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Can we just imagine the losers during Christmas time and doing stuff like:

-having snow ball fights that Richie always initiates

-wearing stupid Christmas sweaters

-Stan trying to educate the group about Hanukkah

-the losers sneaking Mike into the school Christmas dance because he doesn’t go to school with them

-everyone going over to Bill’s house to drink hot chocolate and watch Gremlins

-Ben reading A Visit From St. Nicholas like 500 hundred times through out the month of December

-making snow angels and snowmen and basically just being adorable in the snow

-making gingerbread houses with Georgie (he is still alive because in my mind no one dies and everyone is happy)

-Eddie wearing 30 layers of clothes and looking like the kid from A Christmas Story every time he goes outside to play with the rest of the gang

-Richie making fun of him for this but secretly thinking that it is the cutest thing in the world 

-The losers using Ben’s architectural skills to help build an epic igloo that they hang out in for like 3 weeks 

-Beverly taking up kitting and making all of the boys mittens and even though they have holes in them the boys wear them anyways 

-Richie punching some kid in the face and getting blood on the mitten that Bev made him because they made fun of Eddie for still believing in Santa Clause

-The losers doing secret Santa and sneaking away from there families on Christmas day to give each other there presents 

-Basically just being smol precious children that would die for each other 

And let me know if anyone thinks of anything else :)

when you’ve gone through all sort of emotions after that epic build up in sign of the times the piano bit brings you back to earth to gently lay you in your grave and i think that’s beautiful

The writers knew Nina was leaving TVD early season 6, if they really wanted to build Stelena to be endgame they could’ve done it when Elena got Alaric to compel her memories away and Damon was trapped in the prison world (while simultaneously building Bamon. 😒). So that interview where they said that Stelena could’ve been endgame but wasn’t because Nina left sounds like bullshit to me and I don’t believe it for a minute. Don’t blame the actress for your bad writing and planning.

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Aaah, requests are open, I am so happy, I love you guys!!! Okay, so, if it's okay, could you two write about the RFA+V+Saeran going all together to the beach? And, ah....I really love how you write Saeran (I'm that Anon from some time ago) so, if it's okay, could you write this with Saeran crushing on MC or they already dating each other (you choose)? I am really sorry if this a strange or hard request, if you dont want to do it, you can write an idea of your own, I just love your writing a lot!

Thank you so much! We actually LOVED writing this. This was really sweet:) We left out V, just because…well, spoilers;) Those who’ve been through the secret ends know, but we hope you don’t mind too much! Enjoy this one:) 

  • Saeyoung and Yoosung had spontaneously started planning a beach day in a chatroom
  • While it was out of the blue, everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea
  • So they found a weekend they were all free
  • Saeran was against it nearly the entire time, but eventually caved in after Saeyoung’s *cough* persuasive argument
  • “I told you, I don’t want to go!” 
  • “But, Saeran, MC is coming.”
  • “….Ugh, I guess it won’t be that bad.”
  • On the day itself, your car happens to be in the shop, so you ask for a ride
  • Saeyoung is all too happy to oblige
  • When he pulls up to your driveway, he tells Saeran to sit in the back
  • “Why? The shotgun is free.”
  • “Just go!” 
  • “But MC said she wanted to sit in the back–”
  • “My car, my rules!”
  • “Well, your rules are stupid.”
  • Saeran finds out why soon after…
  • Saeyoung seems to miss every single turn or gets lost often, resulting in super sharp U-turns that send you and Saeran flying into each other’s arms on a constant basis real subtle, Saeyoung
  • Thanks to Jumin, the area you guys settle into isn’t crowded at all
  • Everyone is too excited to get into the water, but Saeran isn’t too enthusiastic
  • He stays behind and offers to set up the blankets and umbrellas, and you linger behind to help him
  • He’s having such a hard time and he keeps complaining to you
  • “Ugh! I hate the sand. So much.”
  • “Settle down there, Anakin,” you laugh ;););)
  • He loosens up and actually starts enjoying the conversation with you
  • Until Yoosung comes over and dumps a bucket of water on him…with sand on the bottom
  • With the glare Saeran gives him, Yoosung is trembling
  • “I did it for the Honey Buddha Chips!” meanwhile Saeyoung is laughing on the sidelines
  • Saeran doesn’t care if it was a bet, he chases the terrified Yoosung all around the beach and straight into the water
  • You follow along–it was too good not to watch
  • Zen and Jaehee excuse themselves to check out the boardwalk and get drinks for everyone
  • They have some bonding time taking selfies and talking about Zen’s new projects and Jaehee’s work
  • Jaehee starts fangirling a little when Zen’s hair starts waving because of the sea salt
  • Zen would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the attention
  • Meanwhile, Saeyoung is attempting to build an epic sandcastle, but he keeps failing cuz his plans keep getting washed away by the water
  • Jumin is watching and gets really frustrated
  • He draws an elaborate blueprint and joins Saeyoung
  • With Saeyoung’s building skills and Jumin’s delegation and good ideas, they start building literally the most epic sandcastle ever also they actually bond instead of fighting over Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Yoosung is watching in awe on the side
  • Finally he comes up and asks if he could help
  • Jumin flat out says no
  • Saeyoung doesn’t refuse though
  • “Yoosung! Your body is the perfect size for a moat. Just lay down here, and I’ll use you as a mold.” 
  • Gullible Yoosung goes along with it and Saeyoung piles sand on top of him
  • “Oh, you know what, let me ask Jumin something real quick!” he says and walks away
  • He doesn’t come back and poor Yoosung is just calling for someone to free him from the heavy sand
  • Zen comes by a little later
  • “Hyung! Thank goodness! Can you help me?”
  • Zen kneels down and starts drawing abs on him, snickering, “See what you could look like if you worked out like me?”
  • Yoosung doesn’t get free until you come along and wash him off…after a few pics of course
  •  Both Jaehee and Saeran start to  get sunburn, so they’re sitting under these huge umbrellas wrapped in towels and soaked in sunscreen
  • You feel bad for Saeran sitting there pouting so you ask if he wants to get ice cream with you on the boardwalk
  • Zen perks up too,“Oh! Can I come?”
  • Saeran jumps to his feet and grabs your wrist, “No. MC let’s go.”
  • The walk there is ten times longer than it needed to be, but neither of you are complaining
  • At first, he’s not really saying much, but he keeps running his hand through his hair and clearing his throat
  • He finally opens up a little when you actually get the ice cream and walk along the boardwalk
  • He even starts getting playful, taking a small bite from your ice cream or chasing you around when you smear some on his cheek
  • You’ve never seen him laugh so much
  • He finds out he’s pretty good at those arcade games, so he keeps playing them
  • He wins you several stuffed animals, and you two even have some matching ones
  • The sun is setting by the time you get back to the others
  • You all just sit around, mostly in silence and eating
  • While everyone is packing up, you and Saeran sneak away to get one last walk on the beach together
  • He even got the courage to hold your hand for a little
  • It was one of the nicest days you’ve ever had 

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i feel like if everyone saw the destiel subtext there wouldn't be half as many fans like us lol. i think part of the intrigue is the need to analyze and meta the crap out of their love story. that being said, i still wish a higher percentage of fans were on board.

Don’t worry about it, they will be soon ;) 

I think season 13 will be such a pie to the face that Dabb will be like:

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And the GA will be like:

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If you can write 1000 words a day, that’s 365,000 words a year. Enough to finish an epic length fic, maybe even two.

If you can write 500 words a day, you have 182,500. Still enough for an epic fic, or a good body of shorter work.

Some days you won’t hit the mark. There will be times you fall under. There may be days you don’t write at all. This is the hard part, doing it everyday, especially as a side interest and not a job. But that’s okay.

Because some days you’ll go over. Some days the juice will flow and the words won’t stop. And over or under, if you just sit and write as often as possible, it’s more words down than you had before.

And every word down is a step closer to the finish line that you set for yourself. The race isn’t endless even if it looks that way. You can do it.

You can do it!

So the final Agni Kai...

Obviously this has been said time and time again, but, like… the music. This is my absolute favorite bit from the soundtrack. What I like best about it is that they were smart enough to let the score evolve. It didn’t stick to a single tempo or melody. It’s incredibly clever because it allows the music to express all the emotion and themes that are involved in this scene. They could have used an overt, grandiose, high-energy score but what they chose to do ended up being so much more expressive. A constant high-energy score would have drawn more attention to the physical action and fight sequence (which is amazing and brilliantly animated, don’t get me wrong), but the music they chose drew more attention to the actual emotion and tragedy of it all. A brother and sister fighting to the death, one fighting to do the right thing and the other rapidly losing her sanity. And that’s just the first part of the track! The song evolves. The music starts as a sweeping, slow, epic, tragic melody that builds and falls and builds and falls, stops, then returns with a high-paced and frenetic tempo as Azula prepares the lightning. It increases the intensity of the moment within seconds, indicates the presence of danger and unpredictability while signaling the arrival of the climax of the scene. Then, in the second Azula releases the lightning at Katara, the music returns with the same somber, sorrowful melody and once again, pulls the attention away from the action, away from the presence of a dangerous, imminent threat, and redirects it back to the actual emotion of the scene, to the realization and fear that Zuko is about to lose someone about whom he truly cares, the shift from the defense of oneself to the protection of another, to the display of loyalty and love shown through heart-breaking self-sacrifice. Conclusion: everything about the music in the scene was stunningly well-done. The melody rises and falls, the tempo shifts multiple times, and overall, the music exists and evolves to place focus on each and every moment of significance and emotion and pain during this scene. I want filmmakers and musicians and artists and writers to just take as many lessons as they possibly can from this, because it truly falls under the category of “most powerful scores of all time”. This music was perfectly constructed to express the significance of this scene, has left an unbelievably deep impact on me, and continues to have the same heartwrenching effect every… single… time I listen to it and every… single… time I watch the scene.

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I've been thinking about what Jen/Colin said when at the Atlanta panel. Jen mentioned again that she loves that a&e don't break up CS, that they work through their problems as a team (don't remember exact wording). At that point they were on 17 I think? Do you think there's anything there? That maybe Emma won't give back the ring? I'd have to imagine that would seem like a break up, at least for a bit. Or maybe they'll work it out quick enough to not seem like a break up like other shows have.

OK I apologize in advance because this might get a little wordy. LOL

There is no doubt in my mind that this is not going to be a standard breakup–even a short term one. And here’s why.

Killian and Emma have never been written as an average couple. They’ve never been staged as as average couple. Their relationship arc has not been that of an average couple. The stakes in their relationship–both on a physical and emotional level–have never been average. 

This isn’t an accident. It’s all been carefully handled since day one. At no point have they ever veered off this path. This isn’t just love, it isn’t just true love, it’s epic true love. 

Of course even epic true love faces bumps in the road just like any other relationship. The difference is how epic true love handles those bumps.

I don’t believe for one second we’ll see Emma give the ring back to Killian in a flouncy “we’re over” type scene. That’s not happening.

Here’s the bottom line. 

In any relationship there are a series of moments when you either trust the other person or you don’t. You either believe in them or you don’t. You either have faith in them or you don’t. These are the moments that define a relationship. 

Emma and Killian have faced every one of those moments unflinchingly. They trust each other not only with their lives but with their hearts. They believe in each other’s vision of not only the present but the future. They each have tptal faith that the other will be there for them in every way imaginable.

You don’t build an epic love story and then damage it with a retread of a plotline we’ve all see 100000000 times. And there is absolutely nothing in what we’ve seen on screen up to this point that shows they have any intention of doing that now.

Speaking from a strictly structural point of view–and those of you who read the bullets know how I love me some structure–the bookend scenes of the proposal were Belle not only understanding but applauding the reason why Gold did the bad thing he did ala the Blue Fairy and Regina wrestling with the idea of reconciling the two sides of herself. I mean seriously–they’re not even being subtle here.

I think anyone preparing themselves for a worst case scenario where Killian and Emma have a big fight, break up, he heads off and they spend several episodes up to their eyeballs in hurt feelings and bad behavior is in for a very pleasant surprise.

And those people hoping for that scenario are going to be sorely disappointed.

Gideon may have something up his sleeve but don’t underestimate Emma. She’s the farthest thing from a brainless little piece of fluff, susceptible to manipulation by a sociopath with training wheels that there is. She’s smart and she’s strong and she loves her man. She’ll behave accordingly.

As for Killian, his only doubt at the moment is in own worthiness. He blames himself for what happened with Robert far more than anyone else will in the end. And yes I include Charming in that.

He’s about to face a test but it won’t have anything to do with Emma. He doesn’t have to prove anything to her. Or convince her of anything. He has to convince himself.

And in an epic love story when one partner is facing a crisis of confidence in themselves the other partner is there to hold them up, to support them, and to love them.

While I don’t think Emma will hurl the ring at Killian in anger I do think at some point it will come off and there will be a second proposal. Because what we see in the sneak peek is Emma realizing that she robbed Killian of his moment. Not intentionally and not with malice but nevertheless she took it from him. 

And at some point we’re going to see her, and the show, give him that moment back.

Get the kleenex.

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What do you think are the key qualities that differentiate cs from snowing

The way their stories were told.

We were introduced to Snowing as True Love and then saw snippets of how they got there in flashbacks. By the time we got to season 2 their love story was cemented and there was no question about the outcome.

Conversely, for Captain Swan, we saw them meet and go from adversaries to allies to friends to lovers in painstaking step-by-step fashion. We got to take the 5-year journey with them and see every development and milestone in order, and experience every emotional high and low with them in what felt like real time.

While I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like Snowing, I absolutely do, their onscreen journey, in my opinion, had nowhere near the emotional impact and their story doesn’t capture me in the same way.

To me, comparing a new love story to Snowing is a vastly lower bar than comparing it to Captain Swan. If you want to replicate Snowing you cast some actors with decent chemistry, tell the audience they are true love and then dole out a few details on how they got there. It may not work, but it’s doable.

To replicate Captain Swan you have to get incredibly lucky with who you cast, have a 5-year “runway” on which to build an epic romance, captivate the hearts of a gigantic fanbase that elevates the pair so they are recognized as one of the greatest romantic relationships on TV, and basically capture lightning in a bottle. If you try to replicate magic like this, you are most certainly doomed for failure.

That’s the difference.

Imagine your Squad

We all have a favorite squad, either our OCs or from canon, that is basically like a happy dysfunctional little family. Imagine that they are now living in an apartment/dorm together

-Who is the annoying roommate who never does the dishes? which one stays up so late and keeps everyone up? which one is the mom friend who keeps everyone from burning the house down?

-imagine gaming nights. They decide to do Mario kart/smash brothers. which one swears? which one always wins? which one flings their whole body around and hurts themselves? does it end in a physical fight? imagine them playing guitar hero

-imagine it’s like 4am and they are all crowded in the living room helping each other finish their cosplay for comic con. what is each dressed as? who is just wearing a t-shirt and calling it a day? who has spend three months on their cosplay? who is mom friend who wears the backpack full of everyone’s water and money. who comes home with so much merch they can’t fit it in their room

-imagine pizza nights. what do they order? who pays? who steals the last slice and who fights them for it?

- imagine your squad going to Denny’s at 3am and filling up a booth and being so loud and crazy that they get kicked out. which one is asleep the whole time? which one orders more pancakes than a human being should ever eat?

-imagine them deciding to have a sleepover in the middle of the living room. imagine them all pulling out sleeping bags and flashlights and staying up until 5am. which one tries to get everyone to stop talking at a reasonable hour because they’re so tired? who starts a game of “truth or dare”? how does it end? about what time do the dirty secrets start coming out? who is wearing the crazy pajamas? who snores so loud nobody can sleep? who brings the epic snacks? who starts the pranks? is there blanket sharing?

-imagine a rainy day. they decide to play board games. who rocks at which game? (scrabble/risk/chess/connect-four) imagine little candles out, and one of them makes Ramon noodles and hot cocoa, and everyone of them in sweaters

-imagine one of them gets the horrible idea to play monopoly. who owns the board? who is always in debt? who spends the whole game in jail? who flips the board? who tries to kill whom in the fight that is guaranteed to ensue?

-imagine it’s 1am and the squad decides they need to take an emergency trip to the store, because they need more energy drinks or Doritos or something. who sits in the cart? who pushes them around the store? who gets lost? who is the mom friend trying to contain them and ends up paying for the food and something they broke. 

 -imagine Christmas time. imagine they sharing hot cocoa and eggnog and all wearing sweaters. who made all the sweaters? who gets (and gave) what for secret Santa? who drinks a little too much eggnog and blasts Christmas music so loud the landlady has to intervene? who bakes Christmas cookies for everyone? who puts something ridiculous as the star on the tree? who puts up the mistletoe (and is there kissing?) who puts Christmas lights on everything and everyone?

-imagine clothes swap, where everyone has to change clothes with someone else. Who switches with whom? who looks like a child with giant clothes on? who’s clothes are about to burst? who looks embarrassed and who owns it. 

-imagine them playing a tabletop RPG. who is the DM/GM? who is obsessed with loot? who is always rollling 1s and who is always rolling 20s? who has a superstition they have to follow or their dice will be cursed? imagine the healer gets killed and they all begin to panic. who makes the bad decision that gets them in the mess? who is the healer? who brings all the good snacks? 

-if the squad is magical/superpower imagine their powers going out of control and they destroy the apartment and the landlady has a heart attack (alternative, squad is solider/spy or something and ends up using weapons in the house and leaving bullet holes and knife marks in the furniture)

-imagine one of the squad members wakes everyone up because there is a pokemon outside and they have to catch it, so they all pull out their phones and go on an adventure.

-imagine the squad at the beach. imagine them in their suits laying on the sand. imagine them playing in the waves, and knocking each other over and splashing each other. who stays on the sand with the stuff while the others swim? who builds the epic castle and who builds a mount of dirt. imagine the squad burying one member up to the neck. imagine them having sandwiches and lemonade and chips and salted watermelon and getting sand in everything.

-imagine the squad skipping rocks. who’s good at it and who just lugs a giant rock into the water to splash everyone. 

-imagine the squad trying to make a cake (maybe for one member’s birthday?) and getting cake batter everywhere. who tries to eat all the batter? who squirts frosting onto whom?

-imagine the squad having a dance off. 

-imagine all the members of the squad wearing shirts saying “if lost return to xxx” and one person wearing a shirt saying “i am xxx”

-imagine sqUAD ROAD TRIP. Who drives? who rides shotgun? imagine them fighting over music. who distributes the snacks? who complains the whole time? 

-imagine the squad all wearing fuzzy socks, and sliding around and pretending that they’re having a hockey match

-imagine the squad at the apartment, all trying to reach a deadline for their work/school before morning. who can’t handle it and starts crying? who falls asleep? who keeps everyone hydrated and motivated, (and carries a squirt bottle to wake up sleepy heads). 

-imagine the squad at the bar. imagine all but one of them are sober, who is the sober one(aka the driver)? who does something really stupid? who catches it on tape? who gets really flirty and who starts bawling and telling all their secrets? who ends up paying? 

-imagine a squad prank war. Who starts it? who takes it a little too far? what are the pranks? who tries to stay out of it but ends up falling into all the traps meant for someone else?

-every squad needs a swear jar. who the top contributor? who carries it around and thrusts it into peoples arms when they swear? who shamelessly swears and drops a coin in every time they pass the jar. who feels like an awful person whenever they swear  and will run all the way home to put their coin in? who refuses to put their money in when they swear, but is perfectly fine with collecting? what do they do with the money when the jar is full?

-imagine the squad creating a secret handshake, involving no less than 18 different motions, a hip bump, lyrics to chant during the handshake, and ending in a full body flourish and someone throwing confetti 

-imagine a squad sick day, when that one person (we all know who) gets the cold that means everyone is getting it, there is no use trying to hide. imagine everyone is sick and sprawled out on something (bonus if one is on the ground) and covered in blankets and surrounded by tissues. They do rock paper scissors to see who is making everyone chicken noodle soup (who loses?) 

-imagine the squad going camping. who puts up the tent? who makes the fire? who tries to roast twenty marshmallows at once? who gets bitten the most? who complains the most? who spots the deer? imagine them going canoeing. who tips over the canoe? who makes sure everyone wears a life vest?

-imagine them playing in the snow. who builds a snowman? who cannot for the life of them make a snow angel? who wears so much clothing that they can’t move? who throws the first snowball? who takes the fight a little too seriously? imagine the chaos.

-imagine the squad at the arcade. Who spends all their cash on tokens? who tries to climb into the skeeball machine? who kicks the coin pusher to try and knock the coins hanging over the edge? Who beats all the high scores on all the games? who wins the giant stuffed animal? (and who do they give it to?)

-imagine the squad having a really nice family dinner with spaghetti and garlic toast and salad and milk in wine glasses. Who makes the dinner? who stands by the whole time trying to steal bites? who tries to force salad onto everyone’s plates? who puts one lettuce leaf on their plate to make that person happy? who eats all the garlic toast? who slurps their spaghetti? who ends up cleaning afterwards?  

-imagine squad movie night! what movie does each suggest? imagine them all trying to share one couch and one blanket. who closes their eyes for the scary parts? who keeps a deadpan expression through everything? who screams the most? who cries first/the most when the dog dies? who laughs the most and who make stupid comments throughout the movie? who eats all the popcorn? who falls asleep?

-just imagine a happy squad with nobody trying to kill them and the world not ending

I try my best not to let it get to me or make something out of nothing but it does hurt my heart when I think about how the narrative has presented Bellamy’s relationships as opposed to Clarke’s. In season 1 he fucked around, we never really got to know those girls. Then he and Raven had sex and that didn’t go anywhere. Once and done. Then Gina and Bellamy got together, he was happy but we never got to see their relationship. Now, Bree shows up again but all we are introduced to is how much of a Clarke copy she is (in terms of looks anyways). None of Bellamy’s romantic relationships are allowed worth and their own story. There are no epic declarations of love, no build up and no development. Within the narrative, Bellamy’s relationships are not given the weight they, in my opinion, should get, for a male lead character. When it comes to Clarke, we have been allowed the epic declarations of love, build up, development of relationships. With all her relationships. All of them. Even Clarke’s sexual relationship with Niylah has been developed.

I’m aware that many disagree with me on this and don’t see it the way I do. I’m not sure I even see it the way I do sometimes. But in more ways than not, Bellamy’s only true romantic relationship allowed the equal treatment as Clarke’s relationships, has been Bellarke. Clarke has gotten Finn, Lxa, Bellamy, Niylah. Even when Bellamy is with Gina, we are shown how deeply he loves Clarke. Going out of his way to save Clarke. Trying to reach Clarke, not stopping for anything, not even death. But we were never allowed to see his relationship with Gina outside of 2-3 scenes. We are never allowed to see his relationships at all. The narrative tells us about Bellamy’s relationships. The narrative tells AND shows us Clarke’s relationships.

The lack of emotional connection cheapens Bellamy’s relationships. It’s not about the amount of relationships Bellamy and Clarke have, it’s about quality. People care about Finn/Clarke, Lxa/Clarke, Bellamy/Clarke, Niylah/Clarke. People do not feel emotional connected to Bellamy’s relationships because the narrative keeps telling us that Bellamy’s love for Clarke is greater. Gina gets one sentence in 4x01 and then nothing. Lxa gets the whole season. While we know Clarke loves Bellamy, the narrative still takes us on the CLxa love story and elevates it in a way Bellamy’s relationships would never. Clarke is allowed to love Lxa while her love for Bellamy is never questioned by the narrative. Bellamy is not allowed to love Gina without the narrative pointing out how far Bellamy will go for Clarke, going as far as having Gina semi point out that he can stay with her instead of leaving. We are lead to question his love for Gina. The narrative shows us the deepth of Bellamy’s love for Clarke but not for Gina. However, we are never lead to question Clarke’s love for Lxa. Clarke’s relationships are all “the greatest love of her life”, they mean something to the narrative, they are deemed important.

Stuff like this does shift the balance because no matter what, I can never see anyone more important to Bellamy than Clarke. That’s because the narrative keeps showing us that. I can not say the same for Clarke. The narrative have shown us several people in Clarke’s life that have and can be more important to her than Bellamy. In life, we usually don’t love just one person, so there’s nothing wrong with Clarke’s relationships. Not at all. They are valid. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think Clarke loves Bellamy deeply because she does. What it means for me is that I buy all of Clarke’s relationships but I do not buy Bellamy’s because the narrative doesn’t care enough to make me. It’s like Bellamy sits on a shelf waiting for Bellarke so finally one of his relationships can be deemed worthy.

I don’t need Bellamy walking around saying “I love you” to show his love and as a Blarke, I am happy with the true development of Bellamy and Clarke. I just wish the narrative had shown us his relationships. Allowed him and the viewers to emotionally connect to his relationships. Allowed his relationships to exist. Given them worth.

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How in the hell did Clara ruin Twelve? A lot of us have adored Peter's entire run and it is really hard sharing Bill with people ripping apart what came before with vague sweeping statements like that. We were in it from the start and a bit more sensitivity would be appreciated if this fandom has any hope of not being a toxic mess. I hate Ten but I've never tried to enforce it as a universal opinion to shit on his fans. It's probably your fault we're losing Peter this soon.

I get that people love her. I don’t and it’s called a matter of opinions. She stayed too long and was far too much of a special snowflake and Moffat tried to make the show about her when it was really about the doctor. If she wanted her own show, she needed a spin-off.  The companion should never be bigger than the Doctor. They’re meant to be us, in his world. I found nothing to connect to with Clara at all, and yet three episodes in Bill has me hooked. She’s had her time- move on. Frankly, she should have left in the Name of the Doctor.

Actually, I really enjoyed Barmaid Clara and Asylum Clara but I could not stand ‘normal’ Clara at all and me and a lot of my friends have a hard time connecting with her.

  • Not once did she thank the Doctor for taking her on board the TARDIS throughout her entire run and yet Bill thanked him in the second episode
  • She tried to blackmail the Doctor in the dreamscape to give him the TARDIS key to bring Danny back
  • Flatline where she took on the appearance as the Doctor - I could not stop cringing
  • Kill the Moon where she literally gave the Doctor dramatic speech about forcing her to make decisions on life and death when he HAS to do that THOUSAND time over and over and Clara doesn’t like it when it has been forced upon her. GET A GRIP WOMAN.
  • She was rude to Cass and her crew in Before the Flood and god damn well deserved that swear Cass gave her. (CASS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE COMPANION!)
  • What she did between Danny and the Doctor throughout series 9. Danny was treated so unfairly and very much reminded me of the situation of Rose/Doctor/Mickey all over again.
  • She thinks she ‘knows’ everything about the Doctor when really she doesn’t
  • I loved the fact the TARDIS hated her just as much as I did
  • The gap in how she came from being a nanny to two kids to being a teacher
  • Hell Bent. She ruined what could have been an amazing story about the manipulative Time-Lords after the war and that epic build-up of Gallifrey but of course, it had to be about her and Me who I could not care less about.
  • Completely self-centered 
  • Clara always fixes everything. She’s perfect. And you know what? Perfect characters suck because they don’t feel human and are not flawed.
  • Because since she has no personality, no depth, no flaws, I just straight-up don’t care about her, one way or the other. Whether she leaves by violent death or just by waving goodbye and walking away, I won’t care. I’ll just mumble a quick “good riddance” and just wait for the show to either pick back up or find more new and exciting ways to disappoint me.

anonymous asked:

have you ever considered cho and ginny as cute magical girlfriends? ginny is adventurous and wild and cho is clever and curious. they build epic pillow forts together and ginny lays with her head in chos lap while cho plays with her hair and tells ginny about things shes read. ginny writes an awesome song for cho for her bday and plays it for her. cho makes the best pancakes and ginny tries making pancakes for cho but they end up burnt (cho doesn't mind tho. she teaches ginny hot to cook later)