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Epic!Frisk…. Rises….

Comic by @yugogeer12

Also! EpicTale Ch 2 Dub coming soon!


If there was ever any doubt that Lee Joon Gi is the biggest SoSoo shipper out there, he’s pretty much confirmed it during his Taiwanese fanmeeting when he decided to give the fans THE SOON he had promised on his instagram last year and reenacted with IU the unaired alternate ending of Moon Lovers. Never has any actors done such an epic act of fan service for his fans! ALL HAIL THE ONE AND ONLY LEE JOON GI, Prince Wang So.

Sometimes, the warrior dies a hero’s death.
The sun is a little dimmer the next day, 
mourning his absence,
but the night sky gains another star
burning with the glory of his life and his death and his legacy,
and all is right in the world.

Sometimes, the warrior dies a martyr’s death.
There are galaxies in his blood,
and legends in his skeleton. 
The world mourns him with a revolution in his name.
In the end, he is an epic in three acts: 

But sometimes,
sometimes, the warrior does not die a hero or a martyr.
There are no stars to see when he looks up for the last time. 
There is no glory to be found when his blood spills.
It is a pitiful, whimpering thing,
when the warrior drops his sword and shield
because the world disavowed its own saviour.

Sometimes, the warrior dies,
forgotten and melancholy and alone
on bended knees:
     a child’s death.

—  wasn’t he always just a child under all the armour? ( j.p. )


I love this little side AU that @yugogeer12 made. and i love the fuck out of some storyshift.

Lil something to tide people over till i can get the next part of epictale done.

Comic by @yugogeer12

Voices by @tehrogue (me)

:((((((( enough ppl across twitter/reddit are already going after the cast (matt especially) for a few possible game mechanic mistakes/metagaming claims, and he’s already posted like a 5-6 tweet long response about how he tries really hard but sometimes makes mistakes, and how all they want to do is have fun and have fun with us; and all I want to do is like make him hot chocolate and give him a hug :(((((((

Like seriously, they have to keep track of so. many. different. things! I am in constant awe of their epic juggling act.

Could have had a parallel of Bonnie choosing Damon, with Damon choosing Bonnie in 6x22...

But, nope of course not with JP.  Bonnie is written to be so co dependent on Enzo that I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that she choose him. 

Let’s throw away Bamon history and a man in Damon that has been constantly coming up with plans to save Bonnie’s life and keep her safe.  Who was willing to let her hate him to save her life.  Who was the one to come up with the plan to bring her back to life after she died.  Who was the one in Season 7 who went all out to save her and to protect her.

For the man who did nothing and sat back and was willing to let her die for his own selfish needs of keeping her.  Because a few flashbacks  equals to him being her “epic” love and her acting like she would die and wants to die without him around.

Common sense she would pick Damon, but JP wants to sell Big head as Bonnie’s end all to be all. And I’m tired,


If you were able to find something in this season that rocked your socks, I am super happy for you (for realsies! no sarcasm!).

Me? They pretty much lost me after Reichenbach. Series 3 and now 4 have been such huge letdowns in terms of writing quality (though acting/music/directing/set design remain gorgeous), I just…need to find somewhere else to put my Holmesian feels.

You know where that’s gonna be?


(Gaiz. The fix it fic is gonna be EPIC.)

Fandom, I have loads more faith in your ability to take these characters someplace interesting and authentic than I ever had in Mofftiss.

If you feel angry, disappointed, hurt–that’s totally legit.

If you feel the opposite–that’s legit, too.

Either way? Let’s roll up our sleeves and Make Some Art.

anonymous asked:

I expect Stefan to have no humanity for the next four, five or six episodes and it should create an interesting dynamic for Steroline. My dream scenario for Stefan turning it back on isn't some huge torture scene or epic act of love from Caroline or Damon. Rather, I would like to see Stefan have prolonged exposure to Caroline. Being around her so much, Stefan can't help but care about her. He's around her so much, he involuntarily starts to regain his humanity. That would be really powerful.

This is exactly what I want, I want her to wear him down just by being around him because it’s a great parallel to “you’re still you.” Also I want Stefan to be the one constantly following her because I want his downfall to be his obsession with Caroline even without humanity. As in he knows he should stay away from her because she’s such s strong emotional connection for him but he’s so drawn to her as the Ripper than he can’t help himself.


Spoilers… Epic!Sans first word was BRUH

Comic by @yugogeer12 (the most awesome of BroBruhs)

Voices by @tehrogue (me)




Epic act of self defense⬇GP of Spain at Jarama 1981
Williams added the name of the new main sponsor TAG to the team name. Lotus returned to the former main sponsor John Player Special.
Jacques Laffite placed his Ligier on the pole position, in front of the 2 Williams. Gilles Villeneuve was on 7th place in the grid.
The race took place on a very hot day. Race day was unusually hot. At the beginning of the race Jones and Reutemann went into the lead, as Laffite made a poor start.
Villeneuve finished third in the first corner, chewing his front wing. At the start of the second round, the Canadians used Reutemann’s wind shadows to reach second place.
By the end of the 14th round, Jones had taken a lead of about ten seconds at the helm as he came down short of the track due to a driving error. This led Villeneuve in front of Reutemann, Prost, Watson and Laffite. Prost dropped out in the 29th round and Reutemann, with gear problems, fell behind Watson and Laffite. In the fifth place, de Angelis, who joined the management group, followed.
During the last 28 laps of the race, it turned out that Villeneuve had a slight advantage over the four directly following competitors on the start-finish straight due to his turbomotor. Laffite was able to sit down next to the Canadians several times, but by clever blocking, Gilles prevented any overtaking maneuvers. The five opponents crossed the finish line at 1.24 seconds. Nigel Mansell finished on 6th place.
It was Villeneuve’s last victory…
The relatively angled and thus comparatively slow course was now regarded as inappropriate for the Formula 1 of the time. Not least because of the lack of spectator interest was decided, there no further Grand Prix there.
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in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

I love you, Stefan. Y o u.


I’m always a sucker for fart jokes, and this has got to be one of the best ones there is… And thatsthat24’s reaction is epic! (yeah it’s acting, but HE’S GOOD :D)