• Yondu, playing dominos with Peter and Kraglin after Peter wins: You are now my least favourite son, Quill.
  • Peter: Hey, Kraglin was the one who beat you!
  • Yondu: Fine, it's a tie. I hate you both equally.

No but Sana was severely bullied in middle school and got all those harsh and awful texts, and she must have felt so alone. So when we first meet her at Nissen she has this hard front up, but she always so loyal to the girls and doesn’t judge them and she’s there for them, always. And so she slowly puts her guard down in front of them because they are her friends; her best friends. And then fast forward to epi 5 when she realizes that wow..the girls wouldn’t do the same thing for her. The girls don’t see her. And she starts to feel like she did back in middle school but the worst part now is that it’s her friends that are making her feel this way. 😢

And she feels so alone, because nobody really understands her. So she goes back to pushing people away and not letting anyone in, because that’s easier. She can control that.


Aiiiight, fam: so I met the Queen of #TheFlash, our Fierce Trailblazer, the one the only, Ms. Candice Patton at the #ComicPalooza this weekend. And since I am a die-hard IWDS member, I thought: “what better way to let our fave and everyone know how special she is to us Candicanes/IWDS + #IrisWest + #WestAllen + #TheFlash fam?"🤔🤔🤔🤔
I got inspired to have this BEAUTIFUL shirt made in a version of the well-known Scarlet color our fave superhero Barry Allen loves and VOILA!!👍🏾
I threw in a shout-out to our Iconic Lovebirds #WestAllen in the back because a TRUE IWDS also reps these #DCComicsRoyalCouple, half of whom is Queen Iris West✊🏾✊🏾
I AM PSYCHED that our fave’s bestie Caity Lotz aka Sara Lance aka White Canary reciprocated and wore a "Candice Patton shirt"😲😀😲😀👍🏾
So I had a blast on my Birthday Weekend🎉🔥🎂⚡🎶👑👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Both Candice and Caity made the Saturday Women of CW panel so much fun👌🏾💯 and I am glad I had the opportunity to ask a burning question for all #IrisWest & #WestAllen fam: WHEN IS IRIS GONNA USE HER JOURNALISM FOR WHICH SHE IS ICONIC FOR IN THE COMICS👊🏾⚡ There are 23 epis/year and 5 can easily be spread through the year and be used to have an Iris West Reporter-driven plot from beginning to end.

Our Queen answered by saying the usual true things: that she advocates for more agency for Iris and more of her using her investigative skills to drive storylines. SHE ADDED SOMETHING NEW: If we, fans, want more Iris West #AceReporter, to keep letting the producers know that we are interested in seeing Iris do more journalism.

If anyone wants to get a shirt to support the Queen of #TheFlash, let me know.



Important question: when was the moment people fell in love with Even? Like when did you feel like “wow. I’m gonna protect you and defend you, and support you”?

Mine was probably the locker scene in Epi 4. When Even asks Isak about the Halloween party and then just slams the locker and it opens. I just knew. Even after what happened in Epi. 5. I knew.

making the last post made me realize just how intense epi 5 was, because wow. It was the first episode that I ever like..started to follow everyday and follow with the texts, because I thought that Skam was just a show on youtube before or sth I don’t know. lol

But anyways, wow it was so intense. it started off with the kissing scene and the conversation about parallel universes, but then isak woke up alone!!!! but then there was the drawing and noora cleaning the wall???? and eskild asking about even…and then even not being in school, and it’s like “where’s even???” and then isak feeling left out with the boy squad because he totally dissed them and missed magnus’s birthday!!!! and then omg, the closet/gym scene !!!!!!! i mean it was soooo good but it also left you with a bad feeling. omg like wow. and then the scene with eskild!!! so important !!!!!!!! and then even’s text????? him dumping isak??? wtf??? and then, then the pregame scene, and the party scene. and isak saw even!!!!! and no emma, wtf! you suck!!!! omg. and then we had isak seeing even again, and wait…why is sonja there???? what???? why are they kissing????? and isak being so upset and lashing out and breaking down and and

Bitch I’m back out my coma!!!!! Wakin’ up on your sofa!!!!!!

Oh and then lets not forget about the hiatus teaser ….

what we have so far for epi 5

  •  Elias & their mom - 03:03 minutes
  •  Sara forgetting to add Sana & Noora - 2:42

  •  I forgot what this clip was about (but it was too long) - 4:15

run time so far: 6 minutes 

episode run time so far: 25 minutes

This means that if we get another 3-4 minute clip tomorrow the clip on Friday will be 10 minutes. Or maybe they’ll shorten down the episode to 18 minutes. I don’t know.

Also a little something, around this time (Wednesday) last season during epi 5 we got:

  • Isak & Even kissing and parallel universes 
  • Even leaving Isak the drawing 

  • Where’s Even + Isak missing Magnus’s birthday

  • The closet scene and Even telling Isak about breaking up with Sonja
And I don’t wan’t to compare seasons, but I am.

And okay lets go back to S2 and see the epi 5 there, but remember that S2 had 12 episodes soo…

  • Eskild taking all of Noora’s clothes
  • Eva / Noora + clothes

  • Some locker scene between Noora / William 
So while this episode didn’t get that many scenes, it was still building up to something.  But I don’t understand these week’s clips? Like all clips (except for the Elias one) + the texts are about Sana not trusting Sara but then trusting her, and it’s like…we get it !!!!!!
And I don’t know where I’m going with this…I’m just so tired. Idk.