Life is Strange

Obvious spoilers are obvious.

I’m genuinely surprised by all the end hate it’s getting. Guys. There’s been foreshadowing since episode one.

I’ve seen a lot of sci-fi. I know a thing or two about fictional time travel. And most importantly, I know you’re not supposed to fuck with it.

From the first episode, I knew Chloe had to die. Because she was meant to die, and Max altered her destiny. Death was all “omg dis bitch I swurr” and CONSTANTLY HAD IT OUT FOR CHLOE.

Chloe even points it out that she has died and almost died on an almost daily basis. I liked Chloe as a character, and believe me, I did NOT want her to die. It broke my heart into tiny little pieces which were then set on fire and stomped on by the writers to choose to sacrifice her over Arcadia Bay.

Ultimately, she had to die, or Arcadia Bay did. It’s been obviously hinted at since the beginning. You just don’t fuck with time, and the choices you make in life are the choices you have to live with. We don’t get a rewind button, and if we did, we’d inevitably fuck shit up without even realizing it.

I loved it. I loved the way Life is Strange ended, and the fact that so many people are torn up over having to choose Chloe Price or Arcadia Bay just goes to show how invested we all are in this game.

Typically, that’s not a hard decision, yeah? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but suddenly we were all in Max’s shoes. That was our friend and our town we had to choose between. And some people chose to save Chloe, and others didn’t.

I think it was a truly magnificent game, and I think the ending was more than appropriate, both in a sci-fi sense and a metaphorical sense. We live with the decisions we make. And also, leave time the fuck alone.