epic confessions

“I really wish there was a movie based on the game of Epic Mickey, the story of the game was really amazing, the history between Mickey and Oswald is really worthy of a movie and I really believe that Oswald needs to be included in something, after returning to Disney, one would say that they would use him again and treat him as one of Walt’s most important characters after so many years. He doesn’t deserve to be forgotten like this, neither do the other cartoons from the Wasteland.”


In case anyone missed this… its extremely epic!!

“I honestly didn’t like Disney all that much before until a game called Bendy and the Ink Machine raised up my interest in rubberhose animation and Epic Mickey. Through Epic Mickey, Oswald became my favorite character, and I was introduced to the most recent Mickey shorts, which I fell completely in love with. I’m really glad that game made me raised up my interests and introduced me to more things that I grew to love.”


THIS SCENE IS EVERYTHING! Bong Soon finally feeds MH! It’s so palpable how sad and envious he was when BS fed GD chocolate in the previous episode. It doesn’t matter what the food is, MH would have eaten anything as long as it was BS feeding it to him.

It seems to be such a mundane conversation, but it means so freaking much because while BS is telling MH all these seemingly unimportant information SHE IS SHARING PART OF HERSELF WITH HIM. All the things she is telling him are so deeply private and only her family knows about them. And MH can see past her nonchanlant bravado and even can’t hide his understanding smile - a smile of someone who truly does know her.

It’s usually these mundane things and small moments and little gestures WHAT TRULY MATTER IN LIFE, WHAT PEOPLE REMEMBER AND THEY ARE OFTEN MORE MEANINGFUL THAN EPIC ROMANTIC GESTURES AND CONFESSIONS. It’s poignant how it’s this moment and their bus ride that makes him finally cheer up, not that he wasn’t enjoying their time together in the amusement park but there were still hints of sadness and numbness.

Confession: I think I’m attracted to one of my close girlfriends, but 1:I don’t want to ruin things between us; 2: We’re supposed to be getting our thot on with other people; and 3: I can’t tell if I am confusing our close friendship with actual attraction. Also, I wish this whole finding-other-black-queer-women thing was a little easier. I don’t even know how to start looking for them, because any previous attempts I’ve made have failed epically.


Day of the Sorcerers spoilers!
-Off to a great start, should’ve been the final episode lol
-Finally Sofia wears her apprentice outfit for the third time
-Hexley Hall again, but also we see Marshak, Merlin and other sorcerers from Mystic Meadows. Where the f is Goodwyn and Winifred?
-Grimtrix returns, so does Greylock, Wu-Chang, Morgana (wonder how she got out of the mirror tho) and Baron von Rocha.
-The Medusa Stone’s effects are permanent unless it was broken by Sofia
-Epic confession that Cedric has a bunch of evil plans after all this hiding
-Cedric sings a rock ballad. Reminds me of Rock of Ages (and Miss Nettle’s My Finest Flower)
-Credits now like Elena of Avalor
-The only funny part of this ep was when he was “joking” in the throne room before he froze the other royal fam
-Sofia and her royal fam only forgave him after all they’ve been through

I hope Disney/DreamWorks/Pixar are gonna make more movies like Brave, Rise Of The Guardians, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Princess, and the Frog, Hotel Transylvania, Wreck-It Ralph, and Epic. I also hope Studio Ghibli makes more amazing movies, too(And the “Strong Female Protagonist” vibe it sends off). They give out a good message to people I think, so I really hope they make more movies like them.