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To everyone that pitched in on the Serpent’s Shadow cover- thank you! It took a lot of drafts and back and forth but the final cover can be seen on Amazon.com, where it’s  available for pre-order:

Give me the awessssome

And for the first time anywhere- Here’s the full, uncropped hardcover jacket art! Coming in October from the minds of Rick Riordan and Orpheus Collar, 160 pages of epic conclusiveness to a trilogy of graphic novels 5,000 years in the making :D

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Epic Mickey Oswald makes it clear he blames Mickey for being forgotten, but does he also blame the non-toon audience as well? In the Epic Mickey Graphic Novel he bitterly points out on Mickeyjunk Mountain that everyone went out of their way to not forget him by buying all his merchandise. In Tales of Wasteland he believes the "few fans" he has left only see him as an outdated version of Mickey. Is he mad at the outside world, too? DOES HE HOLD A GRUDGE AGAINST THE WORLD THAT HAS FORGOTTEN HIM?!
Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze...

In which I desperately try to avoid giving you spoilers…

You’ll recall that I had a sneak play of “Episode 2″ of this way back in April 2016.

I was very excited then, but such is the nature of these things that I was restricted in what I could say - I did always know that Jack was going to be in this, and in fact I had an over-eager conversation with Nathan at the closing party of The Distance where I mentioned the tie choice they’d made for Jack and mentioned that it was one of my favourites. Bless him, he was suitably enthused about it!

(Look at that tie - isn’t it gorgeous?)

So, what do we have? OK, here we go, with something that’s half-review, half epic fangirling!

Part graphic novel, part ‘choose your own adventure’ game, the 4th season* of ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ sets out it’s stall in the pre-credit sequence: Murdoch Foyle is back, taunting Phryne even as he is supposedly led to the gallows to be hung for the murder of her sister Janey.

This: “Murder at the Opera” is the first of a proposed eight episode series**. It’s not a spoiler to say that the reappearance of Foyle is the over-riding arc of the season. But he makes only a slight appearance here, book-ending the plot of a murder at The Princess Theatre in Melbourne. 

We pick up, well, it’s not clear actually. We’re definitely post-airfield, but *when* exactly we are, and whether Jack did ‘come after’ Phryne are never clarified - the evening at the Opera is described as a date if you choose one path through the many routes available to you, but if you choose another, well, let’s just say that Phryne’s Boudoir is still receiving it’s fair share of overnight guests…

The art work is gorgeous - a selection of everyone’s favourite Phryne outfits can be chosen from, and we spend the first Act of the ‘novel’ with Jack in a tux. Phan-girl heaven! 

(The above is just one of several outfit options available to you - all of them gorgeously realised)

(Jack in a tux!!!!!)

And the music! Greg J Walker’s excellent compositions from the TV show are all here, often in extended versions that really help to enhance the mood and tone of Lisa Jeong’s excellent artwork. 

The whole thing is at times reminiscent of the dizzy heights of Season 2: Phryne and Jack flirt and banter; Aunt P is scathing but ultimately concerned for Phryne and her Found Family; and Dot continues her character development arc in a marvellous piece of undercover work. 

If you’re worried that you might not have the skills to play the game, worry not. It is very, very intuitive, and in fact the game won’t let you move on until you’ve discovered a vital clue, going so far as to pretty much tell you which screen you need to be going to if you are trying to ‘go the wrong way’. 

Phryne does a lot of sleuthing, all of it with her trademark wit and zeal. She’s less afraid to ‘get her hands dirty’ than she perhaps is in the TV show - there’s a bit in an alley that would probably usually fall to Hugh to deal with, but here the constraints of producing artwork mean that it’s Phryne doing the physical work. 

The plot is clever, well written, and - it makes sense! The use of little summary boxes for storage in your ‘detective journal’ delivers some absolute gems such as this:

Really, when it’s written down like that, the whole thing does come across as faintly ridiculous. Kudos to Nicholas Bell for managing to make Murdoch Foyle so intimidating. 

I have no idea what the release schedule is going to be, and at the moment it’s on iOs for iPad or iPhone only - I know, I know! If, like me, you have an Android phone, and the only iteration of Apple you own is the Mac Mini, then this *is* disappointing. But you’ve maybe got a friend who’s willing to lend you their iPad - it’s worth asking them, and that’s how I’m able to join in all the fun. There is a reason for this: the people at Apple and Android have very specific requirements for what’s contained within the code of the applications they allow onto their platforms. I am told, by people who work in the industry (including the aforementioned owner of the borrowed iPad), that it is much, much easier to code for iOs first, and then adapt to Android later - try it the other way and you apparently find yourself pretty much reinventing the wheel each time. 

It appears that the cost is 2.99 of your local currency (seems to be that in both US Dollars and UK Pounds). I’m honestly going to spend more than that on my lunch tomorrow, and this has far less bad calories in it. I presume that the rest of the run will cost the same, meaning that the whole Season will be about the same price as a Box Set DVD release. 

I strongly encourage you to log onto the App Store and download this; it really is worth the foray into a different sort of media. 

*Season 4? Why, yes. Look, we know we’re not getting a TV Season 4, at least not anytime soon. This has eight episodes and it picks up after Season 3. So, you know…

**Not to be too blunt, but if sales aren’t what they need to be, they won’t have the capital to release them all. I’m sorry if that ‘sounds like blackmail’. I know that ‘everyone’ has an Android phone, but as detailed above, that’ll be coming later. For now, if you have an iPhone or iPad, please support the game. Supporting the game means supporting the show, and creators deserve to be paid for their effort. Tin Man is run from a tiny space, smaller than Phryne’s parlour, with people crammed in and working their guts out. They’re an amazing team, and they so deserve to have this be a success after how long they’ve been working on it.


Hmmm…just wondering if I should allow The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy be illustrated and/or turned into a graphic novel…still thinking. There has been some interest. I’ll think on it. I have some writing to do for now. Thranduil just keeps getting bigger. He’s currently about push his first 200 followers on Facebook (I’d have more but I’m low-key; this attention began when a Mythopoeic Society member unintentionally “outed me” early last year and it’s been a roller coaster ever since). True, he does have some name followers on Twitter and elsewhere (Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress), but that only gets him so far. He had to have readers.

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TKWR Trilogy has broken a few ceilings since its inception (12-22-15)–one of them being readership–for an unpublished book it’s doing well (even though people including professionals are now questioning what TKWR is: they can’t decide whether it’s a fan fiction, a continuation or a whole new genre). It’s already pinned under films, books, fan-fictionLOTR/HOBBIT or Tolkien on Pinterest. It’s safe to say the flagship book, The Saga of Thranduil has opened the door to many opportunities–all of which would make my Dad proud. 

I’m kinda glad it’s not a real book at the moment–TKWR Trilogy is the reason my family isn’t talking to me–they’ll say otherwise, but this is the actual reason). But if I get anymore readers, they won’t have a choice but to deal with it. 

I don’t like to talk about the numbers because it bothers me and I only shared it with an editor in Canada because she deals with that sort of thing and they are enough now that I have to start thinking in the long term and my family will hate me even more for it. It’s only a matter of time and I know it, @fortunatelyclevercandy. I can’t even say for sure what Lee knows. I try not to think about it but it’s starting to get big enough where it would be a near impossibility the Tolkien Estate won’t notice and with enough readers for them to care. I just want to finish the story and make it good and not upset my family anymore than necessary, @mystarlightblr.  I have to keep up looking like a pathetic loser so they’ll have something to talk about. They are most happy when they think I am a failure–I’m not kidding. I wish I were.

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There are a lot of people waiting for something–what, I have no idea. But it’s safe to say that Thranduil has put Mirkwood on the map and out in plain view of the world in a way never seen before. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting–I never expected this to even get noticed in a sea of other “Thranduil” stories–much less Tolkien professors, collectors and those close to the Tolkien family. It’s a whole new world now–anything can happen.

I’m editing the first book even as I write the next one and the extended versions, so there is some time to decide the end game for this trilogy. I just have to start thinking more about the future of Thranduil and this story in more professional terms–now that a business asked if I wanted to put his story on a tee-shirt.

How come no one talks about this part of the Epic Mickey graphic novel?

Oblivion, people. Yen Sid prevented these toons from ceasing to exist entirely.

So basically, if they leave but don’t have hearts, they will die. That’s why they’re trapped, not because some magic prevents them from leaving, but because they don’t want to freaking die.

Now, let’s remember in the game, Oswald was going to steal Mickey’s heart while they were in the rocket…as they were flying out of Wasteland…

Oswald was going to freaking kill Mickey, guys…but looking at Tales of Wasteland, he had no clue.

Think about it, in “Hole in the Sky” he was going to climb out of Wasteland, without a heart. He could have freaking died, but had no idea, and even planned on dragging Ortensia and his kids out with him. He thought he just needed a heart to go through whatever barrier was surrounding Wasteland.


OMG! So after 3 years of research and drawing, I’ve completed my entire retelling of The Epic of Gilgamesh. This is my first graphic novel, and I don’t think it’ll be the last. Thanks so much to all of you who have supported and waited so patiently for these books to be complete!!

I’m going to do another post and share more images from the work.

All Books are available in my shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kinokogallery

First 10 Orders will receive an original character drawing with purchase.

maryjabassa  asked:

suicide squad is SO GOOD i want to watch it like another fifty times in the theaters. obviously bvs is a masterpiece of the highest order but susq is filled with love just as much.

IT WAS SO GOOOOOOD I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!! Like BVS, I’m going to refrain from saying how many times I’ve seen it since it came out lol AND I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT BC I HAVEN’T MADE ANY LONG COHESIVE (LOL me cohesive lol no) POST ABOUT IT. ARRRIGHT LETS DO THIS.

Being familiar with Ayer’s kinetic style, *I was looking forward to this sine it was announced. He has hip-hop and the urban infused in his very character driven movies. He likes movement and color and sound in a way that is very antithesis to Snyder and what I mean by that is, Snyder (with Larry Fong) is very still. He likes movement, color and sound too (my GOD sound is such a character in Snyder movies), but he also loves long shots, wide perspective, and slow motion. Ayer is everywhere without the single shaky camera aesthetic (I appreciate this so much bc shaky camera drives my migraine addled brain crazy). He loves close ups and movement. There’s a shot in Harsh Times where Christian Bale’s character just gets out of a car and walks up to a house and the camera moves around him in such a way that I legit rewinded like ten times because IT WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOT and literally nothing happens. He’s just walking. BUT IT’S SO GOOOOD GODDAMN.

ALL THIS TO SAy: Suicide Squad is getting a lot of shit for its editing and strange pacing, BUT IT TOTALLLLLY WORKS FOR ME. bc this kinetic type of style fucking works for a movie that clearly wants to hold on to its comic roots, that follows characters who are in always reeling in a way. I’ve only read SOME suicide squad, but I read a lot of comics, and the disjointed ness of panels and the juxtaposition of character/art/pages is constant (if it’s good I mean), and that’s what suicide squad felt like. The way BVS felt like an epic graphic novel come to life, suicide squad feels like the 50 page intro follow up, kinda like how rebirth reintroduced everything.


FIRRRRST bc it’s one of the more bizarre complaints: THE MUSIC IS BEAUTIFULLY WOVEN INTO THE STORY. The score is brilliant. At first it didn’t resonate so much with me like the MOS/BVS score, but after playing it on constant loop, it’s gorgeous and funky and weird. THE ADDITIONAL MUSIC IS BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT. i hear hot topic like all the fucking time associated with this movie and fine, whatever (why are people so fucking pressed about this to begin with? like, hey, don’t be an asshole?), but my goodness THIS MOVIE IS HiP HOP ALL THE WAY and i knew going into it that it’d have some bc Ayer LOVES hip-hop. Let’s just break down the first three songs used to introduce the emotional backbones of the movie, floyd, harley and amanda (bc you can do this with all the music used and this post is gonna be long)

Floyd + House of the Rising Sun = Oh mother, tell your children///Not to do what I have done//Spend your lives in sin and misery//In the House of the Rising Sun (I hate bringing in cut scenes bc they don’t count until there’s another version relesed, but there’s literally a scene with floyd looking out at the sun ya’ll

Harley + You Don’t Own Me (little sidenote: i own a lesley gore record lol): You don’t own me//Don’t try to change me in any way//You don’t own me//Don’t tie me down cause I’d never stay (she’s HANGING from the bars and um, the ending lolololol)

Amanda + Sympathy for the Devil: Pleased to meet you//Hope you guess my name//But what’s puzzling you//Is the nature of my game


AND THESE ARE JUST BITS OF LYRICS. All the songs work the same way! Culminating in the final scene when the score itself is remixed with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. IT’S SO LOVELY and if someone says hot topic they’re just ignoring the pure classic/pop/hip-hop infused into this movie. They’re literally wrong. lol

SECOND and i’m only going to stay here for a little bit bc lol. Enchantress is, yes, a generic villain. BUT HOLY HELL HOW MANY GENERIC CBM VILLAINS HAVE WE HAD? A BILLION. HOWWWW MANY OF THEM WERE WOMEN? I’ll wait lol. And how many of them are actually part of the main story, with attachments to a main character? how many of them are actively trying to recruit the heroes over and over AND OVER AND OVER and offering them something valid? when harley went to her in the end, the first time I REALLY HAD DOUBT I WASN’T SURE SHE’D STICK WITH HER FRIENDS AND THEN SHE DID AND I WAS ALIIIVE. i love enchantress. i love that her generic villainness has meat. that she feels and is dangerous. i love that she is a clear juxtaposition to the villain-heroes and that THEY EMPHATICALLY REJECT HER.

THIRD: my beautiful beautiful beautiful CHILDREN. my squad. my babies. my loves. yes, more could’ve been done with the squad like katana and cros. BUT WHAT WE GET IS SO WONDERFUL. everyone is fleshed out to some degree (even joker! leto’s performance i liked  but won’t talk about bc fuck joker lol), everyone has unique quirks. everyone feels and is different. everyone contributes to the climax. they’re dark, dark, daaaark characters, but the thesis of mos/bvs holds: we must stand together. we must fight. WHEN GIVEN THE CHANCE, WHEN GIVEN COMPANIONSHIP, THE SQUAD PERSEVERES

and this movie IS extra, imo, same as mos/bvs. it has so many layers, so many things to unpack, so many character beats to disect, so many dynamics to love and to abhor, to study. so many visuals for my visuals loving eyeballs. the actors brought they’re fucking a-game. not once in this movie did it feel ashamed to be what it was, and that is a movie full of batshit crazy people finding something in each other, even if its undefined and weird and chaotic.


*totally forgot to add: i do not really care too much for marketing, and watch trailers once (or try to, i broke this rule for wonder woman), because it’s all misleading. i follow promos through tumblr, and avoid clips. and never, ever, ever EVERRR read reviews. it’s important not to be too saturated by a movie, any movie, so this definitely added to me enjoying a lot more. i’m a firm believer of seeing the movie first before diving into the internet swamp for it. and this isn’t just for suicide squad. i did it for bvs, too, and for every movie i see in general because i go to the movies A LOT.

Finally after the long wait for some i can finally announce this secret project thats been worked on with the Brothers Harrow. Its going to be a world filled with…you guessed it, the Badasserywomen that you’ve come to know and love and will be seen through the eyes of our protagonist. This will be an epic dark graphic novel written by the Brothers Harrow and we have the awesome concept artists Titus Lunter helping to build the world as well. Its very exciting and i hope everyone will enjoy it as much as well will…well if you like badass women hell yess you should. 

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theworldismyplayground001  asked:

lazy what was osho talking about, when he said you have not lived if your life can be covered by words

Language is a simulacrum. The word “air” is not air and simply showing it to a suffocating man will not save him from death. 

The actuality of aliveness is not describable, which is why we have had to use symbols like language and letters in order to communicate as best we can. 

It’s like that mindblowing fact circulating somewhere in the back annals of Tumblr: Every story you have ever read has been composed of 26 letters.

One of my favorite stories is the epic graphic novel series The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. In it, the full alphabet is actually 64 letters. By keeping the rest of the alphabet hidden, the common people are kept under tyrannic control while those with privileged access to the full 64 letters of the alphabet can warp reality in ways inconceivable to those who only know the 26 letter version. 

I thought that was pretty fucking cool. And it illustrates a good point. For those of us who live, perceive, and conceive in terms of language, our limits are defined precisely by the limits of our language. 

Studying english and creative writing in college was a huge blessing in many ways, but one way was the manner in which it freed me from language. A painter cannot be slave to the colors available. If there’s a different color needed, he or she will mix and create a new color. 

Language may be our artful reflection and expression of communicable reality but it is not alive! Once we free ourselves from compulsive thought and definition by means of language, we are free to create and recreate as we please. 

The whole reason why the ego complex can and does exist is because we take ourselves to be something nameable. 

To end with another quote from Osho: When you are in the present without thinking, you are for the first time spiritual.

Enjoy some fantastic sex. Go for a four hour walk in the woods. Play with a puppy. See how much language and description really matter when we are fully engaged in savoring an experience. 

Namaste my friend!