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Tessa and Scott--New Years Day

Part of the Epic Reputation Collaboration with @tessaandscott97


Hey guys, happy new year! I’m so glad that we’ve all got to enjoy this comeback together. All the highs and the lows, nervous watching through early mornings and late night. I can’t wait to enjoy every second of the last few months of Tessa and Scott’s career.

As always, cheers to new cute OTP moments, hella stressful competition, and everything Tessa and Scott. MUCH LOVE AND HUGS this fandom would not be the same without each and every one of you.

Red, Purple, and associated colors

(Moving forward in our story with @ask-ichiko-matsu, a tale of love, family, and trying to buy dirty comics without your significant other noticing. Also Weird Family Stuff, hopefully More Sexy Times, and Free Nyaa-chan Umbrellas for the First 100 Fans.)

Of course Choromatsu headed directly for the Nyaa-chan table, Osomatsu thought to himself. The line hadn’t been long at all, but he was deathly afraid he might miss out on the special giveaways they had for early festival attendees. “Osomatsu-niisan! Hurry!” All he could do was grumble and follow him, and hope that Ichiko could keep up with them.

As they hurried along, Ichiko was scanning the crowd for signs of her sister, Choroko. This doujinshi festival was right up her alley; she might even be selling some of her independent titles at one of the tiny booths tucked into the convention center. Finally, slightly winded, the trio arrived at the cat-themed pop singer’s booth.