epic gorilla

ESC Personal Highlights
  • Return of the Epic Sax Guy
  • The Gorilla…enough said
  • BoJack Horseman ft. Azerbaijan
  • “Ironically a man who sings about friends doesn’t appear to have any friends- so he sings everything himself”, Graham Norton
  • Graham Norton on Australia: “My one tip: Don’t look at his eyebrows.” Resulting on me being very distracted
  • Temur’s amazing delivery of every single line he says. “Is he selling car insurance?”
  • “Maybe they just don’t talk about it- Maybe that’s the first rule of yodel club”
  • The awkward moment I started to ship the two side guitarists from Spain, that where far better than the singer.
  • Graham Norton on Spain: “I’m wondering if something is with the technology…or he’s just bad.”
  • Alex appears again. Graham Norton: “Just when we started to enjoy ourselves” And any other comment Graham gives regarding Alex.
  • Mans ASFJHJHGFDTDIJKJK The gift that keeps on giving. Amazing as ever!!!
  • “The song is called Time…the question you ask yourself is: How long can 3 minutes be so long?”
  • The Sweden Guy is so hot…so frigging hot. I do not even care if he can sing or not

Luis Making that Trash Cash!

Because apparently one man’s trash IS another man’s treasure!