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My top 5 movies of the year so far

For those who are interested in the new Kylo / Rey Forces of Destiny Dolls: (which may as well be called the “Reylo” box set LoL) here is the product description on Amazon UK from official Star Wars shop


“Rey grew up on the remote desert planet of Jakku, never suspecting that her destiny lay among the stars. When she finally made her daring escape from Jakku, she embarked on an incredible adventure that brought her face to face with the dangerous Kylo Ren. The fiery First Order commander sensed the power of the Force in Rey, and now pursues her across the galaxy. Imagine epic adventures with these Star Wars Forces of Destiny adventure figures. Pretend to journey alongside Rey as she discovers her destiny and her connection to the Force. Or take imaginary command of Kylo Ren as he wields his fiery lightsabre in an attempt to stop Rey before her power awakens. These highly poseable figures feature removable outfits, boots, belts, lightsabres, and more. Re-create the battles and stories of Star Wars with this true-to-entertainment figure.”


Oh this part is so Epic!!
Peter’s mother: take my hand.
Peter/ Starlord: Mom.
Gamora: TAKE MY HAND! !

Ronan: You’re mortals! how?
Peter/ Starlord: you said it yourself bitch: we’re The Guardians of the Galaxy!!

Hi! My name is Ren, I’m 17 years of age (I know, I am a fetus) And I ship Reylo with a burning passion lol.
First off, I would like to acknowledge the fact that this is the most welcoming, pure hearted “ship” I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. And I’d also like to commend the people who put this “Voices of Reylo” project together. It’s brilliant!

For me personally, Star Wars is so much more than just a movie franchise, or even a fairytale. It’s a part of who I am. My dad introduced me to It while I was In the womb lol. He told me he would sit with my mother and have the movies playing while she was pregnant with me, with the hope that it would have in influence. (It did!) I was extremely fortunate to have lived in an environment where my gender didn’t have to play a part in what I enjoyed. I didn’t realize it was considered “strange” that I liked Star Wars until I was in school. It came to my attention that it was weird for a girl to like those sorts of things. But because of my upbringing I was able to proudly respond with “Well, I don’t like it, I LOVE IT!”
Since Star Wars has always been apart of me, and my life, I actually found myself not to be extremely excited for the new movie in 2015. Unlike hunger games, as an example, I didn’t take it upon myself to get involved in this fandom. I was born into it. But after I watched the film itself, I was pleasantly surprised and the happy memories of when I was young started to flow back. But I didn’t fully invest into it until summer of 2016 when I came across Reylo fan art on my tumblr. Through that one picture, I found an entire community! I delved deep into Meta upon meta and I was amazed. I had never looked at Star Wars in such a detailed, beautiful way before. The Reylo ship has not only opened my eyes even more to the fact that anyone can change and be redeemed through the power of love, but it has also opened them to so many other things in the SW universe that I had turned a blind eye to In the past. Before, Star Wars was an epic sci-fi franchise that I loved. Now, it is a beautiful, poetic, equally epic Fairytale from a galaxy far far away that I adore. Thank you Reylo ship, and all of the magnificently talented and sincere individuals who inhabit it! Times may get hard, and you may have to rebel against the norm, but through this ship and Star Wars as a whole, I’ve truly learned that rebellions are not only built on hope (😉) but on love and imagination. Keep shining Reylo shippers, and may the force be with you❤