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hey what exactly is hat films? I want to get into it but which one should I watch.

okay so hat films is a youtube group that is now associated with the yogscast. hat films is made up of three british men, ross, smith, and trott, seen here

(from l to r) ross, trott, smith

okay so they’re mostly known for their minecraft series (in that it brought them some of their fans, and it also caught the attention of notch and they now do official minecraft trailers for the game) but they also play games like trials (which has over 130~ episodes i believe), worms, and they’re currently playing gta v as well

also they do fun shorts and music videos, found here!

i’d say that their feed the beast series is a very good starting point? although it does have almost 100 episodes hmm

skyblocks with sips (now finished) is also hilarious, and their race for the wool challenges with simon of the yogscast are excellent, and how a few people i know have gotten into them through that

their adventure maps are also excellent, my favorite being an epic hatventure

they started two new minecraft series!!! hat pack- v1 has finished so this is v2 (which is their own mod pack) and hat corp, which is on the yogscast complete server, and involves them interacting with other members of the yogscast

also their voices are pretty confusing if you’re just starting out so!

(from l to r) smith, ross, and trott

tl;dr: feed the beast/hat pack is a good starter if you have enough time, and race for the wool is good if you maybe don’t have enough

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So because of your art I started watching Yogscast, and since I just finished Evicted, what do you recommend watching?

The Yogscast produces a lot of videos every day for really any kind of taste, so it all depends on what you enjoy watching. Here’s a great list of the channels and their main series with links. 

Okay this is going to be lenghty, I’ll just put it behind a cut.

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  • Smith: I've got a great little shot of you on cinematic zoom in cam.
  • Trott: If it's your cam it's definitely not cinematic.
  • Smith: Uh, Ross turn around and just stare back at the cave, sad and longingly.
  • *Sad music, zoom in on Ross*
  • Ross: Boohoo.
  • *Music cuts*
  • Smith: You look ridiculous now cut that down.
  • -Alex Smith, Chris Trott, and Ross Hornby, 2012 (An Epic Hatventure #7)