great by Jodorowsky and Gimenez)

I had this lurking on my desktop. It was a scene depicting the valkyrie (military leader of the sandstone empire) aboard one of her gigantic war trains (like the sand steamers from Trigun) as it heads off into battle.

Some day I’ll get to this story called Heavy Metal Queen.

Also this song is playing

the #RETOX Lasagna:

This lasagna is light & protein packed. The sauce, recipe below, is 80% vegetables, and I use 2 different types of cheeses instead of ricotta, bechemel and maozzarella so you can enjoy an epic lasagna without feeling heavy after.

-Make my #RETOX Beef Ragu Sauce 
-Take a Pyrex Oven pan and layer a thin layer of sauce on the bottom.
-Add a layer of No-Cook Lasagna Pasta Sheets
-Add a layer of sauce
-Add a layer of grated parmesean and pecorino cheese
-Add another layer of No-Cook Lasagna Pasta Sheets
-Repeat until the top of the pan
-‘Close’ the lasanga with a layer of sauce and AMPLE grated parmeasean and pecorino.
-Bake in oven at 425 until the top layer is melted and crunchy
-Let sit for 20 minutes
-Serve and enjoy!


Apology cereal is a powerful force.

Bard: Did… Did I just accidentally become an Uncorrupted Shadowmancer?

Druid: Apparently, yes. First your scythe and now this.

Bard: Apology cereal is a powerful force… Wait! Can I still play my guitar?

DM: Roll for that.

(nat 20)


Bard: I Shadowmance some swagglasses for myself.