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So you know what’s on Kuroto Dan’s desk, apart from Kuroto Dan being his beautiful self? A USB Enter key that is designed for nothing more than epic Enter key smashes. I actually posted about it here unrelated to Ex-Aid, and some people pointed out that they saw it on his desk. 

Before anyone shouts “PRODUCT PLACEMENT”, let’s be real - Kuroto Dan would canonically and unironically own this product. The man owns tentacle pens, if you didn’t notice his Genm Corp office setup. 

Aiden - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: PG

Warning: mentions of drunk old man who’s annoying and a perv, you do work in a bar in this one

Summary: It’s a regular day for Team Flash. Then, a boy claims he’s from the future and Barry’s son. It will be a memorable day for Barry Allen.

Word Count: 1893

It was a normal day for Team Flash. They just captured another meta-human, and they were all tired. No one even wanted to leave STAR Labs. They all just sat there, trying to find out what they wanted to do next.

Well, their next mission came to them.

A flash of blinding light engulfed the entire room. A glimmering, silver machine appeared in the middle of the cortex. Barry and Joe stood in front of everyone else, ready to strike whatever this was.

A screen materialized on the foreign object and a young teenager in a flannel, jeans, and a bike helmet emerged from it. The boy waved the smoke away and coughed. “Aw shoot. It failed again.” The boy jumped from his machine and examined it. “Well, this won’t do. Everything’s fried. Dad! Mom! You ok up there?” He removed his helmet and ran a hand through his hair. “Can you call Uncle Cisco for me? I may need another part!” he yelled.

Cisco stepped forward. “Uncle?”

The boy whipped his head around. His eyes widened at the sight of Cisco. He stepped backwards, almost slipping. He caught himself and smiled. “Oh my gosh! It worked!” He laughed and jumped around, dancing a very similar victory dance the Barry Allen himself did. The boy stumbled forward and waved awkwardly. “Hi, the name’s Aiden. I am fifteen years old, from the year 2033.” He inhaled through his teeth. “Ok. To prove it, I know every single one of you, even thought you all look way younger than I ever thought you could. You are Cisco, Joe, Caitlin, Iris, Eddie, and Barry.” He smiled. “I still can’t believe it worked!” He smiled and scratched the back of his neck.

“Who are you?” Joe asked.

“Right, well, I, um… Man, I don’t know if I should tell you. Well, I already ruined it anyway. Um, I’m Aiden Allen.” He smiled at Barry. “I’m your son.”

Barry’s eyes widened. He stared at the floor and scratched the back of his neck, much like his son was doing at the exact same moment. Barry cleared his throat. “You’re my son?”

Aiden nodded. “What? Thought you were going to be single for your entire life?” The boy laughed and observed his father. “Man, Mom was right. I am a lot like you.”

Barry stuttered some incoherent words before settling on asking, “Mom?”

Auden nodded. “Yeah. Speaking of which, where is she? I really want to see her!”

Barry coughed. “Um, well, I don’t- Mom?”

Aiden gasped. “Oh! You don’t know her! Oh, it must be 2014 or 2015. Ok, you know what, um, let’s make a deal. I need help fixing the machine. If we can get it up and running, I’ll show you Mom.”

Everyone looked at each other. Iris insisted, “Let’s do it.”

“We don’t even know if he really is, well, Barry’s son,” Eddie argued.

Joe stared at Aiden, who wads currently shuffling his feet and looking around the lab in awe. “He does act a lot like him.”

“He called me his uncle.” Cisco smiled “I think we should do it.”

“I think Barry should make the call,” Caitlin suggested. “Barry?”

Barry shrugged with a smile. “I don’t know. I mean,” he stared at his son, “he does look like me.”

Aiden was examining his machine. He called put, not even taking his eyes off the machine. “Hey, is Gideon still active?”

Barry nodded. “Yeah, she’s still here. I could show you-”

The boy shook his head. “Nah, I know where she is. Be back in a flash.” The kid was gone.


Suddenly, Aiden was back with some weird machinery, a rush of wind following him.

Everyone gasped. “You’re fast, too?” Joe stammered.

Aiden smiled. “I’m an Allen. Of course I’m fast.”

Barry leaned against the wall. he couldn’t believe it. He has a son, and a wife apparently.

Cisco crouched down and peeked at the work Aiden was doing. “Wow, amazing tech. Where’d you get these parts?”

“Well, most of them I got from you, actually. These,” he gestured to the parts he just got, “came from Gideon. Don’t worry, though. I was able to quickly invent more parts as great substitutes.”

“You got into Gideon’s Operating System?”

“Yeah. I do at home all the time.”

Cisco faced his friends and pointed at the boy, mouthing, “He’s a genius.”

Barry laughed. This was going to be a weird day for him. The entire rest of the day was mostly fixing the time machine. For Barry and his son, it was more of an interview.

“So, your mother? Do I know her?”

“Of course you do. You married her.”

“I mean, now. Like, do I know her right now?”

“Nice try, Dad, but you’re not going to get the answer that easy.”

“Do you have siblings? Aunts? Uncles?”

“A few, and the people in this room , I consider them family.”

“A few? Wait, how many? Sisters? Brothers?”

“You’re not gonna get so many answers from me. Plus, Kris told me not to tell you anything.”

“Who’s Kris?”

“Um… Someone. Oh, look, I need parts. Dad, do you think you could get me some bolts that are exactly like these? Thanks, see ya!”

“Wait a minute! I’m not done!”

“You’re not my dad yet!”

Barry sighed. Who was his future wife? He thought it’d be Iris or maybe Linda. However, his son Aiden said it must be 2015 or 2014, because he hasn’t met her yet. What was she like?

Soon, the machine was fixed. Aiden wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. “I think that does it!” He smiled and pumped his fists. “That was awesome! I got the entire family to help me out so that I could show Dad Mom.” He sighed. “This is way better than tv.” He turned around and faced Team Flash. “Ok, do you guys know the closest local bar?”

Ten minutes later, Aiden was leading everyone through the streets. His face lit up when he saw the famous sign his mother told him about. “This is it. Now, I can’t tell you who it is exactly.”

“Why not?” Barry implored. “You said-”

“I know, but it’s supposed to happen a certain way. You know? But, trust me. You’ll know her when you meet her.”

Barry sighed. “Ok, fine. Hos does this, this um, memory, go?”

“You said you were having some fun with your friends here, when it happened. Just, have some fun! Plus, this is my first time in a bar. It is going to be epic.”

Team Flash entered the bar. Iris was the first to let loose, dancing and taking a shot or two. Everyone soon followed. Even Barry joined in on the fun. He didn’t drink, though. He never would feel the buzz anyway. He sat down, wanting to rest. They spent three hours dancing and eating. Barry looked around. He almost forgot what he was here for.

“Please, I don’t-”

“Come on, just a little kiss.”

Barry turned around. A young bartender was trying to pull herself away from some drunkard. The woman was model material. The man was old and very drunk. Before Barry could even walk over there, another bartender interrupted the conversation.

You were just wiping the counter, listening to music, when your friend, Nicole, got hit on by someone drunk. You tensed up. Things like that happened way too often to your liking. You sighed. You quickly fixed up an inexpensive drink, adding a few more shots of alcohol, and placed it on a tray. You  pushed a button on your phone, calling someone you relied on. “Hey, Bennie?”

“(Y/n)! What can I do for you?”

“I have a drunkard here. Can I send him your way?”


“He’ll be there in two minutes. Hang on, I’ll get you his address or something.” You smiled and sauntered over to the two of them. You slipped in between Nicole and the old man. “Hello, sir.”

“Get out of my way.”

“I will, but this young woman outside saw you and bought you this drink.”


“She already called a cab for the two of you. She’ll be waiting right outside.” You smiled, taking his wallet from his back pocket. “Bennie, he lives in an apartment building, the one near the bowling alley. Can you take him there?”

“Only cause you ask me to. You will pay me, right?”

“Yeah, I know. Just get him away from here.” You hung up and led the man away from Nicole. She mouthed a thanks and went back to work. You led the man outside and shoved him in Bennie’s cab. Bennie assured you he would be ok before driving off. You sighed before going back to your job. As you were cleaning the counter, a young man, very cute, greeted you with a soft, “Hey.”

You smiled softly. “Hello? Can I help you with anything?”

Aiden saw the two of you and beamed. He always heard of the story, but now he was going to actually witness it. Your son got everyone to watch. Iris was squealing, holding on to her boyfriend. Cisco was nodding with pride, along with Joe. Caitlin wasn’t sure what to do, but in the end, she settled on watching. Aiden watched from afar, admiring the sight of his mother and father.

Barry pointed to the door and bit his lip. “I saw what you did. That was incredible.”

“That? That’s nothing. You know, things happen.” You smiled.

Nicole interrupted the two of you, asking, “(Y/n), I don’t exactly know how to register the coupon that couple has.” She noticed Barry and smiled. “Why hello.”

Barry waved, pursing his lips.

You sighed. It always happened like that. Nicole got all the guys. Whenever you were interested in one guy, that one guy always would see Nicole and forget you. You were used to it. You fixed the problem at the cash register and turned around. You gasped. Barry was there alone. Nicole was at the other side of the retaurant. Barry wasn’t even staring at her. You walked over and asked, “Now, what can I get you…?”

“Barry. Barry Allen.” He held out his hand.

You shook it. “(Y/n) (Y/l/n).”

Barry smiled. “So, I was wondering, um, maybe, I could, well, you could go on a date with me?” He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

You smiled, biting your lip. Time passed way faster than you thought.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. First time doing this, you know?”

You raised your eybrow.

“I mean, at a bar without, yeah. Um… I’m going to-”

“Wait.” Your hand fell on his. You blushed. Barry blushed, too. You stammered, “I-I was, um, yes.”


“Yes, I would like to go on a date with you.”

Barry smiled. “Great! Um, Jitters? Tomorrow at twelve?”

“Most definitely.”

Aiden sighed. That was only the beginning of the story of his parents. Barry and (Y/n) Allen, he knew, would go through a lot together. Barry would lie, trying to prevent her from knowing his superhero life. You would break up with him. You would find out. Barry would train you in self defense. There was so much more to the story, and Aiden couldn’t wait to go back home tell the story himself.

Heyo my lovely followers! Here’s another imagine for you! I hope you guys don’t hate it. 

Have a lovely day, everyone! :)

EDIT: Part 2 is up and running! You can check it out right here!

Lizzington [Epic] Poetry Slam

Enter Dante into the Inferno…

Dante is allowed to make his amazing journey through hell because of how much Beatrice, Dante’s beloved who is now in heaven, loves him.

She left heaven because of her love for Dante,

to tell Virgil to guide Dante through hell.

And as Dante traverses through hell

He is continually motivated to continue his frightening journey by some form of love

Why 'Dracula Untold' Is A Must See: 5 Killer Scenes

The classic tale of Dracula could never be conveyed in its full potential on the big screen up until now. “Dracula Untold,” the reboot of Universal’s monster franchise directed by Gary Shore, tells the story of a complex hero Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) who sips the blood of a powerful vampire in the hope of saving his Transylvania village and the family he loves from an army of Turkish fighters under the control of former friend Mehmed (Dominic Cooper).

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Happy winter, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this opportunity to drink large amounts of coffee every day on the premise of staying warm, wear multiple hoodies at once, and watch family drama unfold as your redneck grandpas and vodka aunts get in altercations over family holiday get-togethers. I haven’t done a promo for a really long time so I thought I should probably do one, and what better to celebrate than being able to wear something other than daisy dukes?


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