epic couples

cancelling sense8 was like destroying art. the show had the stories of:

i) a closeted hispanic gay man coming to terms with being outed and accepting himself as a gay man in the public eyes - doing all this just to ensure that he can continue being with the man of his dreams

ii) a compassionate kenyan man with a dream and hope fighting for the injustices of class disparity (he is also in a relationship with an extremely intelligent bisexual black woman who, despite coming from a different class than him, is attracted by the purity of his heart)

iii) an intelligent trans woman in a relationship with an equally intelligent black woman - the relationship of which is extremely trusting, tolerating, caring, gentle, and beautiful. (plus, the intelligent black woman grew up with three fathers and within an extremely open and accepting LGBT community who would protect the two even if it meant endangering themselves)

iv) an independent indian woman whose eager to find love over the simplicity of a good marriage. on top of that she has an indian father who defies the stereotypical indian man, who has her back no matter what, who is a CHEF rather than a businessman (this is a big fucking deal for us who knows about asian arches)

v) a south korean woman who is petite, adorable – and yet so very dangerous and courageous. who is a master in martial arts, whose storyline is dedicated on fighting the misogyny she faced all of her life. on top of that, her romantic storyline was going to be with a man who worships her for exactly who she is.

vi) there was going to be an epic interracial couple, the relationship of which shows how the right person can open up someone, can make their heart soft, can forgive all the sins that have been weighing them down

vii) it also discussed religion, art, sexuality, science, philosophy, among other topics; in such thought-provoking manner…

this show was an embodiment of art and its destruction is unforgivable… 


So this happened and it’s awesome.


“Also, I had a friend - a friend who for many years never left my side. Occasionally of an imbecility to make one afraid, nevertheless he was very dear to me. Figure to yourself that I miss even his stupidity. His naïveté, his honest outlook, the pleasure of delighting him by my superior gifts - all these I miss more than I can tell you.”

The Murder of Roger Ayckroyd - Agatha Christie

No, Caroline Dries, Candice does not have natural chemistry with every actor, she and Paul have about as much onscreen chemistry as whipped cream and bar soap, their chemistry compared to Paul and Nina’s chemistry or Candice and Joseph’s chemistry is a flat and lifeless, so just because you stick Caroline with every guy possible except Klaus does not mean she has chemistry with them. 

you guys can keep on convincing yourself that Steroshit was meant to be, y’all can tell yourselves they have onscreen chemistry, but that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t. you guys can pretend you didn’t ruin one of the most potentially amazing power couples known as Klaus and Caroline, who had intense sexual tension and draw that overshadowed almost every ship on TVD, you can pretend that Klaroline fans were fangirlish viewers that just wanted a one-night stand in the woods for them, and not an actual relationship, but that does not change the fact that they could have evolved into one of the most epic television couples on the CW. that doesn’t change the fact that a single phone call between them had more substance than two seasons of you guys shoving steroshit down our throats.

you guys can miss us Stelena shippers, Bamon shippers, and Klaroline shippers because the fact is you messed up big time and don’t have the balls to admit it. 


“I could do this all day!”

This is without a doubt the biggest drawing I ever made - and it’s finally finished! 

A Dragon Fight/ Battle Couple/ Most Epic Pavellan fanart I ever did - and the first time drawing one of the DA:I dragons (not very happy with it because so many mistakes but aahhh). The last three pics are the details at 100% zoom, because the drawing is very big xD

I’m endlessly grateful for your support and all the nice words and comments and encouragement whenever I cry about art because I decided to work on yet another huge project ♥ I hope you like it! :D

I don’t know you anymore…”
I look at him and scoff. “You never did.
—  E.G. // Short excerpt from a book I might write