epic geekery


The Young Hollywood crew is back in San Diego for another round of epic geekery at Comic-Con, where they catch up with the cast of “Shadowhunters”.


What do you call it when:

  • you make a fuckton of salmon and tuna sushi while singing to the glee soundtracks with your friends?
  • you receive a custom-made plush facehugger and then proceed to ‘decorate’ it with a party hat, party whistle, bottle of beer and a remote?
  • mix and pour mojitos, tequilla sunrises and white angels the whole night through?
  • hook up the laptop w/ wifi to the big screen and then the 15 of you get into a fun little competition of “oh you guys, I gotta show you this vid”?
  • your best friend brings Singstar - Queen and two mics and and you get to karaoke Somebody to Love and suddenly — ALL the achele feels?
  • you and your shipper friends that are sleeping over end up scrolling tumblr together right before going to bed at fucking 4am?
  • rainbow cupcakes?

… you call that a fucking great birthday. x3