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Absurdity Epic

I finally figured out what I would call the genre that both The Adventure Zone and Homestuck fall into. I’d call it an ‘absurdity epic’. An alternative medium story - not book, television, or movie - that begins almost entirely absurd and played largely for comedy and laughs. It then slowly grows in seriousness, complexity, and emotional resonance. It will also involve comprehensive character arcs and stretch the bounds of a conventional epic by traversing time/universes/realties. Additionally, the alternative medium will allow for a lot of creator-audience interaction, meaning a lot of user input (in Homestuck the character names and early actions were chosen by readers, in TaZ characters are named after fans and magic items are submitted by fans, both have used fan-created music within the story), as well as shaping the story to respond to fan demographics (in the case of both stories, they began typically straight and ended with a majority of LGBT couples). The stories are told serially through the internet, which lets real-time fan reactions affect the plot and storytelling. Both the story’s narrative and dialogue might have references to fan theories, recent events, trends, turns of speech, or memes, which would make listening/reading at a later time a completely different experience. Absurdity Epics are best enjoyed as they’re in progress, or immediately after they’ve been completed. 


Okay episode 4 was freaking AMAZEBALLS. And of course I HAD to draw Undyne being a badass haha. I remembered that Cami made a tu-toriel (Im not sorry) for animating fire so I decided to give it a try. It could be better but I tried my best. I dont have an animation program so I had to draw each frame individually in my art program :/

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