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The first trailer for DreamWorks’ Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) is out today!

Mahou Go Devlog diary #04

Late, but here it goes! The major update here is the beginning of a hard work to make a trailer for the demo version of game.

My plan is to launch a demo version of Mahou Go until december of this year. After finishing the dialogue system, I have a complete alpha game to show to you guys. So, there’s a couple of months for me to do some new arts, build a website and start a steam page.

As usual, last month was good. I had some time to build a new level, fixed minor bugs and improved some visuals. The coding stuff is ok for now, so, I’m working hard to polish the game and add minor details. New musics was added, too.

For June, I think that some drawings and key visuals will be good since my drawings got so much better.

Actually, I’ve got some good insights for UMG/HUD improvements (after playing Persona 5 for a while… man, this game’s amazing beautiful). It’s not something hard to do and gives a lot of charm to the whole visual.

This is a print testing the camera depth again. How I love this big head, hahaha.

Demo details

As I said before, there’s ins’t much to say about that now. I’m planning to launch a demo until the end of this year (for Mac and Windows). So, stay in touch to get more infos about this. 

This is all for now. See ya, guys! 

Commission [3] Complete! ~ @super-aids1 

I have never done a Binding of Issac animation before, and this one was just right up my alley! xD! Angel Rooms can be a blessing or a curse… So what happens when it’s literally a gift from god? owo

Thanks so much for commissioning me, Super-aids1! ^^ 
I hope you like it! This was a blast to animate! Especially his spazz! :D