epic coats

The original idea of carving a pariah dog didn’t work (the bone wasn’t thick enough) so instead I made this plate which turned out super smooth and gorgeous.

I now want to burn a design into it, but I have no idea what to do.

A dog? Epic? A hellhound? A skull? A quote? A geometric design?

Ayuda me!

Ah yes… thank you injustice for giving me yet another “guise of Eric border” coat for the joker. The other two I have are just as useless. Not like I’ve been aiming for one of his other epic coats that you always seem to tease me on by having AI’s wear it aalllll the time!!?

Favourite Costumes Day 2:

Here’s what I love about this design – it literally reminds me of nothing that I have ever seen before!

I’m not just talking about the crocodile outfit with the epic coat and stuff

I ask you, (imagine if OUAT never existed) would you ever connect this makeup to Rumplestiltskin? No. (god the makeup was great in this episode…)

It is such a brilliant design. The scaly makeup is amazing, the contacts are downright creepy but here’s the best bit. I’ve said before that I appreciate actors that are able to work through the makeup. Robert Carlyle’s performance transcends the amazing makeup. If he wanted to (and I probably wouldn’t call him one of my favourites if he did because what I’m about to say is very lazy acting) he could have just worn the makeup and done nothing – no facial expressions, nothing. But he didn’t. Because if he didn’t… I would not like Rumple at all!

Aside from the incredible makeup, the costume is fantastic! I love the crocodile skin (haha, wonder if they had the plan of the Crocodile from the get-go?) and the silk shirts… the pants… It is such a cool unique design for this character!

Okay… let’s talk Mr. Gold…

If I haven’t mentioned before that I’ve got a thing for villains in suits… especially with either purple, red or silver… I’ve got a thing for villains in suits!

Again, like with Regina as Madam Mayor, “Mr. Gold” as the pawnbroker/business man/godfather of Storybrooke is an incredible invention.

The suit is so classy and the cane is also amazing.

Trust me… if Rumplestiltskin was not in this show and he did not look this great/act this great… I would not watch it AT. ALL.