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Guys, but, hear me out

Small Town Witch Clexa AU:

- Clarke, Raven and Octavia as young hereditary witches; they go to the same high school and are pretty popular and are about to be initiated into their Coven as their powers are just beginning to show; their parents have been preparing them for it since they were kids;

- Them living in that small town with the woods nearby, all three of them on the same street in those typical houses and driving their cars and going to high school parties and having bonfires and goofing around with their powers;

- Raven’s first power to awaken is firebending; Octavia’s is to go invisible, and Clarke’s is telepathy and compulsion;

- Lexa as the new mysterious kid and Clarke feeling immediately drawn to her;

- Lexa as the only one who can resist Clarke’s powers (because true love I’m sorry I don’t make the rules)

- Lexa as the last heir to a huge witch dynasty and having no idea who she actually is;

- Lexa as a total delicate flower and a bit of an outcast;

- I don’t know if there are vampires but there are absolutely werewolves and Bellamy is one of them;

- Anya is, too; sent to sniff Lexa out but turning on her employers to protect this smol broody bean from her asshole family;

- Clexa as Juliet and Juliet but no one dies and everyone’s got badass powers;

- Their soundtrack is Ed Sheeran and The National and Cary Brothers and Sleeperstar and basically all those indie-acoustic-bands;

- Lexa in hoodies and gingham shirts and Converse sneakers!

- Clarke in boots and skinny jeans and leather jackets;

- “Mutual dislike to mutual lust to mutual love” trope, anyone?

- Lexa climbing the tree to sneak into Clarke’s bedroom;

- Epic love confessions on an empty town square with those tiny Christmas lights everywhere;

- I just want a basic ass supernatural teen drama but with lesbians because anything is better with lesbians;

hannaisafangirl-deactivated2016  asked:

I dunno if you're taking prompts - pls ignore this if you're not - but could you do something with Drarry fighting and bickering at one another all the time? Like they're together but still row like constantly about everything and nothing. It's pretty vague, sorry! Okay have a nice day anyway!

Inviting his boyfriend to his best friends’ engagement party wasn’t meant to start a row. 

It did anyway.

Harry had been trying and failing to get Ron, Hermione and Draco to bury the hatchet and all become friends. It hadn’t been working out so well. Draco had refused to go to the engagement party because it was going to be “full of Weaslebees.” 

The row had lasted a good twenty minutes. The make-up shag had lasted twice as long. Harry still ached from how hard Draco had pressed his back against the wall.

It seemed that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t help ending up at each other’s throats. Sometimes Harry would forget what had even started the row until he was on the brink of orgasm and then it would hit him. “Oh right, Draco had said Luna should be locked up at St. Mungo’s.” 

It was difficult because Harry loved Draco. It was an intense kind of love that sparked quite suddenly and burned brightly. The only way they knew was fighting fire with fire.

“Can’t we just, for one fucking day, not fight?” Harry hissed over the table at the posh restaurant Draco had taken him to. 

“You started it,” Draco snapped back. “Bringing up that stupid little house elf!” 

“You can’t even say his name, can you?” Harry shouted, rising to his feet and throwing his napkin down. He walked out of the restaurant and disapparated back to their flat. Leaning against the wall heavily, he took off his glasses and covered his eyes with his hand. 

He heard the crack as Draco appeared beside him. “What are you doing?” he asked, grabbing Harry by the arm. “We were meant to be having a nice night out.” 

Harry wrenched his arm away and shoved his glasses back onto his face. “Well, I wasn’t having a nice time, were you?” he retorted angrily. 

Draco slumped his shoulders. “No, I wasn’t,” he agreed, going over to the sofa and dropping onto it wearily. 

“We can’t go on like this,” Harry said, sighing heavily. “Fighting and fucking and fighting and fucking. It’s exhausting.” 

“Then leave,” Draco hissed, turning his face away. 

“Hey,” Harry said, walking over and dropping down onto his knees in front of Draco. “I love you. Draco, come on.” 

Draco’s lips curled up into a snarl. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

“I’m not telling,” Harry informed him, gently rubbing his hands over Draco’s thighs in an effort to sooth him. “I’m asking. Why do you always insist on pushing my buttons?”

Draco shrugged and kept his face turned away from Harry. The tension was gone from his shoulders though, so Harry considered that victory. 

“Draco…” Harry said calmly. “Let’s start simple. Do you love me?” 

Draco nodded without saying a word.

“Do you want me to leave?” 

Draco shook his head.

Harry smiled and took Draco’s hand in his, pressing a kiss to the back of his hand. “Then something has to change between us. Tell me why you keep fighting with me.” 

“I don’t know,” Draco said in frustration, his voice hoarse. “A mixture of old habits and ingrained narcissism, I suppose.”

Harry snorted. “Glad to hear you admit it that you’ve got a big head,” he teased, giving Draco’s hand a squeeze. 

Draco finally turned his head, his eyes looking so blue and shining bright in the darkness of their flat. “I keep waiting for you to see sense.”

Harry swallowed thickly. “What do you mean?” 

“I mean you’re Harry Potter,” Draco said, dropping his head onto the back of the sofa. “The Chosen One. Savior of Wizards. Defeater of the Dark Lord. Blah blah blah. Do I think I haven’t heard the whispers behind my back? People asking what you’re doing with a death eater. The boy who nearly killed Albus Dumbledore. They think I’ve cursed you into being with me, some sort of love potion. So I’ve been waiting for you to realize what an idiot you’re making of yourself being with me. I push your buttons, Harry, because I’m trying to get it over with.” Draco closed his eyes and inhaled shakily. “On the other hand, it’s a small victory every time you don’t leave. Every time you should but you don’t and you stay with me.” 

“What a load of rubbish,” Harry said, surging up and capturing Draco’s lips in a searing kiss. “Since when do you care about what other people think, eh? Since when does that matter to you?” 

Draco fixed him with a hard stare. “Since I started dating the most talked about Wizard of the past two decades.” 

Harry snorted and dropped his head into Draco’s lap. “Fuck, Draco. So you’ve been trying to get rid of me this whole time?”

“I was trying to keep from getting in too deep,” Draco grumbled, running his fingers through Harry’s hair. 

“Too bad,” Harry said, turning his head to the side and smiling. “I’m in too deep. So just knock it off, okay? I’m not going anywhere. Get it through your thick skull, you berk.” 

Draco worried his bottom lip between his teeth for a moment and continued stroking Harry’s unruly mop of hair. “You’re staying,” Draco said quietly. 

“I’m staying,” Harry murmured happily. 

“I’m still not happy about having to go to Weasley and Granger’s engagement party,” Draco informed him. 

Harry laughed. “I know you’re not,” he said, lifting his head up and tugging Draco down into another kiss. “But you’re going because you love me.”

Draco hummed and gently stroked his finger along Harry’s jawline. “People will continue to talk about us.” 

Harry grinned. “Let them talk,” he said boldly. “Everyone who matters knows the truth.” 

“And that is?” Draco challenged, raising an eyebrow. 

“That Draco Malfoy bewitched The Boy Who Lived and he didn’t even have to use any magic,” Harry said with a wink. 

Draco rolled his eyes. “You’re such an idiot, Potter.”

Harry laughed. “Do you prefer The Chosen One chose Draco Malfoy?” 

“Oh for the love of Salazar, please stop!” Draco said, trying to squirm away but Harry held onto him.

“Maybe I should call up Rita Skeeter and give her the full scoop of how our epic rivalry on the Quidditch field led to an epic romance in the bedroom!” Harry said, laughing uncontrollably. 

“I changed my mind, I want you to leave,” Draco said, shoving Harry away. 

Harry hopped up onto Draco’s lap and wrapped his arms around Draco’s neck, holding him in place. “Are you going to stop being a bloody nitwit?” 

“That depends,” Draco said pensively. “Are you?” 

Harry groaned in exasperation. “Just shut up and say yes.” 

Draco grinned. “Whatever you say.” 

If Dirty Mind was Prince’s uncompromising departure from the decadent coming-of-age pains and obsessions that were captured on 1978’s For You and 1979’s Prince, 1981’s Controversy was the cerebral and slightly darker expansion of the brave template that he laid out for Dirty Mind. 35 years after its initial release, I can’t fathom why it remains largely neglected in the stunning pre-Purple Rain trifecta that began with Dirty Mind and concluded with 1982’s double-opus 1999. It’s clearly the misunderstood middle child of the masterstrokes that bookend it, but there’s more to it. It solidified the unpredictable world of Minneapolis’ unpredictable wunderkind, who was set to become one of the definitive post-modern visionaries of the Eighties. 

Proof of this fact is found on the grand first side of Controversy, in which its three songs perfectly illustrate Prince’s game plan not only in the narratives of his unparalleled Eighties-period work, but for the trajectory of his entire career. The title track begins with a scathing denouncement to his conservative critics, and boldly juxtaposes his message with a religious awakening when he recites ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’ It was probably the first instance of religion in his work. Then, he reaffirms the utopian sexual liberation he covered in Dirty Mind’s “Uptown” for “Sexuality.” Only this time, sexual expression is positioned with the call for societal uprising to incite anti-conserativism. Then, he reclines with burning eroticism on “Do Me, Baby,” which can be considered his first true 'bedroom epic.’ It was voyeuristic and fantastical all at once, but no less realistic. And this was only the first side, mind you. In the second half, political affairs, funk, and even more sex took on more adventurous extremes. Prince was onto something, and soon he would rule the rest of the era at every cost. A transitional classic for the ages, Controversy still bites with truth and edge after 35 years.