epic concert is epic


The feeling that you give me, wanna give it right back 😍💞

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I went to the @katyperry concert on 10/18/17 & it was sooo EPIC!! I won tickets from @1075theriver and was so excited to have the opportunity to go!

My tickets were for section 308 in #BridgestoneArena and when we got there they said everyone on the 300 level would be relocated. They had it blocked off & apparently weren’t supposed to have sold any 3rd level tickets. A kind staff member smiled at my sister and I, and offered us new seats…ON THE MAIN FLOOR 😱 We were so close to Katy & the stage and it was the best concert I’ve been to thus far! Even the usher high-fived us when he heard we went from level 3 to the main floor 😄🤘💖🎉🎸🎶 We had the BEST time!!