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Da Vinci and Riario in “The Vault Of Heaven” 2x07


Title: From The Heart

Artist: The Devin Townsend Project

Album: Transcendence

Trivia: The sanskrit chorus is referencing the tale of Ramayana in Hinduism, where Rama goes on a journey to rescue his wife Sita. These particular lyrics were used by “Krishna Das” in the song “Baba Hanuman”. The first part can be translated as “Victory to Sita and Rama. Victory to Hanuman.” and the second is a mantra praising the names of Sita (Seetaa/Seeyaa) and Rama (Raama).

Transcribed lyrics below:

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Can you imagine though, in DA4? The final boss battle is the Dread Wolf. Not Solas, but a monstrous wolf the size of a dragon. Black fur and many red eyes, snarling at you because this is what it’s come to.

The Veil has begun to tear and this fight is at its epicenter. The Fade bleeds into this place and the Dread Wolf uses this to his advantage, changing the terrain so it’s difficult to even reach him without falling into the abyss below.

And this is where you manage to get through to him or not.

This is where you choose to end him or not.