Day,Paul & paulie talking abt Z being mad at him.

Zakiyah Everette

My heart really breaks for Zakiyah because I can tell she has a lot of deep rooted issues regarding family and her relationships with men. She’s a very beautiful girl but is very insecure. Everybody has insecurities, it’s a natural thing but Zakiyah’s insecurities are far beyond that. I think she stated that she was bullied when she was younger for having a speech impediment and that men always cheat on her when she is in relationships, which I think has affected her emotionally and psychologically. I despise her relationship with Paulie because it is very obvious that he is exploiting her, and she is too naive to see this. It’s clear that Zakiyah has issues with communication and talking about her feelings, she is also very passive aggressive and never states what’s wrong, so her feelings always get glossed over to push past a situation. The guys laughing at her for their own entertainment makes me so mad. I hate how they talk about the girls as if they are objects or are inferior to them; they truly have no respect for any of them. It annoys me that the girls haven’t been their for each other and have constantly bitched behind one another’s backs. I hate that people will tease them for being desperate when honestly the truth is they are desperate for comfort and love because they have probably been screwed around a lot by men in the past. I can’t honestly imagine what type of emotionally abusive relationships Zakiyah has been in, if she doesn’t see her relationship with Paulie as a problem. Even though Da'vonne’s head is in the game,I appreciate that she was able to call out Paulie and remind him that Zak’s feelings shouldn’t be used for entertainment . It’s going to be sad when she goes back home and watches this season but I honestly hope this will help her reflect on herself.

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