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Because I am a spiteful, spiteful person...

I agree with everything this person has to say…

However, besides her lackluster Chopin, I am extremely jealous of Alice Sara in the way that only stupid, teenaged girls can be.  It’s like, I go to her website and instantly start to rage because:

  • She is gorgeous, and there are, like, hundreds of pictures of her being gorgeous all over the place
  • She can draw, both manga and photo-realistically
  • She can speak at least three languages
  • She is gorgeous
  • She can play the piano and is making money playing the piano and is well known for making money playing the piano


*Me, studying for the Latin Literature exam* : I don’t want to read the Aeneid, it’s too long and full of names and genealogies and places’ names and geographical indications and magic interventions and references to ancient mithology and descriptions of wars and voyages and it’s just too long.

*Also me*: Let’s read The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings instead.

Calling all Mercy 76 Shippers

I need your names so I can follow your blogs.  I have no idea how you people find some of these precious Mercy 76 posts so I need to stalk you so I have access to the epicness that is M76 ;D

I’ll assume if you like/reblog, it means you’re a fan.

If you’re shy, you can message me.  Promise I don’t bite…too much ;)

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I watch over 35 tv shows, literally. TVD wasn’t my favourite tv show but Stelena is and forever will be my favourite ship. Stefan is and forever will be my favourite character. Stelena’s epic love made me fall in love with them. Of course I would LOVE to had Stelena endgame but that was impossible to do in 42 minutes. So I’m happy knowing that the cast and producers knew Stelena was the best ship of the show and they deserved to live a long happy human life together. Stefan deserved better, we all know that. I’m happy because we had some EPIC Stelena scenes, I can’t believe they had more scenes than delena (and they were “endgame”) I’m happy they finally understood this was Stefan’s story. He was feeling epic 💫💖

Ps: Nina and Paul’s chemistry 😍🔥🔥🔥

Ghost Town
Adam Lambert
Ghost Town

“Died last night in my dreams
Walking the streets
Of some old ghost town
I tried to believe
In God and James Dean
But Hollywood sold out

Saw all of the saints
Lock up the gates
I could not enter
Walked into the flames
Called out your name
But there was no answer

And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town

Died last night in my dreams
All the machines
Had been disconnected
Time was thrown at the wind
And all of my friends
Had been disaffected

Now, I’m searching for trust
In a city of rust
A city of vampires
Tonight, Elvis is dead
And everyone’s spread
And love is a satire

And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town

There’s no one left in the world
I’m gunslingin’
Don’t give a fuck if I go
Down, down, down
I got a voice in my head that keeps singing
Oh, my heart is a ghost town

My heart is a ghost town
Oh, my heart is a ghost town
(Said, my heart)
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town.”

TG:re 116 A Dream From Somewhen Crack

Definitely not your average Shakespearean Drama!

1/ The Matsuri

TG:re’s ribbon limited edition. Only available in “nude” colour.

TMW you try to be cool only to be finished offscreen. When you try your best but you don’t succeed…

2/That ex-dove turned into a voyeur. No surprise! afterall, that’s the guy with a bike fetish. R.I.P. Bike-chan T^T*

Who is “he” the weird gameboy enigma. WHO? Hide

3/Ah, pink boy…You’re alive! Good for you.

Humph! Took you long enough to acknowledge Saiko’s might. Minus 100 points!

So, you’re going to tell me my child Shirazu died (epic death is still death) but pink fanboy turned Penguin™ is ok…Okay…I’m fine.

4/Urie now realises he might be in a love triangle (minus Matsuri kek). 

What’s in front of him: Saiko’s declaration (romantic or not, idk).

What’s on his mind:

5/What’s on Mutsuki’s mind ? Who knows…but it’s not Urie. mutsurie feels T^T

Thank the Ishida, Tooru didn’t become a rapist. It was just an Uta/Haise’s blow up doll made in the Priest. Phew…But still gross af. Please, send help!

6/TFW you caught someone you know having some “me time”

lol Aura boy, it’s not like you could see much through all that hair !

You’re just like your hair-twin, Ayumu.

At least, Mop-girl is CCG’s Hidden Loli™. Does that mean, Aura’s cute beneath the hair ? Given his aunt with +1K baeness, why not.

7/ Tooru touching Aura boy like Sin dragging you to hell. No..No…Nope! No!

8/ Finally, a glimpse into Uta’s mind…Maybe…

One question though: How did Father made the switch and “save” Uta? 

If the fake was created from Uta’s percing and Priest’s kagune/finger, did Uta’s “mimetic ability” got transferred to the “doll” as well ?

Did Uta transform into Haise, have Donato switch him with a fake Uta/Haise and escape…all of this before Tooru even caught up with him? 

Seriously, how? HOW?!! How fast can they be?

What really happened to the “fake body” before Tooru got up after Aura boy appeared (and afterward). Did the “doll” desintegrated like a kagune? I need more intel on Uta’s abilities. On Donato’s…On everything.

9/GOAT took out the trash. And just in time to welcome their King and Ayato.

Shiroshitsuji: GOAT Arc. Butlers, such timing!

10/Every time OEK!Ken appears: Yes, my liege! (damn, I’m trash)

11/Me reacting to Souta

Before: Oh, he’s beautiful! Not Arima’s level but still ! 

Since “it” has evolved into Washuu King: 

12/ Watching those doves cheering for Furuta is like watching the passengers and crew having fun on the Titanic while their boat is going straight to the Iceberg™.

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13/Fanboy doctor might have take a peek at CCG’s former Holy Mother, Akira and tried to brush it off by talking about her life force. I mean, he’s not wrong but still ! On behalf of late shark boy Shirazu, I’m watching you, perv!

14/ Fanboy Einstein & Co renewed their vow to be Ken’s fanboys 4ever. Ok but where is Kimi at, though ?

15/Amon, that’d be “King” Eyepatch.

Have been waiting for 84 years and 100+ chapters for Amon and Kaneki to talk. They might finally be able to see eye to eye, after both went through Kanou’s scalpel. Maybe they’ll talk and most importantly listen to one another. How will it go?! 

So hype!!


“You don’t belong here”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day eight - favorite kiss